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Cellular Shades and Why We Love Them

Window Honeycomb Shades

‘Sharing Our Perpetual Love For Window Honeycomb Shades’

To help you with the dilemma of choosing the correct window treatments, we are narrowing down your research to one of the most cost-efficient and efficacious options. As the name suggests ‘Window Honeycomb Shades’ A.K.A Cellular Shades are a kind of window treatment made by bonding the fabric together to create honeycomb-shaped cells. Their single, double, and even triple layered design is made to confine air in each cell and hence, a perfect cushion for insulation is created. An ideal window treatment for temperature transference, window honeycomb shades are available in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. They can be tailor-made as you can pick the color, type, and size to suit the atmosphere of your room.

“They (Honeycomb Shades) suit nearly all home décor designs because they afford choices that can be based on opacity, energy efficiency, and color,” said Stefan Lucian Gheorghe, Owner, and CEO of

Utility and Style of Window Honeycomb Shades

Window Honeycomb Shades 

Time and again, window honeycomb shades have shown their utility and style, for which they have been rewarded with a considerable position in the list of our favorite window treatments. Besides being in the market for a very long time, they have gone through a lot of technological advancements. Profoundly efficient and sturdy, cellular shades have innumerable qualities to vouch for.

“If you’d like to combine privacy and energy efficiency, Honeycomb Shades are a good choice,” – HouseLogic blogger Alyson McNutt

# Energy-Saving and Cost-Cutting

Our windows are accountable for 25-40% of the annual heating and cooling cost in our homes claims The U.S Department of Energy. And window honeycomb shades are designed specifically to remedy the heat-loss during winters. The air trapping feature of the window honeycomb shades helps in amplifying the home insulation. As a result, the barrier created prevents the heat from escaping the room, leaving it warm and cozy. To the surprise of many, window honeycomb shades can reduce heat loss by up to 22% during winters. The same mechanism works to stop the heat from entering inside during the summer by trapping the cold air in its honeycomb cells, thus comforting you with the ideal temperature inside. This makes them the best window shades to keep heat out during the summers.

And voila! Saving on your energy costs is that simple with cellular shades.

  • It goes without saying that a double/triple cellular shade provides better insulation than the single-layered shade. The single ones can be installed in places where the temperature conditions are relatively less extreme.
  • The triple cellular shades are best suited for frosty as well as blazing weather conditions. With maximum insulation, they are thick enough to help you create an enjoyable temperature inside. But many times the double cellular shades are preferred over the triple cellular shades due to their ideal size and thickness.

# Preserving Your Privacy

Put control back in your hands. Choose to see outside or block the inside views with the Top-Down Bottom-Up feature. With this feature, your shades have additional functionality since you can lower the top and enjoy the outside view, and lower the bottom down to prevent the outsiders from peeping in. Ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms, they secure your privacy and let you control the sunlight effectively. Also known as Sun Up Sun Down, use this feature for flexibility in privacy and to keep the harsh light out when needed.

# Noise Reduction

Besides heat absorption, window honeycomb shades are designed to stop the unwanted noise from entering your home through the doors and windows. Their hexagonal structure is tailored to block the hubbub by trapping the noise in its cells. In addition to the living room, this feature makes them ideal an ideal choice for your child’s room too. While it may not block all noises, it helps dampen excessive disturbances to keep your room peaceful.

Are Cellular Shades out of style?

  • Sheer Grace and Elegance

A very common question about cellular shades these days is:

Are Cellular Shades Out of Style? Well, No, They Never Can Be!


Window honeycomb shades are available in a variety of options which provide different levels of opacity to your room. Among their light filtering, room darkening, and blackout variants, you can make your choice according to the amount of light you would want in your room.

In addition to this, they are available in innumerable hues and designs to complement your interiors. Not just this, they are open to customization and you can get them tailor-made according to your preferences. With this much utility and customization, they can never go out of style.

  • Varied Utilities

Vertical Cellular Shades for Sliding Glass Doors

With their wide uses, they are ideal for almost any room. They can be used with window treatments for your skylights. Also, being open to customization, they can be mounted on almost all kinds of windows. You can find vertical cellular shades for sliding glass doors and even your XL size windows.

  • Embracing Progress – Cordless Cellular Shades and Motorized Cellular Shades

Window honeycomb cordless shades keep your children and your pets much safer. There are no more dangling cords to get entangled into. Their vertical options which slide across patio doors are an add-on to the safety of your children. Not just this, the cordless feature also adds an uncluttered and symmetrical appearance to your windows. You can gently lift them, leave them in the suitable position, and enjoy the desired amount of light. You can also install the motorized cellular shades with a battery pack and adjust them with a remote without leaving your couch.

  • The 2 in 1 Experience – Introducing Day Night Cordless Cellular Shades

Day Night Cordless Cellular Shades

The day-night cordless cellular shades are half and a half, two in one shade with a light filtering fabric attached to a blackout fabric. They help you enjoy the soft light during the mornings and ultimate privacy during the nights.

You can either switch between the two or use both the features simultaneously. Pull down the light filtering fabric to contract the blackout part of the shade and enjoy the scattered light. This makes them function just like regular honeycomb shades. And during the nights, use the blackout section to savor your privacy.

Why Cellular Shades Over Faux Wood Blinds?

  • Unlike the fabric made cellular shades, the Faux wood blinds are made of synthetic materials and wood pulp.
  • With a considerable amount of insulation, window honeycomb shades are the most energy efficient window treatments.
  • In addition to the absence of rattling when operating up and down, cellular shades also offer outside noise absorption.
  • Cellular shades can be customized in a variety of colors and patterns while faux wood blinds come in simple and solid wooden colors.

Besides a wide variety of single and double layer cellular shades, offers you some of the most budget-friendly custom made honeycomb shades in various colors, textures, and types. Browse through them and opt for the ideal window treatment which enhances the spirit of your home.

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