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Can Woven Wood Blinds Last Longer Than Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Woven Wood Blinds

Can Woven Wood Blinds Last Longer Than Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Whether we have chosen to hang woven wood blinds or faux wood blinds on our windows and doors, we need to maintain both with utmost care. If that is done, then both types will last for a very long time.

If we take good care of our faux wood blinds, then they will last for years together. Let’s look at some of the easy methods of cleaning them without causing any damage.

Woven Wood Blinds vs Faux Wood Blinds

How to Clean Faux Wood Blinds – Tips and Tricks

To increase the longevity of your faux wood blinds, you need to clean them properly. Many homeowners aren’t sure what the right procedure is for cleaning.

We all love our faux wood blinds and we want to take good care of them. We want them to last for a very long time. We spend a lot of time in choosing the perfect best online blinds and then spend a considerable amount of time taking the measurements.

Then we spend hours choosing the right color and material. Then we order the samples which we have selected through our window blinds online selection process on our favorite portals. After that, we go to shop in other portals to see whether others are offering better discounts.

In short, we spend hours in selecting the right discount blinds online. And then some time in hanging them and making our spaces perfect. But when it comes to cleaning them, we often dread that moment. We either worry that we will damage them, or worry that we might not be able to clean them properly.

So let’s look at some of the simple techniques of cleaning your blinds without damaging them. We might have to have a different approach for each type of them. Faux wood blinds are very different from woven blinds in texture and material. So obviously the cleaning methodology will be different.

Faux wood blinds are usually made of composite wood-like material or artificial material which gives it the look of real wood and vinyl. They are not expensive and you will find them a lot easier to maintain than real woven wood blinds. These blinds are very easy to keep clean and they are extremely durable. Let’s look at the step by step procedure to clean them.

  • Feather duster or microfiber cloth – Dusting once a week will keep them free from dust and germs. For regular routine dusting, first you will need to close the blinds completely. Then pick up a feather duster or dry microfiber cloth and run it over each slat. You will have to start at the top slat of the faux wood blinds and work your way down to the bottom slat. Then you will have to open the blinds again and then close them in the opposite direction. Use the same technique to dust the slats on the other side.

You may even choose vacuum cleaners or mild detergents to keep them clean. I have used vinegar mixed with water to disinfect the blinds and often found it very effective.

Dusting Faux Wood Blinds

How to Clean Your Woven Wood Blinds Perfectly – Tips and Tricks

  • Vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment – This is another method which you may find more convenient than using a microfiber cloth. You may choose to attach the brush attachment to the hose of your vacuum cleaner and clean the woven wood blinds. You need to use one hand to hold the edge of the blinds steady so that they don’t wobble. But remember, that too much suction can twist, disfigure or damage the delicate weaving of the woven wood blinds.
  • Keep the vacuum in the lowest setting. Start at the top corners and move horizontally. You will have to run the brush attachment from one side of the blind to the other. If you feel that the vacuum is too strong, you may want to choose the microfiber cloth instead.

Vacuum Cleaning Woven Wood Blinds

Do not use water or harsh detergents on the blinds because they will damage them. There might be discoloration or the material may get damaged if moisture remains. If your blinds are made of bamboo or wood slats, then you may think about using a lint-free cloth and furniture polish. Instead of spraying the polish on the woven wood blinds directly, spray it on the cloth to ensure there is no damage caused by the chemicals.

Once you have finished working your way down to the bottom of the visible side with the help of the brush attachment, you will have to work on the other side of the woven wood blinds. It might be a little tricky to do that if there are no slats in the blinds and the entire piece is woven.

Wood Window Cornice: Should You Hang Them Or Not?

Whether you are using wooden blinds or faux wood blinds, it is up to you if you want to hang window cornices at the top of the window. Since these elaborate pieces of woodwork often collect dust and micro-organisms, many do not prefer to hang them any more along with their curtains and draperies.

However, if you have chosen to hang wooden cornices or valances along with your blinds or shades, ensure that you clean them properly.

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner with brush attachment – If you have intricate wooden carvings on your cornice boards, then you will have to use the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner and clean the cornice properly. You have to ensure that the strokes do not damage the paint on it.
  2. Use mild detergent and a microfiber cloth to remove stubborn dust and stains – Sometimes a feather duster is not enough to clean the dust if it is too thick. If you live in a city where humidity is very high like San Francisco, CA, St. Paul Island, AK, Astoria, OR etc. then dust may settle and stick to your wooden cornices. So now mix a small amount of warm water with a mild detergent. First, you will need to dampen a microfiber cloth with the cleaning solution. Please do not soak the cloth, as you will need just a small amount of it. Now run over the entire cornice and clean it thoroughly.
  3. Take the help of professionals – Use the yellow pages or similar directories to check for the window cleaning services in your area and hire professional services if you are not sure about the correct procedure to clean your woven window blinds, faux wood blinds or cornices.
  4. You may even call our service center and speak with the experts there. They will surely be able to guide you in the right direction. If you are unsure, speak to your friends who have owned woven window blinds, faux wood blinds or wood cornices for a long time and know how to maintain them.

Cleaning Wood Cornices

Now you have got completely spotless and disinfected blinds and cornices at home.