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Give Your Home An Inspired Ambiance This Harvest Season

Harvest time! When the crop is ready to harvest it’s time to celebrate and rejoice. It’s time to prepare ourselves for this celebration of the harvest festival and the changing seasons.

Surround yourself with these alluring Fall feelings, and you will spontaneously get a spirit of calm and peace that is a joy this time of the season. An easy way to bring this mood into your home is by selecting distinct spring decorative window treatments for your home. We bring our family and friends together and invite them to our homes to celebrate our accomplishments for the year and to prepare for the winter season. So let’s make our homes hospitable and ready for our guests.

Window Treatments That Combine Blinds and Drapes


The smell of the harvest excites us and gives us a feel for nature.

Most of the designs for harvest decorating are blended with freshness, bright and pleasant colors of the beautiful flowers, greenery, blue sky, and the glowing sun. Harvest is the time to dust our windows and decorate them with window treatments that combine blinds and drapes, bringing more light and air into our harvest home decor. Economical window treatments, or light window drapes, are appealing looks for harvest decor, which create an elegant and sprightly look and let us enjoy the view of the first spring flowers.

Harvest decorating uses a lot of bright colors and light contrasts. Choose your desired bright colors along with soft and neutral shades. Striking cheerful colors, and fashionable lace and transparent drapery fabric complement well for harvest decor. Lace curtains look stylish and trendy but also capture the rustic spirit of a family home. You can also add cornices and valances to your draperies to give a perfect look.

Light curtain fabric allows more natural light into your home, creating a healthy and pleasant environment and festive mood. Clean your home windows, and get rid of heavy window curtains that you enjoyed in winter. Light curtain fabric will make your rooms look larger and more beautiful. Light curtain fabric brings spring warmth and freshness.

Motorized Skylight Shades


To enjoy the view of the sky this harvest season install Motorized Skylight Shades to your home today. Skylight window treatments are an affordable luxury to instill the vision of natural light in your bathroom or kitchen. The use of a cord or a pole to operate them have been one of the most uncomfortable and awkward controlling options in a very long time, particularly for windows in hard-to-reach and high areas. Choose from our new range of freshly designed Motorized skylight blinds with adjustable solar or battery-powered options. With these motorized roof shades, you can open or close or set it to the desired location right from the convenience of your chair with the help of a radio frequency remote. These remote-controlled skylight shades limit the natural light and heat invading your home through your the skylight windows. The electrically powered shades give a perfectly finished look to your skylight windows and eliminate harmful cords, making them well suited for homes with kids & pets. For better sunlight protection and energy efficiency choose our motorized cellular skylight shades.

Day Night Cellular Shades


The Day Night Cellular Shades are one of the perfect choices to decorate your home this festive season. Shift from light-filtering to room darkening with a single shade. With these advanced Premium Light Filtering/Blackout Cordless shades, you get two different window coverings in one. The cellular shades are good at noise reduction and so they allow you to sleep peacefully. They offer double benefits to your family and keep your home comfortable. These Day-Night Cellular shades are designed with the light filtering fabric at the top layer of the shade, and the bottom layer is made with the room darkening fabric.

Graber Sliding Panels


The sliding panels from Graber can greatly change the look of your room by giving it a unique look. These natural shades are ideal to install as a separator for spaces with large windows or doors. Select from sheer, light filtering, and room darkening fabrics. The control features include the selection of chain and wand. The wand control feature is safe for kids and pets. The sliding panels offer privacy and they are smooth to operate.

You can shop all the above-mentioned window treatments at the lowest price by using the exclusive discount offers at Zebrablinds. Give your home the best decor this harvest festival.

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