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Window Treatment Trends for the Home Library

Window Treatment Trends

Window Treatment Trends for the Home Library


Winding down with a good book can be a very relaxing way to end a day. But with too many distractions in the modern world, it’s hard to find time to read anything of substance that’s not work-related. With the advent of e-readers and digital books, public libraries are losing ground and the actual joy of sitting and reading a printed book is becoming more of a rarity. But as Stephen Fry rightly said, “Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs are by elevators.” In this regard, a home library – small or large – could be the best solution for book-lovers to relax. Lighting, ambiance, seating arrangement, and book preservation and protection all distinguish a decent library from a great one.  Follow the latest Window Treatment Trends to go a long way in making your home library feel inviting. In this article, we bring you the top Latest Window Treatment Trends for your home library.


Essential Features for a Good Library


Ample lighting – While reading we need maximum natural light to prevent stress and eye strain.

Soundproof – To ensure a quiet atmosphere inside the room, it should be free from the bustling noise from outside.

Temperature control – Maintaining the optimum temperature inside the room is a must. If the temperature is too hot or too cold, it will not just ruin the mood to read, it can be harmful to the books themselves.

Cozy seating – This is a direct factor for comfort and the amount of time you can read without disturbance. Imagine plush and comfortable chairs or sofas – read while you relax.

Access to the books – A small or medium library won’t have problems accessing books, but large ones would need a ladder or any other equipment to access the texts required.

Preserving the lifespan of the books from harsh conditions

Selecting the correct window treatments for your library allows you control over most of these factors. Below are few ideas that a great for your home library:


Custom Cellular Window Shades

 Custom Cellular Window Shades

Cellular shades also called honeycomb shades due to their honeycomb structure, trap the air in little pockets of cells that provide insulation and energy-efficiency. All these pockets keep the heat out in summer and warmth from escaping out in winter. This insulating feature also protects books from exposure to outside weather, thereby giving them a longer life. Did you know that these shades offer not just insulation from temperature and light, but also from unwanted noise from the outside? Because of this, they are also known as Sound Absorbing Window Blinds. Custom Cellular Window Shades have one only drawback: it is their inability to offer tilt vanes which allow a little bit of light through with a little privacy. Still, cellular shades are an ideal fit for the home library.


Styles of Roman Shades

 Styles of Roman Shades


You should choose Roman shades if you want to give your library a sophisticated and elegant look. With a diverse collection of fabrics available, these create an atmosphere of color and texture inside the room. They offer easy operation with cordless and top-down bottom-up options.  These shades match seamlessly with any decor ranging from traditional to a stylish contemporary look, enhancing the look and feel of your home library.


Custom Faux Wood Blinds

 Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Wooden blinds they are costly. Faux Wood Blinds are a great alternative, made from PVC vinyl and a combination of vinyl polymers, these blinds are budget-friendly, yet they give the same timeless and aesthetic look of real wood blinds.


Extremely durable – Resistant to overexposure from the sun and easy to clean


Moisture resistant – Faux wood materials aren’t damaged by water or moisture and won’t twist or warp

Due to their affordability, efficiency, attractiveness and effortless handling, they are popular choices for rooms in high humid areas. Adding 1.5 inch Faux Wood Blinds to your home library will increase its appeal.

Being a book-lover myself, I hate to be disturbed when I’m in the middle of a reading session. To break the rhythm and get up to adjust the window settings appropriately can be very irritating. Choose from our Best-Motorized Blinds to resolve this problem. With just a click of a button, adjust your window blinds according to your preference and enjoy the uninterrupted reading time. But why stop with only motorized blinds, when there is an even more sophisticated option of Smart Window Treatments available.


Smart Window Treatments

 Smart Window Treatments


Smart Window Treatments are just an enhanced version of the motorized blinds. The motorized blinds/shades work on a traditional RTS (Radio Technology Somfy) interface and require a Z-wave bridge to connect to the home automation systems, but the smart window treatments don’t need any bridge for integration. They have a built-in Z-wave antenna which enables direct integration with your home automation system.

Get control of your window blinds and shades from your mobile device. Without cords and ties, these shades present an uncluttered and sleek look to your space. These offer a convenient solution for handling window decor in your library, even for hard to reach windows. Even if you forget to close your blinds on the way out, you can control them from anywhere you have wifi with your smartphone, making sure to prevent the sun from damaging your valuable and beloved book collection.

Libraries are the sanctuaries for us book-lovers, so give them the best window treatments at a reasonable price range from the ZebraBlinds collection. Invite your fellow book lovers and make them the envious of not just your book collection but your beautifully decorated home library as well.