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Window Treatments For the New Year

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The new year is on its way. Have you thought of a new year’s resolution – to start working out, take up a hobby or finally finish a personal project? Do something this new year that your home will thank you for. The start of the new year is the perfect time to give your home a new look, and there is no better way to update your home’s look and feel than with brand new window treatments.

Get window coverings for your bare windows


Getting the proper blinds and shades in each room can make a huge difference in your home’s overall look, and it can even improve your quality of sleep and your overall satisfaction with your home. Whether it’s the windows in your spare bedroom, basement, or even your living room, bare windows can significantly hinder the look and feel of a room.

Motorized window treatments


The invention of motorized operation provides a more convenient, safe, and stylish way to dress your home. Motorization is an outstanding choice for window treatments because motorized shades are run without cords; they create a safer home for kids and pets. Motorized window treatments are particularly useful for windows in hard to reach areas. Comfortably control the amount of light and privacy for any hard to reach or tall windows with a remote control. No need to use any step ladders, poles, or stools to operate them.

When choosing motorized you can operate all your windows with the touch of a button, and also program each to open or close to your desired position. It’s never been so easy to operate your blinds and shades.

Smart homes with smart window treatments


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Make your home smarter with smart motorized window treatments. Smart motorized window treatments enable you to schedule your shades to run automatically throughout the day. They are operated with Z-Wave, a 2-way RF mesh networking technology used for most of the automation applications.

There are several advantages that Z-wave Smart Motorized Shades offer:

Convenience with Motorized window treatments


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The first advantage that Z-wave technology gives is convenience. Z-wave motorized shades are operated with the press of a button. You can just relax and let Z-wave work for you. If you are connected to your hub, you can operate your motorized shades anywhere, anytime. You can also program your window treatments to automatically close at night once you turn the lights on.

If reducing the expenses and saving money is one of your resolutions you have taken for this new year, then you’ll want energy efficient window treatments.

Energy Efficient Window Treatments


Program your Z-wave motorized shades to automatically adjust themselves according to temperature or time of day, saving your energy bills. Smart motorized window treatments can reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

Energy efficient homes are made with thicker walls and greater insulation levels to reduce energy usage for both cooling and heating purposes. Windows create the weak link in energy efficiency. They are generally only about 18% of the total house but account for 50% of your home’s energy loss. The quantity of energy lost is directly proportional to the size of the window. Energy efficient window treatments help in reducing the heat loss from our homes during the winter. They act as insulators by reducing the leakage of warm air, increasing the comfort level of your home.

In the summer, they reduce the amount of warm air and light let into our homes that are the single highest contribution to the workload of your home’s cooling systems. The better the window treatment is at insulation, the more money can be saved by keeping spaces warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Dual Roller Shades


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Why to compromise with one type of shade? Dual Roller/Solar Shades offer both light filtering (or sheer) and blackout features in a single housing.
These shades protect your home from damaging UV radiation, filter light beautifully, and give you blackout privacy when you want it.

Exterior Solar Shades


Exterior-Solar-Shades - Zebrablindscom


These shades offer privacy, comfort, and sun protection for your space. Exterior Solar Shades can be used in most outdoor weather, reducing damaging UV rays and blocking unwanted wind or sunlight while retaining your view. The solar fabric comes in percentages that describe their openness – the greater the percentage the more light the fabric lets through and the clearer the view.

Get your home a modernized look with the latest window treatments for this new year. You can now shop all the above-discussed products in

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