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How To Give Your Kitchen Windows an Irresistible Look 

Window Treatments For Kitchen Bay Window

What are Bay Windows?

The origin of bay windows can be traced back to the period of the English Renaissance. These windows used to be placed at the far end of a big hall and behind the daises that would seat the lord of the house. The bay windows helped to highlight the part of the room. These windows are formed by the arch of several windows that jut out from the exterior wall. They are extensions from the wall and create additional space in the room. They are spread out across a major area of the wall and hence become focal points in a room. They are sophisticated and stunning to look at. They maximize the amount of light in the room given their wide expanse of glass, and also make rooms larger than they are.

Popularity of Bay Windows

Bay windows, in particular, look beautiful if you have a gorgeous outside view. The windows help to bring the view inside increasing the beauty and appeal of the room. Because these windows are so attractive and appealing they are extensively used in residential and commercial buildings. They continue to enjoy a great deal of popularity among the people. The bay windows are not only great to look at; they also have much functional importance. The bay window space can be used to create a sitting or reading area. The space beneath can be used for storage. Deck up the seating arrangement with some brightly colored pillows, hang some statement lights and added with some equally eye-catching window treatments, you have created the perfect nook in the house for yourself.

Bay Windows in Kitchens

Kitchens are among the most important and essential spaces in the house. It is where you spend a considerable amount of time cooking up delicious meals for your family or spending some quality time with your loved ones over a cup of coffee or hang out friends over some chilled beer. A beautifully decked up airy kitchen with lot of natural light is anyone’s dream. A bay window in a kitchen space is the best you can have.
Kitchen Bay Windows

Dilemma of Window Treatment for Kitchen Bay Windows

While having a bay window in a kitchen is an extremely attractive proposition, there are certain limitations in terms of window treatments for these windows. Kitchens are exposed to a high amount of moisture, heat and steam not to mention the grease, spills and splashes. Having a bay window close to the sink or cooktop can adversely affect and spoil your delicate window treatments. Hence if you have a bay window in these areas, opt for window treatments made of materials like faux wood and aluminum.

Important Considerations When Choosing Kitchen Window Treatments

Whichever treatment or window covering you choose, they must be able to:

• Provide privacy at different times of the day. Cooking or spending time with family in the kitchen over beer or coffee is a private affair. The window covering you choose must be able to protect your privacy needs.
• Light control is very important. While natural light in the kitchen is welcome too much of glare is not encouraged as they can irritate the eyes and interfere with your kitchen work.
• Survive exposure to moisture. For window located close to the sink or cooktop, they are exposed to moisture and heat. The treatment you choose must be able to survive these unfavorable conditions.
• Easy maintenance is high on priority. Kitchen window treatments will experience grease and spills and hence they should be of materials that are easy to clean and maintain and do not require a cumbersome process of cleaning.
Roman Shades for Kitchen Bay Window

Bay Window Treatments for High Moisture Areas

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are a great choice for your bay windows. They have the look and feel of real wood blinds but unlike real natural wood, faux wood is cheaper and resistant to water, moisture, scratches, heat and does not warp or peel over time. They are extremely durable and long-lasting. They are easy to clean and maintain and also gentle on your pockets.
Kitchen Bay Window Faux Wood Blinds

Aluminum Mini Blinds

Like faux wood, Aluminium mini blinds are a perfect choice for the windows. They can survive under tough conditions and do not fall apart when exposed to heat and moisture over a prolonged period of time. They may not be as aesthetically pleasing as many of the other blinds and shades in the market but they are the most functional for your kitchen requirements.
Aluminum Blinds for Kitchen Bay Windows

Bay Window Treatments for Dry Kitchen Areas

If you have bay windows that are located far from the sink or cooktop area then you could experiment with your choice of window treatment.

• Fabric Roman Shades are a gorgeous choice of window treatment for the lovely bay windows. They are delicate and help to soften the sharp edges in the kitchen. You can choose fabrics with designs and motifs and successfully make the windows the focal points of your kitchen.
• You can also use a combination of Roman blinds with curtains. They look stylish and elegant and work wonders with any decor style.
• You could also opt for drapes to dress the bay windows. They are timeless beauties and are a safe bet for your kitchen if you are in a dilemma over what to choose.
• Blackout dual roller shades are also a good choice for bay window treatment if you are looking for light filtration and privacy. These shades have a light-filtering or sheer shade in the front and a blackout roller shade in the back. Adjusting them will give you light, outside view and privacy as and when needed.
• If you want that retro manor like feel, you can dress your kitchen bay window with valances or cornices. Besides adding grace, they complete the look of a window and allow the natural light to brighten up your day. On the other hand, if your window faces the busy street, cover it up with shade and top it with a matching pair of valances to savor the beauty.
Now that you know how to dress up your beauties in the kitchen, do not hesitate to incorporate a bay window in the kitchen. They do a great deal of good to the kitchen space. They help to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchens and make them a cheerful and happy space in the house where you will look forward to cooking and creating memories with loved ones.

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