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How To Give Your Kitchen Windows an Irresistible Look 

Window Treatments For Kitchen Bay Window

A Complete Guide To Window Treatments For Kitchen Bay Window And Kitchen Windows Over Sink


If you have just shifted to a new apartment, or are planning to give yours a makeover, then you must have some idea about the importance of choosing the right window coverings for your windows. Now since you have landed on this blog of ours, we can assume that by now you have already made a big deal of how to choose the appropriate window coverings for your kitchen windows. Well, don’t worry because we at ZebraBlinds understand your immense love for your den and we are always there to serve you with the best ideas possible.

Best Window Treatments For Kitchens

As you know, the windows in the kitchen undergo a lot every day. From all the food spills to the evaporated water and spilled grease, kitchen windows take it all. Even if your kitchen windows are away from the splash zone, still they have to face much more than you can imagine and you need to consider the following best window treatments for kitchens before you go and purchase your kitchen window coverings.


Window Treatments For Kitchen Bay Window – Custom Faux Wood Blinds


Window Treatments For Kitchen Bay Window - Custom Faux Wood Blinds


Waterproof, scratch resistant and tough, custom faux wood blinds are an imitation of wooden blinds. Made of PVC and plastic, they are super convenient and easy to maintain. For the kitchen sink windows, faux wood blinds top the list and we can assure you, they are worth every cent you spend.

On the other hand, if you want a fabric-based window treatment, pick a mold resistant fabric and get a graceful pair of roller blinds tailor-made for your windows. They can add the right amount of grace with commendable utility in a place like a kitchen.


Window Treatments For Kitchen Bay Window – Aluminum Venetian Blinds


Window Treatments For Kitchen Bay Window - Aluminum Venetian Blinds


Among the best blinds for kitchen sink windows, Aluminum Venetian Blinds can take it all. Super easy to clean, all they need is a light dusting twice a week.


Window Treatments For Kitchen Bay Window – Fabric Roman Shades


Window Treatments For Kitchen Bay Window - Fabric Roman Shades


From ready-made to custom made, fabric roman shades can be made as per your requirements. Among the best window treatments for kitchen bay window, they can create a very interesting mood in the kitchen. From colors to patterns, you can experiment with them and make your bay window the center of attraction in the entire kitchen. Also, if you have a kitchen dining room, you can choose a fabric with quirky motifs and make the most out of your windows.

If you want that retro manor like feel, you can dress your kitchen bay window with valances or cornices. Besides adding grace, they complete the look of a window and allow the natural light to brighten up your day. On the other hand, if your window faces the busy street, cover it up with a shade and top it with a matching pair of valances to savor the beauty.

Now that you know best window treatments for kitchen bay windows and kitchen sink windows, let us introduce to 2 important factors to be considered after you choose the window treatment and before your purchase it. Go through the list, pick the relevant factors applicable to your home sweet home and thank us later.

  • Hygiene: The best window treatments for kitchens are the ones who are low in maintenance and are easy to install. The importance of cleanliness in the kitchen goes without saying. Our kitchen window treatments demand regular care and a simple light hand dust won’t do your job if you love cooking. Hence, to keep it convenient, pick a window treatment which is easy to mantle and dismantle. Also, which is not a thick fabric based covering because such fabrics tend to absorb the food odor.

  • Privacy Control: One of the important factors, privacy cannot be compromised with. Numerous window coverings offer privacy control, which of course is a must for your kitchen windows. The list for best window treatments for kitchens consists of all the coverings which can keep those inquisitive eyes away and give you a sigh of relief away from your neighbors.

  • Light Control: The importance of sunlight for our existence is well known but a direct ray of blazing sun can do more damage than good, both, to our bodies and to our furniture. Just as the epidermis can get damaged, the color from our furniture can fade too. Making a correct choice can save you from all this trouble. Go for a window covering which can block the harsh sunlight and let in a filtered soft light to make you and your loved ones safe from all the hassle and heat.

  • The Installation Zone: Consider the place where your kitchen window is installed. Kitchen windows over a sink deserve a totally different treatment than the kitchen bay windows. Where kitchen bay window treatments include wooden blinds and cellular shades, the sink windows demand moisture resistant treatments like faux wood or PVC shades.


In case of any more questions, you can email us at or call us on our toll-free number. Browse through our website and pick your favorite window treatments because, first, delivery is on us and second, we are giving you free samples and all our support to help you become a happy customer!

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