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Why Wooden Window Blinds Are Perfect For The Bedroom

Wooden Window Blinds

Wooden Window Blinds – Perfect For The Bedroom

The world is shifting to new and easier ways of accomplishing familiar tasks for added ease and convenience. What consumers ultimately seek is the least possible effort to do tasks that were once monotonous and time-consuming. With technology continuing to shape our lives for better or worse, one thing to note is that it is here to stay!

Whether we talk of mobile devices, tablets, television sets or gadgets that have become sleek and continue to become more user-friendly than before, all these inventions have one thing in common: they have made the world a more accessible place. Now we are no longer bereft of ideas or news. We are in the middle of a revolutionary storm: where nothing has been hidden from us. We need to look at everything, try everything, and even own it!

Such disruptive technologies have entered the realm of window treatments as well, with newer and motorized window treatments making things easier for us. However, are these technologies enough to ensure that you get the best treatments available? What good will a remote control be if the quality of the window blind is not up to the mark?

Wooden Window Blinds

Irrespective of whether you buy motorized window treatments or not, one thing that binds together all wooden window blinds is the functionality, practicality, and amazing good looks that they have. You can go for them in a cordless setup or one with a corded installation.

Despite being on the higher end of your budget, there are several reasons why wooden window blinds are often the preferred window covering choice of people in contemporary homes. They can garnish the appearance of living space in no time while being a rather effective shield.

Let us find out in this section why wooden blinds can be the ideal choice for the bedroom.

1) Increased Privacy

Motorized Wood Blinds

While other similar blinds such as PVC, fabric, or Venetian shades may be translucent or have smaller slats, giving an opportunity for the unwelcome outsider to get a decent peek inside the home, wooden blinds are extremely solid and opaque. Brands such as Graber construct their wooden blinds from premier North American hardwood which guarantees great performance for years to come.

2) Insulation

Because of their sturdiness, wooden blinds keep the warm air outside from coming inside the bedroom during summers, ensuring the room stays cozy and you can relax in absolute comfort. In winters, on the other hand, they prevent the escape of warm air while protecting the indoors from chilly air. They are, hence, one of the best blinds to ensure insulation.

3) Durable

Wooden blinds are amazingly strong and last for years to come and can withstand diverse climates without developing cracks or weakening from wear and tear. This is why they are preferred for installation in homes around the world: from the tropics to the arctics.

4) Luxurious and Appealing

One of the major reasons why people prefer wooden blinds in homes and offices alike is their timeless nature. They exude class and high living, and add a sophisticated and majestic touch to your bedroom space, impressing one and all with their beauty. They can also be regularly polished to make them look better after years of use, giving the impression of brand new shades.

5) Motorized Options Available

Motorized Shades

As already discussed, motorized shades are the in-thing for connoisseurs of fine living in modern times. Wooden window shades are no exception, and their natural good looks with the comfort of a motorized setup is a perfect amalgamation of ease and access with splendid taste. Besides, motorized shades lend more security to your home, and can be timely scheduled to be opened or closed without any later intervention. They are also much safer for kids and pets, who may otherwise entangle and hurt themselves by getting strangled in cords.

Hunter Douglas Wooden Coverings

Hunter Douglas wooden coverings boast of the Parkland collection with traditional styling and rich hardwood slats. The fabulous construction and design of these shades ensure complementing any room. They exude warmth and are available in three slat sizes, besides a plethora of color options.

The other collection, which goes by the name of Everwood, combines the classic appearance of wood with modern materials to lend a one-of-its-kind window treatment solution which is gorgeous and useful at the same time. It is available in realistic TruGrain finishes and a palette of solid colors with upgrades. The fabulous make ensures they do not warp, crack or fade, and can be easily set up in humid or moisture-prone areas such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

Other brands such as Crown, Graber, and Norman also boast of a huge and fabulous collection of wood blinds, available with a limited lifetime warranty and a variety of colors and price ranges to choose from.