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Window Treatments for Different Home Décor Styles

Window Treatments for Different Home Decor

Importance of a Home Décor Style

When you are setting up your home, the first hurdle you face is determining what style of home décor to choose for your beautiful house. It has to suit your taste and preference; it has to match your style and blend with your personality. A home is but an extension of yourself and the style you choose should be a representation of who you are. Choosing a décor is similar to giving your house an identity of its own which it will proudly flaunt. There are countless styles to choose from and it is certainly easy to feel overwhelmed. The question that haunts you is ‘which style suits you the best?’, or ‘which style of home décor do you identify with?’. Once you realize can figure that out, it becomes easy to pick up the right shade for you.

Need for Pairing Home Décor Style with Window Treatments

You may heave a sigh of relief after making a home décor choice. But your job is only half done. You have a bigger task of choosing a window treatment that will blend with that décor. You may opt for a traditional décor and pair it up with very modern shades and it is the perfect recipe for a fashion disaster. The window coverings will awkwardly stand out and spoil the entire look, feel and ambiance that you so desperately wanted to create. So you know what not to do. But how will you determine which window shade goes with which style of home décor?

Types of Home Décor Style & Corresponding Window Treatment Solutions

Help us help you in your endeavor to find that perfect combination to accentuate and enhance the beauty of your homes and make living a pleasant and charming experience.

Traditional Style
While some may dismiss traditional as very old fashioned the truth is, traditional style of home décor can be subject to a lot of experimentation. They can be improvised to create something that is very appealing to the eyes. Traditional home décor is rich, elegant, classy and grand using neutral shades.

Window Treatment: Real wood blinds and Roman shades blend beautifully with traditional décor. Real wood blinds bring with them a richness that is unparalleled and increases the aesthetic appeal of a room. Roman shades with their soft fabric style work really well for any traditional look.
Roman Shades

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern style is used to refer to the era of the mid-1900, particularly the 1950s and 1960s. Their primary focus is functionality minus the frills and excesses. It is characteristic of something refined, sober, restrained and underscores simplicity.

Window Treatment: The roller shades with their retro finish work brilliantly with this particular style of décor. Sheer Honeycomb shades too are highly recommended. These shades are practical window covering solutions, simple yet rich and help make a profound style statement.

Hollywood Style
This style is reminiscent of the old charm and glamor of Hollywood. The décor is glamorous, chic with an alluring charm. It uses a lot of velvets, suede, furs, mirrors, silver and platinum. The style makes a bold and royal statement.

Window Treatment: Light filtering roller shades, shutters and soft Roman shades blend brilliantly with this chic décor. While roller shades and shutters certainly increase the glamour quotient of the rooms, the Roman shades complete the look with their subtle sophistication.


Minimalism in home décor style swears by simplicity. They sweep the people of their feet with their simple styles without compromising on functionality and artistic beauty. They are basic highlighting the essential features and forego anything that is extravagant.

Window Treatment: You can most certainly never go wrong with Cellular honeycomb shades and roller shades. They are simple and neat. Always go for motorized versions as the absence of cords adds to the minimal look of the rooms. Hassle-free, fuss-free and organized look and feel is what the décor demands and honeycomb and roller shades sure give it.
Cellular Honeycomb Shades

The root of modernism is dated back to early and mid-twentieth century. Modern design style is complete with simple colors, geometric designs and patterns and clean lines. It is very contemporary.

Window Treatment: No surprises here as honeycomb shades and roller shades win hands down. They have a sleek, neat streamlined look, and they allow light filtration and privacy. These shades blend beautifully with modern décor and are extremely functional and practical at the same time. The pleated shades look stunning as well.


As the name suggests, rustic means plain, simple, unsophisticated with a raw finish. They have wooden or stone finish and have a very natural flair about them which is intoxicating. They create a cheerful and happy ambiance with their choice of earthy colors.

Window Treatment: The natural look of wood blinds or faux wood blinds work magically well for rustic home décor. They blend naturally. Shutters with their choice of solid earthy colors make another great choice for window shades. There is an elegance in unsophistication and natural goodness that gives this décor a character of its own.
Art Deco

Art Deco style originated in the 1920s and 1930s America and Europe. It is characterized by furniture and décor that is exotic, exuberant and elaborate. It has no inhibitions against the use of bold color shades and loads of contrast. It is a style that makes a strong statement and sweeps people of their feet with its extravagance. Art Deco style is luxurious in its look and feel.

Window Treatment: Richly colored and textured draperies are a fascinating choice for window dressings to style with art deco interiors. They look majestic. Custom painted shutters with infinite possibilities can also be paired with art deco. Roller shades too come with a large array of colors.
Drapery Panels
French Country

This style has an old-world charm and warmth that is unparalleled. It uses mixed patterns, earthy shades, ornamental wood furnishings that transport you to another era. It has a ruffled, disheveled look oozing with warmth that is extremely alluring and pleasing to the eyes.

Window Treatment: The refined look of the Roman shades and the white or off-white Wooden blinds work best for French Country décor style. They are classy and restrained.
Off White Wooden Blinds

This style is a representation of free spirit, a chaotic yet beautiful look. There is a freeness that matches no other home décor style and it is infectious. The key element in this style is unconventional in the use of texture, color, patterns everything.

Window Treatment: The warm and natural material of Woven Wood Natural Shades work beautifully with bohemian style. Not far behind are soft Roman shades with their flowing style that blends well with the interiors. If you are a carefree soul, this is the décor and window dressing combination to go for. It will do wonders!
Woven Wood Shades

This is a style that draws inspiration from the Scandinavian countries of Europe, namely, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The essence of this décor is simplicity and functionality and we cannot over-emphasize it. They encourage a lot of natural light to flow in because these countries experience extremely long and harsh winters. They display an affinity for natural woods and a neutral palette of colors.

Window Treatment: White Solar Roller shades seamlessly blend with the décor style. They allow lots of light to filter in and solar shades don’t allow heat to escape. Sheer or light filtering honeycomb shades are another great option you can opt for. The Top Down Bottom Up style works really well as it allows the much needed natural light to flow in without compromising on privacy.
Solar Roller Shades
This is a humble attempt at identifying the major home décor styles. These styles can be tweaked and improvised to get a look and feel that suits your preference and make them more functional. Home is a beautiful place where we are always churning out memories and it is only right that you dress them up in a way that does justice to them and makes your home a memorable one.

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