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Wooden Window Shades – A Complete Guide

Custom Wooden Shades

Get Wooden Window Shades for Added Elegance

The start of window shades dates back to the 18th century. From the very first paper shades, we now have the option to choose from various fabrics, materials, and types. One of these is the Wooden window shades. These shades have gained popularity owing to the natural and rich look that they render.

They are Budget-friendly!

Large windows are a big attraction when you are buying a house. We all love that feeling of natural sunlight that fills our rooms through a window. But there are times when you want the light in your house to be mellow, or just change according to what you need. Well, that’s what window treatments are for. They also improve the aesthetics of a house tenfold. But window treatments may cost you a fortune. Even if you choose to buy them online where you may find discount window treatments, they can still drill a hole in your wallet. Wooden shades are a perfect choice to stay on a budget. These are a cheap shade that allows you to spend less without compromising on the visual appeal.

The Wood Feels Good

In addition to being budget-friendly, wooden window shades bring a whole different aura with them. The wood makes the color of the blue sky and the sunlight more soothing. These shades do what we say ‘Beautify the surroundings naturally’. The material is strong, reliable, and lightweight. Moreover, if you have wooden furniture, the wooden shades compliment this and aesthetically improve the looks even further. There’s this traditional, ‘feel good’ quality about wood, which is pretty irresistible! What’s more? Wood never goes out of style!

Benefits of Wooden Window Shades

Shades have a subtle texture that blinds cannot offer. Woven wood shades can give you a pleasant look and a fabric-like feel. These can be made from bamboos, grass, jute, and various other materials. And what’s more, they come with a number of advantages.

  • Wooden window shades block the harmful UV rays that may otherwise enter the room with unfiltered sunlight. The UVA and UVB rays damage the wooden furniture, the wood flooring, wall color, etc. and can damage the look of your house. With these window shades, you can save a ton of money that you would otherwise spend in replacing all of these.

Custom Window Shades

  • The wooden shades are customizable. You get them designed as per your needs. Most of our homes do not have standard sized windows. Here’s where custom window shades come in handy. There’s this thing with custom window shades, which gives us all the freedom to explore our creativity.
  • Along with customized window shades, you can design custom wooden shades for your doors as well. The overall look of the house can be, hence, enhanced all at once. Woven wood shades can be used for more or less all the opening in the house, like you can get sheer window shades, sliding door shades, bay window shades, etc.
  • Wooden window shades have a great functional use. Adjusting the lighting in the room to creating a beautiful private environment, it aids in everything. To improve the light control and the privacy aspect, you can pair them with blackout liners.
  • These are easy to fit around awkward edges and corners as well. You no longer have to worry about window hardware, like air conditioning outlets.

Wooden Window Shades

  • The wood shades come in various colors. You can buy them once so that they complement your interior the best. You have patterns to select from as well- tight weaves or open knits. You can choose the perfect fit of wooden shades for your home.
  • Adding to the list of benefits is the ease of installing. These shades are pretty easy to install and they can even be cleaned without a lot of effort.
  • It is possible to motorize these shades. What’s better than controlling your window treatments with a remote or a button?
  • Lastly, wooden window shades are eco-friendly. With the world shifting towards sustainable and greener options, we should too. Being made out of organic and natural materials, these are completely eco-friendly.

Now that you know of all the benefits, you can start thinking about your favorite natural shades. But wait! – There are two more things you need to consider – measurements and where to buy these shades.

How to Measure for Window Shades?

Getting a measuring tape and let’s start. For the width, measure the inches from left to right on the inside of your windows. Take the measurements at three locations: top, mid-way, and bottom. The size you should be ordering is that of the smallest measurement among these.  Similarly, you do it for the height. Top-down measurement at three different places inside the window. The smallest is again your right size. An alternative to this is to call in a pro and get it done from him/her. Now that you have the measurements for your custom wooden window shades, let’s see where you can buy them at.

Where to Purchase?

You already know your options. One is at a nearby store, and the other, online. Ordering online gives you the benefit of various discounts. You will see the tags like cheap roman shades, discount wooden shades, etc. You also have a wider variety to choose from online. By going locally, you’ll have to go to the store yourself and understand the feel of the fabric, color, etc. Both the options have their own pros and cons and both are a good idea. You can choose according to your own preferences.

So, we have looked into the benefits, the types, the measurement guides, and everything there is to know about these window shades. Along with the classy look they bring to a house, they are affordable and functional. Among the number of window treatments, if you are looking to decorate your place in an elegant and subtle way, you know now that wooden window shades are meant for you.

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