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Wooden Shutters – Best Ways To Dampen Noise Through Your Windows

Best Ways To Dampen Noise Through Your Windows

Do you live in an area that has a lot of noise around? Do you live in a place where traffic noise does not let you sleep? Or maybe you have noisy neighbors who love to party. Noise can be a big problem when all you want to do is lay your head down and have a good night’s sleep after a long day’s work. Noise pollution is all around. Unless you are fortunate enough to live in a rural area surrounded by serenity, chances are that you are looking for ways to dampen the unwelcome noise that enters the house. There are some do it yourself ways that can help a little with the noise but they do not always work efficiently and may not last for long. So, you may have to look for solutions like windows that block noise. One question that is commonly asked is do wooden shutters block noise? A simple answer is yes! Wooden shutters work wonders when it comes to noise blocking.

Many people have been using thick curtains as their go-to method of keeping unwanted noise at bay but the curtains do not always work the way you want it to. Fabrics do not work as well as a solid sound barrier would. Fitted wooden window shutters can block the noise more efficiently.

There are vinyl shutters and aluminum shutters that are available in the market. While these can block the sounds to an extent and work much better than just thick curtains, they are not as good as the wooden window shutters.
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Why You Should Choose Wooden Shutters to Block Noise

• Flexibility
When you use wooden shutters on your windows, they not only provide dampening of noise but also help in opening and shutting the windows as the need be. This is due to the movable slats they come with. You can open then to varying degrees as per your wish and needs.

• Control
Do wooden shutters block noise? Yes, but they do more! They give you control over the amount of light and air that enters the room. You can choose to shut the slats completely to block out any air or light filtering in or you can shift the slats to let in air and sunlight as per your needs.

• Use the wooden shutters anywhere
The wooden shutters are custom made. This means that you can use them on an opening of any size. You can use them on doors, windows, and patios to create a noise-free and controlled environment.

• Stylish
Wooden shutters are very practical and functional. But you do not have to compromise on functionality when you install them. No matter what kind of windows you have, you can be sure that the wooden shutters look good on them. You can make them in styles like bi-fold, hinged, sliding and stacker designs.

• Safety
Not only is it the answer in affirmative to your question- do wooden shutters block noise, it is also your answer to the question of safety. Wooden shutters are often lockable and can be used to secure your house from breaking and entering.
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Best Ways to Dampen Unwanted Noise:

• Install wooden shutters
A resounding yes to the question do wooden shutters block noise is reason enough to install them in your home. It is a permanent solution to your woes of unwanted noise. What’s more, if you have noisy children at home or if you feel that your household is noisy enough to disturb your neighbors, the wooden shutters will let you have peace with your neighbors.

• Acoustic sealant and caulks
Any kind of cracks and crevices can cause the sounds of the exteriors to filter into your home. These cracks are commonly found at the places where your windows and doors meet with the walls of your home. If that is the case, even noise blocking window treatments can fail to keep your home noise proof. In such cases, you may have to use acoustic sealers or caulk. This solution can last for years too.

• Window foam
If you are looking for ways to temporarily block the noise outside, window foams might be a good option. They are perhaps the cheapest option out there to help block out noise. As an added advantage, the window foam can also help block out light. But you have to consider that the window foam will affect the aesthetics of the interiors of your home. You will also have to keep removing it and re-fix it completely as and when you require it.

• External storm windows
External storm windows as a permanent solution to the noise problem. Installing external storm windows will add another layer of glass which will further dampen the noise coming from the outside. But how effective it will depend on the thickness of the glass, the amount of air trapped in between the glasses and on how well it has been sealed.
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• Noise-reducing curtains
Thermal curtains or noise reducing curtains are an easy and inexpensive fix to the problem of external noise. The curtain provides insulation to both noise and light. But the noise reducing curtains can cause condensation between the window and the curtain. This will cause the growth of mold and rotting of the window frames. This can lead to expensive repairs in the future.

• Making barriers outside the windows
This can be an inexpensive way of creating a barrier that can disrupt the sound waves before they enter the house through the doors and windows. You can do this by growing hedges, trees or shrubs outside your window. You can also build fences or walls along with the windows to the same effect. The problem with this is the noise reduction obtained will not be efficient or reliable. It will also take away from the view that you earlier had of the exteriors from the window.