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How to Protect Yourself from Heat When You Have Extra Wide Windows in Your Bedroom?

Window Treatments For Wide Windows

Window Treatments for Wide Windows – Know How to Protect Yourself from Heat

Many of us prefer having large and wide windows for our homes, especially in our bedrooms, and the reasons for that are plenty. During the dark and gloomy days of winter, we wish to bask in the soothing morning and afternoon light, which reduces the need for electric supply and thereby helps in saving costs. Also, when designed and positioned properly, these window spaces can help heat up your home during chilly days when the sun is shining. Later you can cover them with effective blinds as temperatures dip below normal, allowing the heat to be trapped inside.

Besides, the natural outdoors may have a profound and positive effect on your well-being when you are exposed to natural and fresh air. It helps even more if you are surrounded by nature. Who would want to close the doors and stay in solitude when you could be appreciating the beauty of a soothing natural environment?

Even as we discuss the benefits of having large windows in our bedroom, it won’t be wrong to say that they come with their own faults. When temperatures are extreme, it is wise to have them as protected from window treatments as possible, as the smallest of the opening may heat up your home beyond normal or way cooler during winters. They can also pose as a security risk, giving your neighbors and passersby full view of your room.  In this section, we look at a few ways we can protect our homes when we have extra-sized windows.

Window Treatments for Wide Windows

There are several window treatments for wide windows that you can install to your bedroom windows, a few of which are listed below.

Window Caulking

An energy efficient home is not just protected from outside temperatures but also avoids outside moisture from accumulating on window sills and avoiding high costs on utility bills. A properly caulked window is the first step towards achieving a well-protected bedroom or the home in general. The process of window caulking involves sealing the windows to avoid air leaks and keeping away moisture.

You need to ascertain how many windows need to be caulked before beginning with the procedure. If you want to go ahead with the DIY method, you may get a caulking gun and may require materials to repair your window frames if they are rotten or peeling. There is a huge variety of materials available, such as acrylic latex caulk, siliconized latex caulks, silicone caulk or polyurethane caulks. Whatever caulking methods you choose, you need to ensure that you get the materials of utmost quality that will leave no scope of air filtering or damage after you are through with the process.

Mix Window Treatments

With an array of choices available in window treatments, it is not a surprise anymore that your choice of blinds will definitely have customized options available. What you need to do is choose the right brand that gives you the opportunity to pick your favorite colors and prints in the right dimensions. When you have your preferred choice available on a platter, you can decide to mix and match two window treatments. If you are the flamboyant type, choose curtains with printed, striped or geometric patterns. Floral prints are pretty common on curtains, and so are ethnic and graphic prints. You may go for subtle designs if a sense of peace and serenity is what you prefer, or go for bold ones if you need your haven of comfort to have a zing of activity and celebration.


Honeycomb Shades for Wide Windows


The next step involves mixing these treatments with contrasting window blinds and shades such as honeycomb shades, shutters or roller blinds. Honeycomb shades are made of pleated material with cellular pockets in them that can control the level of heat and light that enters your home and can go rather well with your curtains. You may also choose white or light-colored faux wood shutters as your preferred window covering option to go well with your dark-colored room darkening curtains. They can also go well with sheer curtains. The shutters may provide your home with the necessary privacy and insulation, while the sheer curtains will allow your room to fill with natural light while blocking harsh glare and UV, perfect for when the weather becomes pleasant outside.

Have Vertical Blinds Installed


Vertical Blinds for Wide Windows


Vertical blinds are ideal picks for tall and wide windows, especially for sliding glass doors and windows used in conference rooms of office buildings. Owing to their structure, they are classic window treatments for resisting dust as it hardly settles on them. They can otherwise be easily cleaned by a damp or dry cloth when used regularly. They can also be drawn to either side if you need to get a better view of the garden or enjoy watching the rain while sipping on that cup of coffee.

These shades offer a wonderfully sleek look for contemporary homes, thereby lending your bedroom a modern and attractive feel that is as visually pleasing to the eye as is effective and functional. Vertical blinds can be easily replaced with your traditional window coverings and can completely change the look of your home.

Save Bedroom Space with Solar Shades


Solar Shades for Wide Windows


Solar Shades are go-to window treatments for large and wide windows, and they are constructed to allow you to enjoy a wide view of the outside. If you are surrounded by an orchard overlooking lush trees and flowers, it is all the more rewarding. The advantage of solar shades, however, does not end with providing excellent protection against heat and UV radiation. It is the construction of these effective window dressing ideas that save you an ample amount of bedroom space. They can, for one, be set up both inside and outside the window. When they are not in use, they can be rolled up into a roller on the top of the window.

Avoid Heavy & Bulky Blinds

Materials and fabrics that are thick and heavy are generally not suitable for long and wide windows, because this may create a hefty look for the windows that will be difficult to adjust or manage. A massive expanse of window glass requires substantial material to cover it, so the operating cords or controls that manage them have to be suitably adapted, which may not always be convenient for you. In such cases, lighter blinds such as faux wood blinds or solar blinds are preferable.

To sum up, you need to be really careful and cautionary when you are setting up extra wide window spaces. While the usual suspects such as roller/solar blinds, vertical blinds, or a combination of effective window treatments can be used to keep the scorching heat at bay, you need to be responsible enough to make sure that your choice of blinds is manageable. Taking care of them is very important, as, in the absence of proper care, they may develop stains, warps, and cracks.

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