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How To Choose the Perfect Wooden Blinds for Bay Windows?

Wooden Blinds For Bay Windows

Perfect Wooden Blinds for Bay Windows

The bay windows need special attention in any household. Due to the curved design which they often have, hanging the perfect wooden blinds for bay windows often becomes a challenge.

So if you have such beautiful bay windows at home, then enjoy the view and beauty and leave the stress of draping them on us at Zebrablinds. Here we are committed to giving the complete satisfaction to our customers. Let’s look at some of the great designs of wooden blinds for bay windows which will be perfect for your home.

  • 2 Inches Wood Blinds SS – Affordable Wooden Blinds Online

2 Inches Wood Blinds SS

This variety of wooden blinds online will truly mesmerize you because they are unbelievably affordable. For less than $60 (depending on the size), you can choose to drape your bay windows in an elegant and aesthetic way. Earthy colors like Fig 1851 and Acorn 1849 will perfectly blend with most home decor types.

They can be customized for angled bay windows perfectly. And since bay windows are normally larger than normal windows, they end up accumulating more dust and dirt. However, these wooden blinds for bay windows are water immersible and hence you need not worry about their cleaning methods.

So if you are a nature lover like me, then you would surely go for these custom wood blinds which look awesome for the indoor decoration. These wooden blinds for bay windows are also durable as they are warranted against original defects. These wooden blinds online are custom made from North American hardwoods. They are brought to your doorstep by Zebrablinds which are manufactured by Graber.

The control mechanism is extremely smooth for these wooden blinds for bay windows. 
They have standard route holes. You can operate these wooden blinds as per your wish and they have the option to customize the control cord tilt on the left or right side, and cord lift as well. The heavy-duty steel headrail and the rectangular bottom rail will give the necessary support to these custom wood blinds.

  • 2″ Traditions® Graber® Wood Blinds – Classy And Affordable Wooden Blinds For Your Large Bay Windows

This variety of wooden blinds for bay windows is available in a plethora of attractive colors. Allspice 1821, Cappuccino 1546, Cherry Wood 1014, Golden Oak 1030 are some of the most popular shades in this segment and most of our happy customers have recommended us to their family and friends.

Graber sources their material from foresters who carefully nurture the wood without damaging the entire forest environments. Their finishing facility is 99.7% Pollution Free, and is capable of producing the stained and painted blinds which are crafted out of North American Hardwoods.

  • 2⅜” Elite Graber® Wood Blinds – Elegant Custom Wood Blinds For Your Bay Windows

For decades, homeowners have considered wooden blinds for bay windows over other types of blinds primarily for their sleek looks and traditional style. Graber is a 70-year-old company in the field of manufacturing window treatments. They have come up with this truly elegant custom wood blinds for your bay windows which will not only look elegant but will fill your home with a sense of the Victorian era.

Equipped with the right technology, choosing the right color amongst a host of them will be quite a task. Cappuccino 3546, Cherry Wood 3014, Saddle Brown 3694, Dark Walnut 3641 are some of the most sought-after colors for this variety of wooden blinds online.

These wooden blinds are made from 100% North American Hardwoods and they are environment-friendly in case you were wondering about cutting trees. They are strong and stylish at the same time. The hardwoods are the perfect raw materials for constructing these wooden blinds online because their unique features like hardness and durability make them extremely desirable to the customers. They are lightweight and hence can be hung as window treatments.

Another attractive feature of these wooden blinds is that they are structurally stable and they don’t fade. The color remains fast and the natural texture of the custom wood blinds and attractive grains have made them very popular among consumers.

The custom wood blinds are hard and durable and they last for many years. Since they are firm and robust too, one can buy them without worrying about changing them in every few years. The PureGrain™ ensures that you get the best in class for your window coverings.

  • 2″ Lake Forest Graber® Faux Wood Blinds – Cheap Faux Wood Blinds For Your Bay Windows

2" Lake Forest Graber® Faux Wood Blinds

These cheap faux wood blinds from Graber will come with a lifetime guarantee against original defects in materials or workmanship. They are available in multiple shades and paints like Cognac 2465, Dark Cherry 2316, Honey Maple 2013 and more.

These luxurious custom faux wood blinds will cost you much less than real wood blinds and you can trust the quality from ZebraBlinds which is backed by Graber’s warranty. So if you are looking for wooden blinds for bay windows, then you may consider these custom faux wood blinds which will last for a very long time.

These custom faux wood blinds have a consistent quality and we can guarantee that the moisture-proof slats won’t warp. The contemporary style will enhance your indoor décor and you would simply love seeing them hung on your bay windows.

UV stabilized formulation will ensure that your home is safeguarded from the harmful effects of UV rays. You will get color-coordinated ladders and cords and they will look amazing with your cheap faux wood blinds. There are standard or decorative valance options available along with these blinds and they will complete the look for your decor.

You may also opt for no holes option for maximum privacy and it will block the sunlight efficiently too. These cheap faux wood blinds can be conveniently cleaned by dusting, vacuuming, soil removal, and spot cleaning methodologies.

Another feature of these budget-friendly cheap faux wood blinds is that they are nature-friendly as they are not made from woods. They are safe for kids and pets. You may choose the cordless control option too to minimize the risk of strangulation and thus causing any kind of untoward incidents.

So now you have looked at all the popular varieties of wooden blinds for bay windows. Some of them are made of real wood and some are made of faux wood. You may choose any of them based on your requirements and taste. So welcome the New Year with a new look at home. Happy Holidays!!

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