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4 New Ideas to Layer up Your Windows in Style

Window Treatment Ideas

4 New Window Treatment Ideas to Make Your Windows Ready!

Its time to bid goodbye to 2018, and welcome 2019 with open arms. Leaving behind the past, we welcome this year with love, passion, happiness, and contentment. To make the best of it, make a change, get yourself a makeover and refresh the look of your home to give you a positive vibe.

Get rid of all the dull things laying around you, and give everything a fresh start.

We have always believed that our homes are an extension of ourselves. They carry an aura which can be easily sensed by the people we let in. The aura depends on a number of things, first and foremost, the people living inside and their choice of tangible stuff. To make the best out of that limited space, it is very important to know the correct techniques of decorations. And of course, this list of embellishments also includes your window coverings and treatments.

We have prepared a list of 4 window treatment ideas to dress our windows right and to refresh our existing look.

    The Faux Wood Blind Lovers


Faux Wood Blinds


For those who are not introduced with this beautiful piece of window treatment before, a faux wood blind, as the name suggests is a PVC, Vinyl or plastic based blind which is a cheaper and more efficient alternative of pure wood blinds. They are solid, sturdy and very long lasting. Warp and crack resistant, they are the perfect window coverings for most parts of the house. Ideal for kitchen sink windows, faux wood blinds are easy to maintain and super easy to clean.

If you are among those faux-wood blind owners who are not looking forward to changing them anytime soon, give them a new look by pairing them up with a quirky cornice. Faux wood blinds with cornice can provide you with dual benefits. The cornice will enhance the entire look and feel of your window in no time. For a home office window, you can choose a basic cornice, matching the look of your faux wood blinds, on the other hand, you can pair up your living room and kitchen faux blinds with a fabric-based colorful cornice.

Pick whichever variant suits you and rejuvenate the entire appearance of your windows.

    Vertical Blinds with Sheer Fabric


Vertical Blinds with Sheer Fabric


A series of slats webbed into a vertical track system, vertical blinds are the simplest yet classiest of all. Available in a number of variants, colors, kinds, materials, vertical blinds can make your room look spruce and tidy. To give them a new look, pair them up with beautiful white sheer fabric and enjoy the dual benefits. The vertical blinds can be closed during the harsh hours of the day and the sheers can be used to let in scattered sunlight during the mornings. You can also grab a pair of sheer curtains in pastel hues like badges and powder blues. Enhance the look of your conventional blinds with a sheen, pretty, translucent fabric and sway your guests with an affordable update, not a hole in your pocket. Pairing vertical blinds sheer fabric has a number of other benefits besides looks and sunlight. It will also help you maintain privacy during the busy hours of the day. If your window faces the neighbors or even the busy street outside, it is very important to cover it for privacy. To make your vertical blinds more secure, vertical blinds sheer fabric is one creative idea you can keep in mind and thank us later.

    Roman Shades Layered With Draperies


Roman Shades with Draperies


If you own a decent pair of roman shades for your living room windows, adding a good drapery will help you uplift the entire look of the room altogether. Increase the depth of the window by choosing dark light combinations. If your roman shades carry brown, black or grey tones, pick a drapery which is light in color and vice versa. To spice up the look a little you can also add drama to the room by choosing bright oranges and sky blues. Try to pick up plain draperies if you have printed roman shades and go for quirky drapes with interesting motifs if you have plain and simple shades.

Also, try not to pair a patterned drapery with an embroidered curtain. In can appear a little too cluttered and make your room look smaller and untidy.

    Skylight Blinds Blackout Motorized


Motorized Blackout Skylight Shades


Protect your home sweet home from all those harmful UV rays which can lead to fading and warping by installing the new skylight blackout blinds. Ideal for bedrooms, terrace rooms, and terrace windows, skylight blinds blackout all the unwanted harsh light outside and help you savor a sweet and nice sound sleep. Modern-day skylight blinds are fitted with motorized technology. You don’t have to go through the hassle of closing and opening the blinds anymore. Keep the remote right beside your bed and operate it with sheer convenience. There are a separate battery and a charging cable attached to it.

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