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Get Wooden Blinds for Your Extra Long Windows

Extra Long Wooden Blinds

Extra-Large Window Decorations with a Nature-friendly Appearance

Adding natural touch has been a desire for many homeowners over the centuries. A natural atmosphere gives you ultimate pleasure and peace of mind. Integrate it into your home so that you can enjoy it fully without any obligation. This design aesthetic can be achieved in many ways – by creating a rock wall, or adding some indoor plants, or bringing natural materials into the home. Still, if you are looking for more inspiring ways to bring the outdoors into your home, then consider dressing your doors and windows as they are the main way of letting natural light and fresh air inside your home while keeping you connected with the outside world. Besides hanging plant pots, do something unique that will provide both beauty and functionality. You can install environmentally friendly blinds and shades to upgrade your home interior. The concept of bringing natural beauty inside the indoor works well when you have large windows.

For many, covering large windows is difficult and challenging. But in recent times, the unique creation of window manufacturing brands can fulfill all your desires. The new wooden blinds with technology and innovation will work smoothly and efficiently on the large windows. These blinds are made of real wooden material, bring the perfect texture of mother nature while enhancing the fragrance and feel of the space. Easy customization options give your large windows complete coverage. If you have more than one window, then treating them with wood blinds will create a uniform look while bringing modernity and sophistication.
Wooden Blinds for Large Windows

Functional Value of Extra Long Wooden Blinds on Large Windows

Besides adding warmth and earthy elegance, these blinds block out the excess daylight that the large window confronts, keeping the indoor ambiance comfortable and pleasing. By cutting down the glare and blocking the UV rays, the blinds protect your valuable furniture from being faded or damaged. Adjust the slats according to your required privacy and light control. These blinds are responsible for balancing indoor temperatures, enhancing the ambiance, and reducing your home’s utility bills. Lowering the vanes will obstruct all the unwanted elements while offering full privacy. Adjust the slats to have a perfect outside view. The slat sizes are available in standard 1 inch, 2 inches, 2 3/8, and 2 1/2 inches.

Their endless availability in colors and pattern options allow you to personalize your favorite textured look that will meet the desire of eco-friendly aesthetics.

Whatever you select, your large window could never ask for a better covering. All these functional aspects make them an elegant selection for large or wide windows.

Large Windows Need Smooth Operation

Pulling the blinds with a standard cord control option can be strenuous. Corded window wood blinds can be a hazard for the little ones and can cause death as well. Always opt for electric wooden blinds that let you access the blinds using a remote-control button. You don’t have to step anywhere to control them, open or close them from your comfort zone. They are safe for your toddlers and pets as well. You can also select cordless wooden blinds. For the maximum efficiency and smooth control, choose these blinds for your large windows.
Motorized Wood Blinds

Cons of Wood Blinds

There is no doubt that wood blinds are a great and sophisticated choice for large windows. These blinds are perfect to install in bedroom and living room wide windows, but not the right choice for bathroom or high humidity areas. These blinds are made of North American Hardwood but not resistant to water and moisture resistant, can warp or break due to high humidity.

These blinds are durable and practical but cannot withstand extreme weather conditions. So, if you are living in humid zones, then these blinds are not a good choice. In such a scenario, you can opt for faux wood blinds that look like real wood blinds and provide excellent functionality.

Thinking About Cost?

Though wood blinds are a little bit costly compared to other window treatments, their aesthetics value is worth every penny. Window treatments are a one-time investment. Don’t compromise with the beauty of large windows. Available deals and discounts will save your pocket.

Cleaning Extra Long Wooden Blinds is Easy

If your large window faces a busy street side, then chances are more of accumulating more dust and dirt. But wood blinds are easily cleanable. Take a cloth or vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirty elements and maintain their shine lifelong. Don’t use chemical solutions for spot cleaning.
Cleaning Wood Blinds


Keeping the cons aside, these extra-long wooden blinds are a brilliant choice to install on large windows. Their wooden material makes them a perfect choice to create an amazingly amazing look. And smooth functionality makes these wood blinds an ideal choice to install on large or wide windows. These window blinds have all the qualities to integrate with such windows. Make your decision now and bring out the best of the windows!