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Window Treatment Ideas for the Hospitality Industry

Window Treatment Ideas for Hospitality Industry

Selecting Window Treatments for Hotels & Resorts

So far we have primarily focused on window treatments for individual homes. We have told you what works best for different weathers and different home decors and what purposes are served by the wide array of window coverings that are on offer. Today we will slightly shift our focus from homes to the hospitality sector. This includes hotels, resorts, casinos, timeshares or vacation properties. Like all other furnishings and décor, window dressings do much to add style quotient of the rooms. They lend character to rooms and enhance their personalities. They can instantly turn a simple room into something luxurious and grand.

Things to Keep in Mind…

When it comes to dressing windows it is restricted not only to rooms but extends to the public spaces as well. They are an important element in the design scheme that is opted for guestrooms and public spaces and plays a role in maintaining temperature and protecting the interior décor from the harmful rays of the sun. Window treatments in hotels or resorts must be versatile to meet the requirements of light control, privacy, and climate. They must add to the appeal of the rooms, be functional and meet the needs of the guests at different times of the day.

When choosing a window covering, one must take into consideration the needs to be addressed. If the rooms are formal or the area experiences extremely harsh bitter winters then it is preferable to opt for heavily draped dressings that can provide greater insulation. Casual rooms with simple décor would require lightweight or even transparent treatments.

When opting for window treatment, maintenance and durability should also be kept in mind. Choosing window coverings that will last a considerable period of time and that will not cost much in maintenance and cleaning is always preferred unless the budget is not a factor.

Window Treatment Ideas


Long flowing draperies are charming and give a luxurious feel to hotel or resort rooms. French-pleated and pinch pleated draperies blend beautifully with traditional décor. If you are looking to give a casual yet neat look to the rooms, grommet-topped drapes or smocked drapes can be a great choice. The best part of draperies is that they look great for all types of room décor, be it traditional, luxurious or simple and casual. They are the obvious choice for most hotels and resorts because of their versatility.

Custom Window Drapery


Sheers are widely used by the hospitality sector as they give an airy feel and add space to any room. A country chateau resort with lace sheers or yards of muslins adorning those beautiful timeshare windows, these window dressings are a sheer delight. Layering the drapes with these sheer drapes adds class and elegance to any room.

Blackout Window Shades/Drapes

Most of the hotels and resorts use layers of sheer and blackout drapes. While the sheer drapes allow natural light to filter into the rooms, the blackout window curtains help to cut out outside noise, glares of neon lights, blazing sun rays from making their way in and disrupting the peace and tranquility inside. It helps to maintain a serene ambiance inside the rooms. Over the years they have become more refined.

Blackout Window Shades

Cornice & Valances

Just not window coverings, cornice, and valances also help to adorn the rooms and make the beautiful windows the focus of rooms. You can opt for any designs for your cornices, whichever blends with the existing interior décor. If you want to add drama to the room, you could paint or embellish these cornices or just add some softness to them by using padding. Apart from highlighting the windows and adding to the grandeur of the rooms, these cornices also help to hide the top of the window treatments.

Custom Window Valances

Designer window valances are also frequently used by hotels and resorts for the dramatic effect they provide and for the luscious feel they give to the windows. There are unlimited options and styles to choose from and you can select the ones that blend with the décor and type of window. There are pleated valances, gathered valances that are extremely elegant to look at and impart a royal feel to the rooms, buttoned and belted valances for a more contemporary and cozy look. There are layered valances, scalloped valances and hundreds of other possibilities and each gives a different look and feels to the rooms.

Shades & Blinds

Shades and blinds with their endless possibilities are also a popular choice when it comes to choosing window treatments for hotels, resorts, and cottages.  They are durable, extremely functional and great in appearance too. Roman shades make a great choice. Elegant and versatile, they come in different styles and with varied features like room darkening, light-filtering, blackout, insulated, etc.

Pleated shades are also very popular for hotels. They impart certain softness to the décor and the room and come with insulating and privacy control properties. There are numerous color, textures, and designs to choose from.

Custom Pleated Shades

Window treatments remain a very important part of the hospitality industry. As they deal with guests daily, customer satisfaction at all levels is given high priority. The stay must be comfortable and a luxurious one that will keep guests coming back every time. Apart from the courteous staff, clean and calm ambiance and great food, décor also plays an important role. A shabby décor with mismatched poor window coverings will not go down well with visitors despite great service.

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