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7 Ideas to Beautify Your XL Windows

Window Treatment Ideas for Large Windows

Big Window Beautification: Window Treatment Ideas for Large Windows


Apart from providing sunlight and fresh air, windows sometimes become our escape route from the daily hullabaloo. Observing the colors of nature while sitting on our comfy couch, we can spend hours observing the view outside. And we all know for a fact that larger the windows, the better the viewing experience. In addition to adding aesthetics to our houses, bigger windows provide better ventilation too. They are perfect for letting the morning ray of sunshine inside your house but, well, let’s face it: they pose a huge challenge when it comes to choosing a perfect window treatment for them. To save you some time from browsing the various window treatment ideas for large windows, we have shortlisted some of the best window coverings ideas for your XL sized windows. So don’t be afraid to give them the attention they deserve and go through our blog created exclusively for your oversized windows.

Understanding The Challenges – Window Treatments for Large Windows in Family Room

Decision making becomes extremely easy when you know the relevant details about the problems and the solutions available. The aesthetics of your windows can be adversely affected if you fail to choose the appropriate window treatment for them. We know that the material options for large window treatments are also not very wide.  In addition to this, if you go for the wrong treatment, the blazing sunlight can creep into your house, defeating the very purpose of a window treatment. To keep that dry and dull look away, choose wisely and make an informed decision.

Ideas for Window Coverings for Large Windows

#1. Window Shade Ideas for Large Windows

Roller Solar Shades

Ideal for XL size windows, shades are among the safest bet to cover big windows. If your windows are abnormally wide, you can install more than one shade across the width to get proper coverage. You can also get appropriate shades custom made according to your windows. In order to control privacy, a room darkening liner can be added to the coverings. Before choosing the large shades, double check the fabric openness to make sure it fits your needs. Also, if you have a beautiful view out there, make sure you choose the motorized feature in order to make them roll up automatically when required. The two perfect kinds of shades for such windows are Roller Shades and Solar Shades. With multiple size options, these shades can be customized between lengths and widths of 8-12 feet.

#2. Go Creative

If you have windows longer than 11 feet,  use multiple smaller shades across the entire length of your windows. Opt for Roller shades due to their sophisticated appearance, and their clean look when mounted side by side. Pick the cordless ones because many cords can give the window a very messy look altogether.

#3. Decorating Your Windows with Plantation Shutters

Custom Plantation Shutters

Our Window Treatment Ideas for Large Window options include plantation shutters at number three because of the commendable light control options available to them. Multiple panels tucked inside the frame provide a very sophisticated look to the windows. The tilt rods give you a lot of flexibility in adjusting the amount of light you want inside. If your windows are very broad, getting a driver rail installed is a very convenient option. This will help you control the top louvers from the bottom of the window.

#4. Best Window Blinds for Large Windows

Venetian Window Blinds

Look outside your windows and observe the view before you make the decision. What do you see?  An enthralling valley,  nature’s imprints on a beautiful woodland, or a patio lawn exposed to public view. If your case is the third one, then Venetian blinds are among the best options to keep those over inquisitive neighbors at bay.  If you want to maintain both your privacy and the view outside your windows, vertical blinds are the ideal window treatments in such cases.

#5. Window Films

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Window films are a wonderful way to maintain a balance between privacy and outside view. Installing them tints the glass to a certain extent. The hue varies from lighter tones to the darker ones depending upon the level of privacy chosen by you. Another advantage of using window films is their capacity to block ultraviolet radiations. This also adds a layer of protection for your loved ones. Besides increasing durability, the protection layer also prevents the furniture and your curtains from fading away.

#6. Mix and Match

Drapes with Blinds

Large windows offer a huge canvas for experimentation. You can combine a couple of different window treatments like drapes and faux wood blinds for a softer look. Traditional drapes can be coupled with matte shaded roller blinds. Sheer blinds can be combined with silk drapes to have a royal look and feel. Make your windows the center of attention by coupling natural earth color blinds with metallic curtain poles and draperies.

In addition to this, don’t be afraid to play with the colors. Change the mood by adding complementary hues and multicolored fabrics. Sticking with matching colors gets monotonous at times. To get rid of that, adding patterns and motifs also helps.

#7. The Straight Jacket Formula

If like to play it safe, we have a straight jacket formula for you. Layer your large size windows with lighter colored window treatments. Go for shades of beige, grey, or cream colors.  Also, single honeycomb shades and sheer shades can be tailor-made in pastel hues to give the windows a very sleek look.

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