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How to Give Your Bay Window Seat a Proper Makeover

Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Window Treatments for Bay Windows: A Proper Makeover


A bay window is a window space extending outside from the walls of a home. Bay windows are usually close together and help open up the room and expose it to the outside. There are a few features in their architecture and layout that should be noted. Bay windows can be huge, which can make them a principal focal point of your room. They bring in a lot of natural sunlight and can elevate your home’s feel and look. With bay windows, you can give your home a unique design.

Learn how to dress them up, how to work with non-classical wall forms, and how to make them appear like a regular expansion of your home.


# Beauty of Bay Windows


A traditional bay window arrangement comes up with three angled windows. The center window is fixed, bordered by two venting side panels. They fit best in outside wall locations 40 inches or higher. These windows come in different variations, most commonly square, hexagonal, or octagonal. Bay windows add elegance to your home and create a space to sit and enjoy the outside view. Bay windows allow your creativity to run wild while keeping your home beautiful. They also brighten up your room as well as open the room up to a beautiful view outside.

The best part of a bay window, however, is creating a bay window seat. Enjoy your early morning coffee or evening snack while enjoying the outside view in the comfort of your home. A bay window seat is the best way to utilize and appreciate your bay window.

Things To Remember Before Choosing Window Treatments For Bay Windows


As these windows allow a lot of light to enter your home, these windows need to be covered. There are many types of Window Blinds and Shades for bay windows. Choose the right one that satisfies your requirements. For window treatment ideas of bay windows, please read the following blog:


# Installation Process

Window Treatments for Bay Windows Installation 

When you want to install window treatments for bay windows, you must be aware of how to measure for blinds. Because the windows are angled towards each other, there must be room for the headrails so that they do not touch.

->While measuring window coverings for bay windows, you will need to measure the intersecting points of the shades to define the width of each section of the bay window.

->First, you need to select the window shade you want to install as different types of window shades have varying depths.

->Once you select the particular window treatment, you can get the depth you need to measure at the intersection points between the windows.

->Refer the product specifications of the shade you have chosen for exact depths.

->There can be a small gap in the bay window blinds where the window treatments intersect. Even with the most accurate measures, there can be light and privacy gaps.

->For measuring the left window treatment, you need to measure it from the intersection point which you have marked on the window frame.

->Repeat the same step for the right blind considering the right intersection point.

->By measuring the distance from the intersection point of each side, measure the center bay blinds.

You can now add valances or cornices, considering your requirements.


Combining Blinds with Curtains for a Better Look


Blinds with Curtains 


In the case of bay windows, installing layered window blinds and shades give them the most versatility and light control. Joining window blinds and shades with drapery or a valance offer greater light control, privacy, and insulation.

When you want total privacy, you can cover up the windows with the curtains. If you want to enjoy the outside scenery, you can open up the curtains and experience the pleasant view. When you select the right drapery for your bay windows, they create a beautiful ambiance and give your bay window seat a beautiful look. Combining Binds and Curtains will give your bay window seat a complete polished look.

How to Measure for Blinds 

# Inside Mount


If you wish to bring the focus to the bay window seat instead of the window blinds and shades, installing inside mount drapery hung on drapery curtain rods can add color and mellowness and accentuate the bay window seat as the central attraction.


# Outside Mount


In other cases, you can prefer installing the outside mounted drapery panels to add intensity and make your bay windows seem larger than they are. The vertical length of drapery gives the illusion of added height.


Another option for drapery, if the style of your bay window seat allows, is to mount the hardware on the wall itself having it on the inside of the room rather than the bay. The curtains act as a case for the bay window, making it resemble a work of art.


Window Valances and Cornices

Window Valances and Cornices 

Sometimes the only thing these windows require is to be topped with a Window Valances and Cornices. While at first glimpse valances appear to be entirely decorative, they also help to hide other window covering hardware.


You can now buy these window treatments at at the lowest prices. Do not delay. Get these amazing window treatments at home and make your bay windows look beautiful. Decorate your bay windows in the best possible way with these window treatments and cherish the beauty they offer to your bay window seat.

If you have any queries regarding the installation, selection or anything else, you can always contact our support team. We are always ready to assist you with your questions and are eager to help you bring out the best look to your windows and to your home.

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