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The Best Color Combinations You Can Use in Blinds

Windows Color Blinds Ideas

Windows Color Blinds Ideas – The Best Color Combinations


Different colors portray different moods, and studies have revealed that every color out there has the capability to affect our well-being, more so if those colors are used on items that we use daily, i.e. the colors of our wallets, purses, handbags, shirts, tops, and dresses. Our choices in colors also reflect in our homes: most notably, the walls and floorings. Naturally, we all have our preferences in colors, and our choices depend on which ones we connect with as an extension of our personality. Considering the limited options we have, we sometimes prefer a combination of colors that help us to feel more at ease.


Windows Color Blinds Ideas


Windows Color Blinds Ideas


Window treatments are one such arena that laymen ignore when choosing the right color combinations to achieve the look and feel that you desire for your inner space. This is because our attention is mainly focused on the walls and furniture. When we have the right interior designer to give a wide variety of choices with their creative mind at play, we see the magic unfold. Even the most unlikely of colors that in isolation appears to be redundant or out of place in a bedroom setting, for instance, are brought to life when they are complemented with the right hues. A designer is well-aware that the right color combinations or mixing them a certain way evokes different feelings, be it calm, peace, stillness, comfort or excitement.

What can you do when you do not have the budget to afford a designer? Roll up your sleeves and go DIY. It’s not just an effective way to become self-reliant, but you may, in the process, discover your own creative side!

In this section, we look at some of the ways you can create a much sought-after look for your living room or bedroom with the right windows color blinds ideas and see grow the interplay of colors can help you achieve the perfect look that is not just aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but will go a long way in making you feel better and at ease in your own home.


Decide on the Color of Your Choice

As discussed before, our preferences are different. Maybe pink is your favorite color. Even within that color, there are so many options as there are different shades of every color, and with pink, you may go for choices as diverse as magenta or dusty pink.

Before deciding, you must also ask yourself what is the feeling that you want to create in your own space. For starters, let us assume you want to create a personalized space that reflects your own tastes and character.

Do you want your room to make you feel warm and cozy or energized? Should the room feel cold? What textures must I go for? What patterns should I choose? What feelings do colors such as green, orange, brown, pink, blue, and grey evoke in me?


Understanding the Concept of Basic Colors

The last time we remember paying attention to and working around colors was probably when we were letting our imagination run wild as children on a coloring book or a canvas to experiment with. That is unless some of us have taken professions where dealing with palettes of colors is an everyday thing. To reiterate the lessons imparted by primary teachers, there are six basic colors that we can think about to start with. Let us see how these colors are divided into primary, secondary and tertiary categories:

Primary colors: Yellow, blue and red

Secondary colors: Green, purple and orange

Tertiary colors: They are formed as a result of the mixing of primary and secondary colors.


Pick a Temperature

As discussed earlier, there are some colors that evoke a feeling of warmth while some others evoke feelings of coolness. The reds, oranges, and yellows are considered warm colors, the shades that coincide and correlate with the phenomenon of sunlight. These not only denote the rays of the sun but also symbolize life, vitality and positive activity. Window treatments with these colors can be used in a room with neutral or colder temperature to provide a nice contrast.

The greens and blues denote a feeling of tranquility and calm; they lend a feeling of coolness and relaxation. They can be used in rooms with bedrooms where sleep after a long tiring day holds precedence over anything else. They are also great fits for kids’ bedrooms or study rooms where you want to encourage simplicity and focus to better concentrate on your project.


Going for Neutral Colors

The classy colors comprising mainly of white, beige and cream are perfect to impart a minimal look of understated class and elegance to any living space when you do not want your window spaces to hog the limelight. Besides, on the right kind of window treatments such as honeycomb shades, plantation shutters, and solar shades, such colors make those textures appear soothing and appealing.


The Interplay of Colors in Natural Wooden Shades


Natural Wooden Shades


Many people in today’s times, when the need for environmentally safe window shades is at an all-time high, go for wooden and bamboo shades which do not only keep the dust and dirt at bay but are also made from pure North American wood and bamboo of the highest quality. These shades are strong and resilient and are meant to sustain and thrive for decades to come. The colors in these shades are light and simple and can be set up in living rooms. When the concentration of these shades is on one corner of the window of a wall, they may make the room appear bigger than what it already is. However, this is not to suggest that these shades come in only one type of color.

At ZebraBlinds, you can get these colors in variations of white, brown and beige such as Lipo Ambrosia, Revelry Birdnest, Chencun White, and Majian Driftwood. They can also be used in various control and operating systems such as the continuous-loop lift system, bottom up/top down with the headrail system in place or with motorized options.

The idea of sitting by the windows to enjoy the outside view is a very positive one on a weekend, where you can enjoy the weather while enjoying the comfort of your home. Thus, the need for effective window blinds in positive and bright colors is all the more pertinent. Choose colors that you can easily identify with and that can complement the design and decor of your interior space. Because when you spend on window treatments that are worth it in terms of design, colors, and functionality, that’s when you feel truly satisfied and content from within.

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