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Seasonal Window Treatments

Seasonal Window Treatments



As seasonal changes occur frequently, we make our home comfortable and adaptable for that particular season. Window coverings are an ornamental element to your home decor, but what’s more, they are especially excellent for the summer and winter weather control. Effectively employing Seasonal Window Treatments in your home will help to increase your home’s energy efficiency so that you can get savings on your energy bills.


Save Energy Costs with Seasonal Window Treatments


Instead of changing out your window coverings when the seasonal changes occur, you can look for an all-purpose window covering that is energy efficient for all seasons. It’s advised to choose a window covering with a greater R-Value, which helps to keep the cold breeze out during the winter and scorching air during the summer seasons.


#1 Choose Vertical Blinds for Your Patio Doors


Vertical Blinds for Patio 

Vertical blinds are the omnipresent window treatments option for large windows, especially for patio doors, and extremely wide windows. But they aren’t for everyone. Some people consider them as too common window treatments while some believe they are absolutely ugly. There is an increasing number of people looking for alternatives to regular vertical blinds. There are many Styles of Vertical Blinds that look better and are more interesting than basic vinyl vertical blinds, like vertical fabric blinds, or maybe wood vertical blinds. As modern vertical blinds are available in various patterns and fabrics, you can choose the desired one for your home.


Sheer vertical blinds have the properties of a vertical blind and a drape, combined. Sheer vertical blinds for patio doors are made of a light filtering fabric that makes it the perfect option for your patio doors. They are kind of like a composite window treatment, combining the style of sheer fabric with the operation of a blind that can be opened for light or closed for preferred privacy.


#2 Some of the Important Benefits of The Vertical Sheer Blinds


Sheer Vertical Blinds

You can customize the color, design, and the fabrics they have with different colors and styles. They help you give your home the desired look. You can change the look and style of your house based on your taste and personality.

Maintenance of window treatments have never been so simple as these Vertical Sheer Blinds as these blinds can be cleaned and installed with ease and comfort. They have a chain and cord mechanism that makes them easy to operate.

These blinds are available in both insides as well as outside mount. The blinds are also very strong and sturdy as they come with a hard aluminum headrail.

Softly scattered light streams into your home through the sheer fabric of light privacy and light control. When closed, they block light to offer maximum privacy and light control. Vertical Sheer blinds have the elegant look of drapery while offering the tilt control of a vertical blind.


#3 Hang Graber Roman Shades and Make Your Home Look Awesome


Graber Roman Shades 

Roman shades are suitable for any kind of home, season, and space. If you want higher energy efficiency, choose a thick and dense fabric that can obstruct the outside cold or warmth and keep your home comfortable all year long.

Graber’s all-new Fresco Roman Shades are the combination and the compatibility of classical Roman shades with a touch of contemporary interior styles to give your home a pleasant and refreshing feel. Fresco Roman shades offer the flexibility of a drapery with the practicality of a window treatment. The traditional flat style and looped pattern shades appear with soft folds of the roman fabric, offering a classically refined yet modern look from the outside. The shades are formed of certified PVC free fabrics, which will keep your family and belongings safe from sun’s harmful UV rays.


#4 Combine Window Blinds with Curtains for a More Energy Efficient Home


Combine Window Blinds with Curtains 

If you are confused in deciding whether you have to install blinds or curtains to your home, think of combining both of them for a unique look with excellent insulation and customization options. The Combination of Drapes and Blinds will add an excellent style to your windows and to your home. Adding curtains to your existing blinds gives you the comfort to customize your light control and privacy.


This pairing of window treatments works exceptionally well in rooms like bedrooms and living rooms where you require privacy, light control, and insulation. In bedrooms, where privacy and room darkening are most needed, drapes can totally block outside visibility and make your room warm enough to complement the décor of the desired bedroom.


The combination you choose will decide your home décor. If you have a more conventional home styling, you may want to consider wood blinds with embroidered or print curtains. The floral or embroidery drapery will resemble the classic look while the wood blind will present a smart solution to privacy and light control. If you have modern home decor, you can try horizontal mini blinds or vertical blinds with solid or lined drapes. These drapes have clear, sleek looks that will maintain the modern essence of your home look. Mini blinds are a really simple and plain window treatment which offers great privacy and light control that complements the simple style of contemporary décor.


You can now buy these beautiful energy efficient window treatments and make your home efficient for any season. ZebraBlinds offer the deepest discounts on these products and we don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to get these blinds home at the best prices. If you have any questions regarding these window treatments, you can always contact our support team. They will assist you in every step you take.

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