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Give Your Window Seat A Romantic Makeover

Wooden Valances For Windows

One Way To Improve The Beauty of The Bay Windows – Adding Wooden Valances For Windows


Bay windows are beautiful – and their bay window seats are even more beautiful. The bay window seat is everyone’s favorite space of the home.

A bay window seat gives a pleasant touch to any living space. It allows the natural light to let in and also allows us to enjoy the outdoor view. If you have got a beautiful porch or outdoor living space bay window seat brings all the outdoor beauty inside of your home.


Designing A Beautiful And Functional Bay Window Seat


  • It is not enough if your window seat is just beautiful
  • It should also be functional
  • Though it is a decorative element of our home that brings beauty to the overall appearance of your home, the window seat must also serve you few functions
  • Bay windows are the beautiful spaces too sit and read books, listen to music and get yourself lost by watching the lovely view that the lovely window offers
  • If you are an author or a blogger, the bay window seat is the best place where you can peacefully think and discover new ideas and it lets you be as creative as you can

Add Wooden Valances For Window Treatments of Your Bay Windows

Bare windows are never beautiful. As these windows allow a lot of heat, sunlight inside your home, they have to be covered in the right way. Give your bay window seat a warm and romantic makeover with the modern window treatments. It is not just the window treatments which are blinds and shades. Make it complete by adding Wooden Valances For Windows.

The following are Five important things you need to consider while choosing the PERFECT window treatments for your bay window seat

# Privacy

Privacy is one of the important concerns you got to consider when you have bay windows. Since Bay windows allow the outsiders to view inside your home, the window treatments you choose must be able to offer privacy when needed.

# Easy Mechanism

As Bay windows are beautiful and they are also built deep into the wall, it would be better if you choose motorized or smart window treatments which are easy to use. You can also choose cordless window blinds.

# Light Control

Since bay windows allow a lot of light inside, it is very important that you choose a window treatment that is able to filter the harmful light and offer the required light control. Make sure that the window treatment you chose also controls the glare falling on your television or laptop screen.

# Safety

If you have kids or pets they tend to play on your bay window seat and try operating the window treatments. If you install corded window treatments, they can cause a great harm to your kids and pets. So make sure you install child safety window treatments which are cordless, motorized, and smart window treatments.

# Colour And Fabric of The Window Treatment

  • Since bay window seats are meant to bring beauty to your home, choose the right color and fabric of the shade as the color and fabric of the shade you choose decides the look of your bay window seat and the ambiance of the room
  • Pick up the color that could help you to complement the existing home decor and makes it look even more beautiful
  • Choose bright and warm colors so that you can make your room look brighter even when the window treatments are closed
  • You can also choose a blackout fabric if it goes well with the home decor theme

The following are the Two window treatment suggestions for your bay window seat

Outdoor Roll-Up Blinds


Roller Solar Window Shades

  • Roller solar window shades are one of the loveliest choices that you could make for decorating your bay window seat
  • These window treatments have two fabrics and let you choose the desired ambiance based on the requirements
  • They also offer privacy, light control and let you enjoy your living space
  • These shades are generally used as Outdoor Patio Sun Shades by many homeowners
  • As these window treatments come in a wide variety of color, fabrics, and patterns, you can choose the one that fits your choice and personality

Z wave Roman Shades


Z-wave Roman Shades

  • Roman shades offer an enchanting beauty to any space with the soft touch of their fabric
  • They offer privacy and light control based on the fabric you choose
  • Z-wave Roman Shades are safe and easy to operate, and they make any space look luxurious and sophisticated
  • At the same time, Roman shades offer you amazing customization options, more than most other window treatments
  • So you can choose the right color, fabric, and pattern for your bay window seat and make it look romantic
  • After installing the window treatments and pairing it with lovely pillows, you may think that it is all you can do to your bay window seat
  • But, here comes the most important makeover element which makes you different from others: adding Wooden Valances For Windows

Add Board Mounted Window Valances to Your Bay Window Seat


Valances And Cornice Boards

One element that can totally transform the look of your bay window seat is valances and cornice boards. Wooden Valances For Windows makes the look complete. Valances and cornice boards are available in a wide range of colors, fabrics, and patterns. They offer the finest and the most adorable look to your bay window seat. You can either create a classic look or a contemporary look for your bay window seat. Let the makeover you give to your bay window seat describe your style and define your personality.

Drapery Window Treatments

You can also combine the window blinds with suitable drapery window treatments if needed.

You can buy these beautiful window treatments at ZebraBlinds at the best prices and design your bay window seat the best way. As we are live with deep discounts on these products you can get them home at the lowest costs. Do not miss out these offers. We also offer free shipping and free samples.

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