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What Makes Window Blinds an Essential Part of Home Décor?

Window Treatment Guide

Window Treatment Guide – Essential Part of Home Décor

Whenever we buy an item or service, we look and consider the value it brings to us. For instance, when buying a phone, we look not only at the basic features such as messaging, calling, and internet service but the add-on features it provides that can justify its overall cost. This could include complementary features of headphones, memory cards, and other accessories, to software and apps. Similarly, whether it is worth it to us to spend money on movies or a vacation depends on the value we place on the experience we receive.

What features and values must one look for while spending on home décor? Maybe something that looks beautiful and unique while not making your room feel uncomfortable at the same time, for a start. We are looking at kitchenware, furniture, living room sofas, beds, cushions, and cushion covers. But is that all you need to ensure our home stays cozy and comfortable? That is where our window spaces come in, to not only provide a great finishing touch to the look of our living space but to also act as great focal points in our décor. In the absence of window treatments, there is an emptiness to the place that in inexplicable.

Window Treatment Guide

Setting up a proper indoor space by following the right window treatment guide is very essential. What we are looking at is some contemporary and exemplary window treatments that can dress up your home. But what is it about them that makes them such an essential part of the home decor? Let’s take a closer look in the following section.

1) Aesthetic Appeal


Fabric Roman Shades


Curtains and blinds beautify the look of your home by becoming the focal point of the room. Let your curtains, for instance, match your bedsheets in your room and have a similar design for your table covers or sofas, if any, in your living room. It could be solid dark colors or light lace-like materials. You can also think of having prints as diverse as graphics, paisley, striped, Aztec or tribal. They lend your room character and let it come alive at any time of the day. They also reflect the mood and atmosphere in the room and have the power to affect your well-being if you pay enough attention to their design and creativity. Some fabulous drapery or flat or hobbled Roman shades can be perfect for this purpose. You may also consider mixing one window treatment with another in the same room if it has multiple windows.

2) Light Control

The beauty of having window blinds is having complete control over the amount of light inside. That can be achieved with just about every window blinds or shades, be it Roman shades, honeycomb shades, faux wood shutters, roller shades or vertical blinds. You have to tilt them, open them, close them, pull them up or draw them completely or partially aside, depending upon the desired amount of light inside. You can choose blinds that are light filtering or room darkening, and have them suitably customized.

You can have them completely open when you wish to have some warmth inside your home, or shut them if they are raising or lowering the indoor temperature more than you desire. Single cellular or solar shades are good for letting some light inside without it being too obtrusive.

3) Heat, Cold, and UV reduction


Solar Shades


Trust solar shades, made of superior UV-resistant material, to do the job for you. They can be set up both inside and outside the window, and come in various opacity levels and fabric options to choose from. They let in a good amount of sunlight without heating up the room, and are specifically constructed to combat scorching summers. Their energy efficient properties also ensure that you do not resort to artificial lighting during the day time when they are set up. At the same time, they retain your outside view, so you can sit uncomfortably next to the window and see outside even when they are down.

Window shades are also meant to reduce the cold during winter months. You can have sturdily constructed shades such as faux wood shutters and double or triple cell honeycomb shades to do the purpose for you with their insulation properties. Curtains with an added layer during winter months also help to avoid letting heat escape through the windows when the temperatures fall.

4) Privacy & Security

Would you want to be spotted by regularly having an intruder looking through the glass to see what’s inside? The thought itself can be very creepy. For this purpose, you need proper blinds that fit the window to a T and are thick enough to not break through by burglars. While putting a solid, unbreakable latch or a central security system is more beneficial, having thick shutters is definitely an added advantage.

With multiple motorized systems of window shades available now, you can be rest assured the blinds operate even when you are sleeping, thanks to the installed timers. All you need to do is decide a time when you’d want them to open, close or change position, so that you do not forget or drift off to deep slumber in the middle of reading or watching TV. Through motorized options, the shades can be set to operate even while you’re not home, giving an impression to outsiders that the place is occupied.

5) Noise Cancellation


Cellular Shades


Most of us like to do our activities in peace, without being perturbed by outside sounds at any time of the day. In the absence of window treatments, we can be easily disturbed by traffic noises, loud neighbors or hollering children in the corridor. If we are staying in a place that is not flanked by enough houses or people, we can still afford to be without window treatments or have lighter materials in our shades. In cities, however, the need for having sound dampening curtains or blinds is a necessity, especially when you’re working from home, studying for an exam, or are a night shift worker.

Honeycomb shades and velvet curtains are your best bet when securing your house against unwanted outside noises. Be sure to protect all your windows from shades, even in areas such as the store, bathroom or kitchen. That will ensure blockage all throughout the house.

6) Enhancing Your Curb Appeal


Z wave Window Shades


While window blinds give the impression of shades installed inside the window or the room, there are many blinds such as Board and Batten shutters, awnings and exterior patio shades that beautify the look of the house to any passersby. Besides this obvious advantage, they help protect the home from heat, cold, storms or rain before they even fall on the building, helping you also protect your floors and furniture from decaying from natural damage.

Just like indoor shades, they can also be motorized, and may also create an outdoor space where you can relax by having breakfast or reading newspapers by having some sofas, tables or chairs set up.

With new accessories such as the Z-Wave hub and Google Home/Amazon Alexa suddenly becoming the new big thing in the market, the ease of window blind installation has made things much more convenient and simple for homeowners. Before you move forward, do your own research on the kind of blinds that will be suitable for your house, and get as much knowledge as you can on the top brands and products available today.

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