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Change Up Look of Your Home with Window Treatments

Attractive Window Treatments

As you can’t easily change the architecture of your home, change your decor when want to give your home a new look. With the touch of winter embracing of your home and spring on its way in, you might be looking to renew your home with a few quick fixes and updates.

Installing new window treatments is an economical way to remodel your home. Modern window treatments complement your existing style, but they might also give you a little wiggle room to experiment. Determine the amount of privacy you need, the amount of light you want to allow, the level of insulation you would prefer, and most importantly, your budget. Taking all those aspects in mind, we recommend you the following options to help you get started with the renovation of your home.


Window Treatments That Combine Blinds and Drapes

Window Treatment That Combines Blinds and Drapes


To change the look of your home you don’t always need to completely change your window treatments. You can also get a completely new look by dressing up your windows with drapery. You can combine the drapery with your existing window treatments. Due to their excellent versatility and ability to turn any room from somber to bright and pleasant, curtains stand at the top of our window treatment list. If you are looking for privacy, particularly for bedrooms and bathrooms, we advise darker panels or lined draperies.


Dark drapery panels hide your windows the best and lend a moody, romantic vibe to the room. They are a striking and photogenic addition to any space that needs a little punch. Curtains can also distract from an undesired view, like an alley or your next-door neighbor’s fence. If privacy isn’t an issue, opt for sheer curtains. They are an evergreen style and can soften a room that has busy patterns or rigid tones. If you have any irregular windows, sheer drapes also help to stabilize them, lending balance to your space. If you want a softly lit room, choose sheer curtains with a light lining for a romantic dimming effect.



Custom Outdoor Sunshade

Custom Outdoor Sunshade 

Custom outdoor window treatments play a vital role in transforming the look of your home.

They go beyond normal industry standards to ensure longer life and ease of operation in outdoor conditions. This superior quality Custom Outdoor Sunshade materials are matched with excellent mechanical components to give you a shade built to last for a longer time.


These shades offer the following benefits.

  • Save up to 40% on your cooling costs with these shades
  • Protect your outdoor spaces from harsh weather
  • Protect your exterior and interior furnishings
  • Roll down for shade and roll up to enjoy the sun
  • Minimize the amount of glare
  • The Sun Shade is an excellent part of your home decor
  • Add value to your home
  • Spend more peaceful time outdoors



Day Night Cellular Shades

Day Night Cellular Shades 

Cellular shades are also known as Honeycomb shades because of their honeycomb structure.

Move from light-filtering to room darkening with a single shade. With these Light Filtering/Blackout Cordless cellular shades, you get two different window treatments at the same time. Just raise or lower the cordless lift handles to operate them and adjust as required to provide either full or partial light filtering or blackout functionality. The Day Night Cellular Shades allow you to create a dark room, even during the daytime and let you sleep peacefully.


These Light Filtering/Blackout Cordless window coverings are not only functional but also a DIY designer’s dream. The gentle light filtering cellular fabric on top can be color-matched with the blackout material on the bottom for a uniquely custom look when both are revealed. Energy-efficient honeycombs improve the insulation your windows. With a sleek headrail (no valance needed!) and only 1 1/8” required for an inside mount, they are truly an excellent solution for narrow windows.


Blackout and light filtering day night cellular shades operate to filter light and block light.


The following are the various benefits these shades offer.


  • Energy-efficient honeycomb cell system
  • Offer a higher level of privacy when needed.
  • Cordless conforms with CPSC child safety guidelines
  • They are safer for pets too.
  • Free shipping





Skylight Electric Shades

Skylight Electric Blinds 

Motorized skylight shades are an affordable luxury for your home. You can upgrade the look of your home with these incredible window treatments.

Grant your hard-to-reach skylight windows improved insulation, total light obstruction, and an operational boost with the Motorized Blackout Cellular Skylight Shades. Skylight Electric Blinds have an insulating honeycomb core that will protect your floors and furnishings from fade-inducing and harmful UV Rays.

Motorized skylight shades are opened and closed with ease In the past, skylight window treatments were considered dangerous because of the hazardous hanging cords that can cause harm, and the difficulty in operating them. The motorized skylight window treatments are safe to use and easy to operate. They provide your home a sophisticated charm and let you enjoy the view of the sky when you want and wherever you want.



You can now buy all the described window treatments above at Zebrablinds and at the best prices. Upgrade the look of your home in an easy way. These shades help change the overall look of your home making it new and aesthetic. Don’t miss out our exciting sales offers today!

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