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Renovate Your California Studio with These Bay Windows and French Door Solutions

Window Treatments for Bay Windows 

Window Treatments for Bay Windows to Renovate Your California Studio


Window Treatments for Bay Windows especially for French Doors are made up of rectangular glass panels that often make up the complete length of your door. They add embellishment and architectural interest to your room, adding beauty to all styles of decor from the country cottage to the sleek and modern home. They help increase daylight entering your home and allow for more convenience than a sliding door.


French Doors were introduced in France as portholes that give access to balconies and became combined as double doors for their preferred openness to daylight. Over time, their elegance and functionality have led them to be used for applications such as patio doors, bay windows, and other interior doors. People become intimidated when searching for blinds for French Doors because they are worried that the window treatment will conflict with the functionality of the door.


Things You Need to Consider When You are Choosing Window Treatments for Bay Windows


A French Door is a pleasant and fashionable part of your home. Why not improve their functionality and looks even more by dressing them up in trendy shades and drapery?

Make sure the window treatment you use is shallow enough to fit behind the door handle. Go cordless to keep your kids and pets safe. Install hold-down brackets at the bottom of the door to keep your blinds from swinging around when the door is opened. You can avoid these concerns by choosing the traditional way of hanging drapery, but there are a lot more possibilities for decorating your French Door than just hanging a curtain.


#1 Roman Shades for French Doors


Roman Shades for French Doors 

Roman Shades present an artistic touch to any type of window. Choose from smooth fabrics, subtly textured patterns, and modern designs. Roman shades are a simplistic solution for French doors those who don’t want big and heavy drapes.  Roman Shades for French Doors provide outstanding light control as well as privacy. They look fabulous while they do it – with delicate lines and a fresh look. They offer tremendous flexibility and easy operation. Make sure you can clear your door handle when measuring for Roman Shades.


#2 Layering Window Treatments for French Doors


Layering Window Treatments


Sometimes combining two designs creates one marvelous finish. Try layering your French door window treatments with full-length blackout drapes over light filtering shades. Layering always increases visual excitement and this procedure offers the highest light control options throughout the day, with extra privacy during the night.

Accent the architectural beauty of your french doors by hanging drapery topped with wood cornices that match the window embellishments. Try Roman shades with patterns. When lowered, the patterns create a beautiful effect in the window.


#3 The Beauty of Bay Windows


Beauty of Bay Windows


Bay windows are wide windows regularly installed in living rooms. However, the position of a bay window depends on the design of your home. Bay windows bring extended light and make a room feel more spacious. Homeowners regularly choose gridless windows for an improved view or more light. Allowing more natural light into the room allows your room to breathe and feel less congested. What varies in brands and styles are how big of an added space the bay window offers.


#4 Graber Shutters for Bay Windows


Graber Shutters


Bay windows add a pretty astonishing element to your room, but they cause concerns over too much light and too little privacy. Graber Shutters are a great option that can dress bay windows, giving a perfect look. Shutters can be customized to meet any size of the window, which helps with such a wide window. Shutters also require low maintenance, and they are easy to clean too.


# Advantages of Installing Shutters to Your Bay Windows


– With shutters, it is easy to design a unique, clear and customized look for your windows.

– Shutters reduce your energy costs by controlling the room’s temperature.

– Interior window shutters add value to a home.

– Compared to other window treatments like drapes and curtains, plantation shutters are easy to clean.


# Top Down Bottom Up Shades for Bay Windows


You should check out the Top Down Bottom Up Shades for your bay windows because they offer the best light control without sacrificing privacy. You can open your shades from the bottom like regular window treatments, but you can also operate these ones from the top. This feature allows you to let in the wonderful, natural light at the top of your window without letting others see inside. Enjoy the natural light and your view outside without giving up privacy to your home.

Zebrablinds offers lots of choices for customized top down bottom up shades. We have roman shades, cellular shades, and pleated shades, all fabric options of different openness including blackout. No matter if you get light-filtering or blackout shades, any shade will help insulate your home. In the summer, you can lightly open these shades to light up the room and still keep the majority of the hot sun out.


Shop the Best Window Treatments for Your Unusual Windows


Let these window treatments dress up your windows and doors, and make your home look beautiful. You can now find these window treatments at the best prices at ZebraBlinds. Make your home look unique and astonishing, and do not delay. Decorate your home in the most amazing ways with these window treatments and embrace the beauty they offer to your home.


If you have any issues concerning the installation, selection, or anything else, you can always contact our support team. We are always ready to serve you with your questions and are eager to help you bring out the best look to your windows and to your home.

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