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Window Treatments That Suit Your Climate

Window Treatments That Suit Your Climate

Climate Going South? Go for Shades That Provide Insulation

It is common knowledge that the Southwestern climate is like a hot desert. If you happen to live in cities such as Las Vegas, Palm Springs or Phoenix the summers are super-hot (38°C) and the colder months have temperatures in the 40s. It’s July now so that means you have to prep your crib for the upcoming summer “monsoon” which will also be faced by other similar Southwestern climatic regions.

But don’t fret. Once you figure out the kind of climate your home will be experiencing, then you have a sure shot way towards getting the right treatment for your windows. One route you can go with is the insulation way. Insulate your interiors with full-fledged energy-efficient window attachments. Keep a sharp lookout for blackout drapes or curtains that are cost-effective and chic. They will keep you warm in the biting winters as they trap warm air, and you can stay chilled in the hot summers as they deflect the blistering sun rays.

You also have to keep this in mind that what may suit home in the dry Southwest may not match the abode that is located in a humid South climate. Moreover, another thing that should be considered is the geographic locations. Places that experience more than 300 days of harsh sunlight will require complete insulating shading systems. Whereas places that experience freezing temperatures for many months and get fewer amounts of sunshine will have differently designed window coverings.

Any kind of window dressing is better than no window covering at all. However, when it comes to interior insulation systems and protection of your interiors from harsh sunlight and UV radiation, it is best to maximize the efficiency of your blinds and shades. Because increasing the effectiveness of these shadings can help your home remain energy efficient throughout the year. It will benefit your home and family in the long run.

Shades That Suit Your Surroundings

What is even better is the knowledge of the most suitable window covers that best match your specific climate. Take a look at the guidelines below:

Warm, Sunny and Dry

Problems faced by homeowners living in warm, sunny, and dry weather conditions are the harsh sun glare, the damaging effects of UV radiation and trying to reduce the amount of heat inside their homes. The ideal window shadings for this region are solar and sheer window treatments.

Solar Shades: The perks of having sunny temperatures in your hometown is the amount of natural sunlight that enters your residences. However, if they are not managed well, it can lead to the fading of expensive furniture and shadings. Not to mention being vulnerable to skin cancer and melanoma. Incorporate light blocking and heat resistant fabrics onto your window coverings to maximize the advantage of living in a well sunlit area. These custom solar shadings are constructed to reduce the glare and warmth emanating from the incoming sunlight. Preserve your beautiful view of the outdoors while protecting your family and furniture at the same time.

Custom Solar Shadings

Sheer Shades: If solar shades are not your cup of tea, then try out window dressings with sheer fabrics. Sheer shades are an excellent choice to maximize the incoming natural sunlight to add warmth and light to your interiors, be it your living room, bedroom, and dining rooms. These window attachments consist of both shades and fabric blinds that contain soft knitted materials. By using sheer curtains, you get gently diffused incoming filtered light that blocks 99% of the UV radiation present in the sun rays.

Rainy and Cold

There are vast amounts of snowfall and rainfall faced by homeowners living in the Northeast and the Pacific Northwest areas. During winters, your windows can be a source of significant heat loss. Adopt blinds and shades that consist of insulator fabrics and heavyweight lining. They help to keep the cold air out and retain warmth in your home, during fall, winter, and early spring.

Another option in window treatments is cellular shades with different thickness levels like single, double, and triple cells. These shades because of their honeycomb construction trap pockets of air and create a layer of insulation between the window fabric and the glass window pane. However, the ideal window covers for this region are roman and wood window shadings.

Roman Shades: The U.S. Department of Energy states that fabricated roman shades can act both as insulation and barrier to the cold temperatures. When you think of roman shades imagine a thick winter coat. Just like your housecoat that wards off unwanted cold air, similarly roman shades take away undesirable cold temperatures and help to keep your home snug and warm. They also keep cold drafts of air at bay.

Roman Window Shades

If you mix any energy-efficient layering fabric with these shades, they become the ultimate interior shading solution for your home. Plus, if you couple them with a blackout liner, you get more privacy insulation and reduction of light. So, during the daytime raise these shades to allow the warm sunlight to pass through the windows. Lower these shades to retain the warm air collected from the day into your interiors at night.

Wood Blinds: These kinds of authentic wooden blinds are perfect for a rustic cabin or a New England haven situated in the Pacific Northwest region. Wooden blinds are ideal for indoor insulation and act as a barrier between the outside cold rainy air drafts and your bedroom, living rooms and office spaces. When you install these window blinds in your home, they match every type of furniture and furnishing effortlessly.

Real Wooden Blinds

Rainy and sunny

People living in the Sunshine State aka Florida are aware that showers of rain are a usual occurrence. As well as high humidity levels. Due to the levels of moisture in this region, many window coverings tend to fade away, deteriorate, and develop mildew over long periods. This happens when these window dressings get exposed to the natural elements. So, make sure that during the rainy weather conditions, your doors and windows should not stay open. The best blinds to use in such climates are faux wood blinds and aluminum blinds. They are designed in such a way that they are resistant towards the harmful UV sun rays and the high humidity levels in the air.

Faux Wood Blinds: These blinds are constructed using synthetic materials like vinyl and vinyl compound materials. Look wise; they mimic the appearance of wooden shutters. Wooden blinds are susceptible to warping and fading when exposed to harsh climatic conditions. But faux wood blinds work incredibly well in warm and humid weather. They can be installed in garages, kitchens, and bathrooms. Stay carefree in wet and hot conditions. Feel free to allow fresh air and breeze to enter your homes as these blinds are durable and long-lasting when exposed to high levels of humidity and moisture.

Faux Wood Blinds

Aluminum Blinds: Blinds that last long, are fade-resistant and have easy maintenance features match the weather conditions of a sunny and rainy climate. If you happen to live in such a climatic region, then go for aluminum blinds. They can be installed in apartments, commercial spaces, businesses, and in your homes. They can survive in the harshest of weather conditions. The benefits of using such window blinds are that they are excellent at light blocking and providing privacy. They can thrive in humid and warm climates. In comparison to other types of window shadings, any mildew or mold that develops on these blinds can be easily removed with a mold removal solution.

Aluminum Blinds

Keep Warm and Stay Cool Throughout the Year

Now that you understand the various climate control interior shadings, you can make a well-informed decision before the harsh summers, and biting winters hit your hometown. Consider the home renovation budget when you are selecting your window blinds and shades for the upcoming seasons. It can be a tough challenge to take on, but it will be worth your while. If done right, incorporating these window attachments can significantly improve your home décor and add comfort to your current lifestyle.


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