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Does Your Window Dressing Reflect Your Personality?

Window dressings reflect your personality.

‘Clothes maketh a man’, said none other than Shakespeare. We have long known that our clothes are often an expression of our inner self and character, communicated either consciously or subconsciously for everyone to notice. Even though we own many sets of clothes, there is a commonality to what we wear every day that eventually becomes our signature style.

Your clothes reflecting your personality is nothing new; but did you know that your home, interior decor and your window dressings reflect your personality as well? So what is your window dressing style? Keep reading to find out more about the connection between your interior decor and your personality traits.

Home is where your heart is.

Home is where your heart is or your heart is always where your home is. Either way, we know that the place we call home is not just a construction made of walls. This is a place we connect with, unwind to find relief from stress, relax and enjoy our time with loved ones. Every part of our home carries endless memories for us. We put in our heart and soul in decorating our home, which starts to reflect our interest, hobbies, tastes, character, attitude and, of course, our personality.

One of the most important parts of our interior decor is our window dressing, which can have an enormous impact on the appearance of a room. You cannot just walk into a shop or log on to a website to buy something to cover your windows with. You have to consider the decor of your home, the compatibility they have with your type of windows, the requirement of maintenance, cost, as well as their functionality before making your choice. Don’t you think your personality traits will be reflected in all the considerations you make?

As we go about dressing our windows, we do not see how much of our personal touch goes into making it perfect for us. We make great efforts to pick our favorite color, the perfect texture, a preferred pattern on a fabric, and a specific type of window dressing, which are all criteria for personality evaluation. All of our preferences like color, pattern, size or shape are inherently dictated by our personality though we may not notice it. When you see a certain drapery, blind or curtain, a little voice inside you may say, ‘this is perfectly right for me’. Some things just feel right when they go hand in hand with your personality type.

The Contemporary Window Dressing Scenario.

It is a daunting task to choose something perfect for your home from hundreds of window dressing designs, styles, and functions available on the market today. You can customize your window coverings to meet your every minute requirement perfectly. Moreover, you can order elegant, and the best quality window coverings from state-of-the-art online stores like Zebrablinds, from the comfort of your home. You can take your pick from a wide range of custom window treatments which includes Roman Shades, Solar Shades, Natural Shades, Faux Wood Blinds, Horizontal Blinds, Cellular Shades, Roller Shades, Pleated Shades, Shutters, and Wood Blinds in addition to a vast collection of Vertical Solutions presented to you.

The availability of innovative brands of blinds, shades, and drapery is enough to draw out every bit of creativity in the customer that also reflects his/her preferences.

Personality Types and Their Choices.

Looking at your window fashion, either knowingly or unknowingly people form opinions about you and your personality. Your windows they say a lot about you, believe it or not –

· Friendly

· Methodical

· Efficient

· Introvert/Extrovert

· Creative/ Artistic

· Complex

· Mysterious

· Rebel

· Romantic

· Nature lover

· Highly social being

· Thrifty

· Simple

· Organized

· Perfectionist

Our mind works on small clues to form opinions quickly.

An artistic person would never have a window dressing that is similar to that of a methodical or logical person’s. Creative people never stick to the underlying principle of window dressing and follow a norm. They would just unleash their creativity to break the monotony in order to make a flamboyant fashion statement.

On the other hand, the logical people keep in mind the function of the window to choose its decorations. Before moving ahead with the purchase, they would decide on the purpose of installing the window dressing. Is it for saving energy, increasing the aesthetic value, controlling light or insulating the room? Once they have the answer, they would pick the best window dressing from the category that serves their need the best.

An extravagant person will choose a window dressing that appears excessively expensive for the windows, whereas the thrifty person would decorate windows with much cheaper variety than that would be considered suitable for the home value.

A disciplined person prefers uniformity in the color and pattern of their interior decor and window fashion. They avoid anything contrasting or out of place anywhere in their room. On the other hand, an eclectic personality would choose just the opposite, something that changes the look of the room completely.

The above examples are of those fashion statements and personality traits that are quite obvious. Close observations of your interior decor would give insight into your own self, which could be quite astonishing to discover.

The Perfect Window Dressing.

It is always easy to trust a brand and go along with QuickPick, On Sale, or Most Viewed product for dressing your window; yet, the best option is to make your choice based on your personality type. Nothing looks better on your windows than the fashion that complements your personal taste and lifestyle. Are you a hopeless romantic, love cooking, a bookworm, tech-savvy person, TV viewer or gamer? Let your windows make the statement!


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