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Window Treatments for Schools

Wuindow Treatments for Schools

Schools and the Importance of Window Treatments

Schools are kids’ second home. It is where they spend the longest hours of the day; it is the place where they learn, play, engage in activities and most importantly forge friendships and create memories of a lifetime. An ideal learning environment is what schools are striving to achieve for their kids so that they can flourish, not face environment-related challenges and can help them to concentrate. At home, you are trying to secure privacy for your family, keep homes cozy and warm, and allow natural light to brighten up your space while at the same time preventing harsh and harmful rays of the sun from playing havoc with your sleep and health. Schools too strive to secure the same for the kids and their teachers.

In this endeavor, windows play a very important role, a role which is often overlooked. The foremost thing which you are trying to prevent is any kind of distraction that diverts the minds of the kids away from learning and development. While windows are great to have, they should be dressed adequately and properly to prevent distraction and maintain privacy. Schools comprise not only classrooms but cafeterias, gymnasiums, offices and libraries, and each present different requirements.

Things to Keep in Minds When Choosing School Window Coverings

When choosing window blinds and shades for school it is essential to bear in mind the following:

  • You are not trying to block out light. Kids need a lot of light and sunshine for their mental and physical growth and nourishment. Rather you need to capture the right amount of natural light, prevent glares and light reflections and create an environment where kids are alert, happy cheerful yet focused.
  • You need window treatments that can block out or cut down noises. Imagine you are taking a class and trying to make those fleeting minds stay focused which in itself is a challenge. If there are constant sounds of shouting or people talking or moving around, it will not only play havoc with the concentration level of the students but as a teacher, you too would be distracted. So you need window coverings that can block out outside noises.
  • Safety issues are perhaps the biggest concerns in any school. There are so many kids and their responsibility and onus of safety and security lie with you which are rather intimidating. Using corded window dressings can pose serious hazards as kids can get strangulated. So it is important to choose only cordless shades in classrooms to prevent any untoward incidents.
  • In cold climates, schools need good insulation to prevent heat loss. Shades and blinds that provide good insulation and prevents heat loss are recommended. It also helps to keep energy costs low.
  • Durability is another important feature to look out for. Kids tend to be rash and playful and can cause damage to the more delicate shades and blinds. Take time to select shades which are hardy, convenient and at the same time affordable as you have multiple windows to dress that could let costs go skyrocketing.

Window Dressing Ideas for Schools

Roller Shades

  • Schools rooms, be in classrooms, libraries or cafeterias tend to have pretty big windows, bigger than the standard sized ones. Customized custom roller shades make a great choice for these windows. These are affordable, provide privacy and allow complete light control which is required during presentations.
  • You can also customize them and print graphics on them. Boston University used their window shades to extend their study hall’s theme from the walls to the windows. They printed images onto the roller shades. You can even promote your school programs and circulars with graphic roller shades. These help to provide privacy and sun control at the same time.
  • The best part of roller shades is the variety of prints, colors, patterns and fabrics you can choose from. For the little ones’ classrooms, you can choose some bright cheerful combinations of colors and prints. It will not only serve the purpose but also help to create a colorful cozy den instead of dull classrooms.

Classroom Roller Shades

Solar Blinds and Shades

  • These work brilliantly for those large windows in libraries and classrooms. It will not only help to maintain the temperature within, but it also reduces the bright and harmful rays of the sun from streaming in and significantly help to lower the electricity bills which schools have to incur every month. They also help to reduce glare that can be really irritating when you are trying to focus on the boards.

Solar Shades For Classroom

Faux Wood Blinds

  • These make a great choice for school windows. They are durable and give the look and feel of real wood. They are not easily damaged by playful kids. More importantly, they are moisture and humidity resistant. They don’t easily peel or warp under different climatic conditions.

Faux Wood Blinds

Aluminum Blinds

  • These versatile aluminum blinds are the most preferred and popular window solutions when it comes to schools. They are durable and extremely affordable. This does not mean that they are cheap and inferior. They are easy to clean and the good news is that nowadays they are available in a variety of colors. So you no longer have to worry about aluminum blinds lacking style and vibrancy.

Aluminum Window Blinds

Shades and blinds for schools need to be versatile and boast a variety of options in terms of colors, patterns, and designs. The effort is to create a happy space for the kids for whom the school is a home away from home. The classrooms and libraries should be able to cheer them up and make them feel happy. They should look forward to coming to school and not have to drag themselves in every day. Each and everything that goes into making a classroom, from furniture, wall art to window shades must be able to emit that cheerfulness. School window solutions have become extremely versatile and can be customized to meet your specific needs. You can print images and mascots on your shades and choose vibrant color tones to personalize window shades for schools and make learning a happy experience for all.

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