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Install Wooden Blinds in Your Living Room for Functionality & Elegance

Wooden Blinds

Wooden Blinds for Living Rooms – Functionality & Elegance

We all like to have beautiful window treatments in our home that are also functional in keeping us comfortable and secure. The use of window blinds and shades is instrumental in keeping our home against the difficulties of extreme and fluctuating climatic conditions, reducing noise, filtering of sunlight and keeping the interiors secure from intruders who want to get a good look inside. However, to be able to find all these qualities in a single window treatment may be tough, for you might only want to go for the best window treatment options out there.

Having window treatments that are both functional and elegant in their appearance is a tall task. However, technology has ensured we get the best of both the worlds today. With brands such as Crown, Graber, Hunter Douglas, and Norman making new inroads in window decor and coming up with new collections exclusively for your benefit, shades and blinds including roller shades, Roman shades, vinyl blinds, aluminum blinds, and composite shutters have become extremely popular for all kinds of doors and windows in homes and offices alike.

Along with these blinds, wooden blinds are known for their natural beauty and inimitable elegance. As they are constructed out of 100% natural materials, they ensure no harmful gasses are emitted at any point.

Wooden Window Blinds

Graber has been constructing their wood shutters in a form of premium window treatments made out of 100% North American hardwood for a long while now. They are customized and made in a variety of styles to fit your unique requirements, being extremely effective investments that will add vitality and comfort to your home.

These wooden window blinds are made from a three-step drying process with strict adherence to quality, ensuring utmost precision and attention to detail with no compromise in their construction. With elegant and highly efficient craftsmen at play, paints and environment-friendly stains are then added by broad and elegant strokes to create a marvelous look.

Based on the dimensions of your doors and windows and the amount of privacy you need, these wooden blinds may just be what you are looking for. Let’s explore through a few options that are bound to work for you.

A Few Bestselling Wooden Window Blinds

2 Inches Wood Blinds SS

2 Inch Wood Blinds SS

The 2 inches wood blinds from SS are so designed to be the epitome of blind construction with all the features you can expect from ultimate window treatments: shade, privacy, dust and heat-resistance, and sturdiness. These blinds are all that and much more, with thick slats providing a solid covering for your homes against both potential intruders and extremities in diverse climates.

Graber Traditions Wood Blinds

Graber Traditions Wood Blinds

As already discussed, Graber is the epitome of product quality, and with their wooden blinds, they ensure only the best of North American wood is being used in their making. Their Traditions collection is no different from their Elite collections, and both use natural grains and styles to come up with sturdy treatments.

The wide variety of Graber wood collection includes colors as diverse as Allspice, Angora, Antique White, Cappucino, Cherry Wood, Cognac, Honey Maple, Knotty Pine, Pearl, and True Taupe. The construction entails carefully fabricating the wooden materials with a system in place that also ensures forest preservation at the same time.

Normandy Real Wood Smart Privacy Blinds

Smart Privacy Wood Blinds

Available in both 2-inch and 2.5-inch louver and slat sizes, wood blinds from Normandy are replete with a natural finished look along with craftsmanship. Besides their superior assistance in light control and privacy, they boast of exceptional control with their SmartPrivacy feature, letting you precisely angle the slats in a way that allows you to set them at the desired level. The revolutionary and groundbreaking Insta-lock system locks the slats at the chosen level, thus keeping them protected and keeping the inside protected and comfortable. Smart Privacy Wood blinds are ideal to be used in homes with pets and children as they are available in cordless.

A Summary of Benefits

Wood blinds as already discussed, through several examples of their collections of products, come with a myriad of features and benefits. Let us go through them quickly.

  • Privacy: Being solid, sturdy and opaque, wood blinds offer absolute protection from outsiders when they are shut, thus ensuring you enjoy your solitude at all times without being conscious of being watched.
  • Heat control: Wooden blinds are great at heat control and keeping out heat from direct sunlight.
  • Long-Lasting: Owing to solid construction and made from 100% natural material, wooden blinds are longer lasting than most other window treatments.
  • Light Control: Because of the thick slats allowing for light to come through, wood blinds ensure your home is filled with a natural glow while filtering out the UV radiation and glare that may accompany the good portion of the sunlight.
  • Aesthetic Brilliance: Their good looks have ensured wooden blinds are the preferred window treatments for most contemporary homes, offices, and cafes. They can go well with any kind of decor.

Because of their luxurious appeal and practical benefits, wooden blinds are here to stay and worth every penny you spend on them. When you decide to go for them, ensure you look for the best brands in the market and ask around from friends and acquaintances before going ahead with your purchase.