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Working From Home? Keep Your Interiors Cool This Summer

Working From Home Keep Your Interiors Cool This Summer

If you find yourself tracking up the air coolers to cope with the blazing summer heat, you are not alone. People are now trying to deal with the rapid rise of the temperature all around the globe. However, you may find various ways to keep yourself and your home cool.

One of the most convenient ways is to look for smart shades that are compatible with Amazon Alexa. Controlling these virtual smart shades has become easier than ever. You can directly pair these shades to the Z -wave Smart Hub. Once you follow these steps, you can control the shade with voice commands. You can give these commands with the help of Amazon Alexa. Smart shades are products that allow the user to have full control over them.

Steps to control the window covering with voice commands

Since the pandemic happened, most of us have taken the resort to work from home culture but keeping up with office work and home chores becomes quite difficult for many. Moreover, especially during this summer season, the heat and sweat somehow diminish a person’s productivity. But worry not. You can keep your interior cool with Alexa blinds.

Moreover, you can follow simple steps to control the shades of your house. Here are some of the commands that you can provide to Amazon Alexa.

  • If you say, “Alexa, turn on (and say the name of your shade)” the shade will open up.
  • Similarly, if you say “Alexa, turn off (and say the name of your shade)”, your shade will close fully.
  • Also, if you say “Alexa , set my shade to (percentage, ie 10%), your shades will adjust accordingly.

These are four commands that can help you to provide more convenience while you work from home.

Ways to enable Alexa control

It may sound very weird that you need to take technology’s help to operate your shades. However, it is one of the advantages that this technology age offers you. You can increase your productivity while getting the optimum comfort of a cool interior. Here are the steps that you should follow to enable Alexa control.

  1. Follow the instructions included with your shades and pair them to the SmartThings hub
  2. Go to
  3. Login and then click on My Locations, then click on your hub name. Login again if it asks you to.
  4. Go to My Devices, then click on the device name for the shade
  5. Click on Edit, and under device type choose dimmer switch and save. Repeat step 4 and 5 for every shade.
  6. Now go to your Alexa app and rediscover devices.

The best Alexa compatible shades

There are various Alexa-compatible shades that you may find in the market. But among all the famous and the most popular ones is the Z-Wave Cellular Shades. It is popular because of its functionality, unique design, and versatility. The main feature that sets it apart from the normal window treatments includes the high insulation. Due to the its insulation properties, these shades help to reduce the energy cost.

Various benefits of the Alexa compatible shades:

Keeping the interior cool has become one of the most time-consuming tasks during summer. But with the cellular honeycomb shades, you can reduce the heat loss and heat gain of your room. The cellular shades engineer’s air pockets help to trap the air in cell pockets. It creates a strong barrier on the window in such a way that allows your room to stay comparatively cooler during the sultry summer season. During the winter season, it uses the same technique to keep the room warm.

Here are some of the benefits that the Alexa compatible shades offer to the user:

  • ●       Windows are the main source from where you can face harmful UV rays. But with the cellular shades, you can keep your interior protected from any glare or harmful UV rays.
  • You can also customize these shades according to the style of your room. It comes in various patterns, textures, and colors. The fabric option offers the user to choose from room darkening to translucent lighting atmospheres.
  • While working at your desk, you don’t have to run to your window to manage the shades. You can sit on your desk and provide voice commands to Amazon Alexa to adjust the shades. For hands-free control, you can even connect these shades to Google assistant.
  • You do not require any bridge as you can directly integrate these shades with the home automation system.
  • The best part of the smart shade is that you can install this shade very easily.

If you want to simplify your life in this professional chaos you are going through, you can get yourself the Alexa compatible shades. It will save your energy and time while giving you more reasons to enhance your productivity at work.

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