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Window Treatment Ideas for Farmhouses

Window Treatment Ideas For Farmhouses

Decking up Your Farmhouse

So, where are you planning to go vacationing this summer? Are the mountains with their mesmerizing snow-capped peaks calling you for an adventurous holiday? Or are you looking for some relaxed moments to spend with your family in some charming farmhouse far from the madding city life? Holidaying in some laid back countryside, with sprawling lush meadows and clear blue skies for the company is always an appealing proposition. Riding on horse-back, feeding the ducks and hens, waking up to the mooing of cows and call of the roosters, being treated to some freshly baked bread and a delectable spread of bacon, sausages and fresh fruits sound like a dream. And those farmhouses with beautiful architecture, airy rooms, and sunny windows are perfect for some laid back ‘me’ time.

Holidaying in some faraway farmhouse is an idea of a holiday that appeals to most of us. It is rejuvenating and refreshing. Most of these farmhouses have a charming and rustic feel and their windows are their real beauty. Whether kitchen, living rooms or bedrooms, the windows are large and wide, sometimes covering an entire wall giving an unhindered view of the stunning landscape, dreamy sunsets or of the early morning rising sun. You can spend hours sitting by the windows with a cup of steaming hot coffee and a good book. And when we talk of beautiful windows we cannot forget the window treatments that adorn them.

How to Treat your Farmhouse Windows

Modern farmhouse styles seek to combine the classic aesthetics of old fashioned farmhouses with modern touches. Let us see how we can dress our modern farmhouses along with some home décor style to go with these treatments.

Woven Wood Shades

Most of the modern farmhouses that you come across nowadays have white walls. This makes the room look more spacious, allow more light and give an airy feel. With white walls as the background, you can consider woven wood shades to dress your windows. The natural colors of the wood shades pair brilliantly with wooden floors. These woven wood shades give a relaxed feel to any room.

White Shades

You can also opt for an all-out white look and bring warmth and glow to your rooms with white window dressings. Whether you are using Roman or Roller shades, you can opt for white material. It fills up rooms with light and adds softness to your rooms. You can also add textures instead of plain white for some more privacy or a more modern feel.

Sheer Drapes

Sheer draperies are ageless beauties. Hang them up high and pair them with some wooden shades and you have the perfect ambiance in your rooms. Sheer draperies add light and air to the rooms as well as space. It is full of grace and elegance. Remember to hang them up high for better impact.

White Shutters

Rustic window shutters look amazing in the kitchens. They have an old-world charm and blend beautifully with modern décor as well.

White Colored Window Shutters

Wood valences and Lace Curtains

Custom Wood valences and lace curtains make a rocking combination. The wood valence has a rustic old-world feel and the elegant, flowing and graceful lace curtains add a softness to the rooms that are adorable. The lace curtains create a dreamy ambiance and having warm light pouring into the rooms rejuvenates your senses.

Custom Wood Valances

Fabric Window Shades

Fabric window shades which gentle gather as they are rolled up to make a pretty sight and blend beautifully with the ambiance and feel of farmhouses. Fabric shades are always charming and stylish.

Draperies and Curtains

Draperies and curtains are ageless beauties and blend with any décor, rustic or modern, old or contemporary. Pleated patterned draperies hung from high touching the ground is perfect for dining rooms. These rooms deserve something elegant and grand for their windows and what better than draperies to enhance their looks.

Custom Window Drapery

Fringed Valance

Fringed valances are an all-time classic beauty. It adds a grandeur to the surroundings that is unmatched and unparalleled. Hand them in your dining space or living room and transform the look and feel of your farmhouse instantly.

Old Fashioned Hooks for Hanging Curtains

If you want to add to the rustic feel of your farmhouse you could opt for old fashioned hooks instead of cornices to hand your curtains. For best effect, use sheer curtains and hang them from these hooks and have these hooks attached to a wooden plank. And your charming old-world look is complete for your beautiful farmhouse.

Curtain Rods and Hardware

Not only shades or draperies, but you can also customize your curtain hardware and rods to blend with your décor. You can easily use antique metal finished roads or classic wooden ones to match your draperies.

Curtain Rod

How you dress the windows of your farmhouse depends upon the home décor. It is the windows that give character and charm to any farmhouse. Customize your treatments to get the best out of these windows, brighten up your interiors, and most importantly make the windows the focal points of your rooms.

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