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Humans are affected physiologically and psychologically by various types of lights. Natural sunlight stimulates us the most. It is available in plenty and by allowing us to have contact with the outside world, it enhances our moods. According to Dr. Ott (OttBiolight Systems Inc. 1997a), the body uses light as a nutrient for metabolic processes similar to water or food. Natural light is vital to our health as it stimulates biological functions in the brain. On a cloudy day or poor lighting conditions, the inability to perceive lighting affects our moods and energy levels. A typical scene in our homes on an overcast morning alarms will be switched off, and everyone bundling themselves tighter into bed till somebody screams out a “We are late’’ warning, and all hell breaks loose. A bright sunny morning and the radio jockey too feels encouraged to beat up the music and get the day going. So much for our dependence on it as an excellent remedy for seasonal depression.




Sunlight can be harmful. As we have become more and more aware of skin cancer and skin damage most of us have significantly reduced our exposure to the sun. It is happening in our homes too. Window dressing manufacturers flaunt their energy– efficient and environmental friendly products that block out harmful UV rays, as a fair warning. Utilizing these window dressings gives us control over the amount of light that we want in our homes. Different options like light filtering, room darkening or a total blackout effect facilitate the quantity of light entering into our homes. Once we have chosen a suitable window dressing and decided on the light control option, we are unconsciously creating a mood that will cater to our senses. One can have a pitch dark bedroom, a home office, a child’s study room without glare or a bright yet private kitchen Very different from the mood enhancement that natural daylighting gives us!




Any sheer treatment is an enchanting addition to a window. Sheer drapery never fails to provide a dreamy classic look. They fill the room with plenty of soft, filtered light that creates a calm and comforting glow. Their translucency makes them suitable for rooms that do not get the direct blast of heat, with less concern for insulation and where privacy is not a concern. Horizontal Sheer shades are an alluring solution for better privacy and light control than sheer drapery panels. A combination of sheer drapery and a sheer shade creates a delicate but structured appearance.
Crown offers the Zebra Sheer shade on This clever innovation has a unique design of light filtering or blackout fabric and sheer fabric on the same fabric panel alternately The striped fabric across two layers creates an open/close effect to control light.

The Sheer Horizontal Shades are beautiful, elegant, light and airy window treatments. The soft, diffused light creates a beautiful ambient setting and they move almost silently adding to the peacefulness of the home Fabric vanes float between two graceful sheer layers , a combination the provides absolute control over light and privacy.


Horizontal-Sheer-Shades -


A Light Filtering window treatment allows light to brighten up a room while cutting out on the glare and the harmful effects of UV rays. They provide privacy to the extent that one will not be able to have a clear view of what is going on inside our homes and the view that we have of the outside will be hazy or muted depending on how opaque the treatment is. The opacity of a shade falls in between a sheer or a blackout shade. A well-lit room may show through some silhouette images at night. The play of light through a light filtering treatment can soothe and calm the senses like a fresh balm. It can soften the hues and round up all the sharpness created by a bright glare.


The Top-Down-Bottom-Up 3/8” Single Cellular shades from Crown are ideal to keep the indoor peaceful and cozy at all times. The TDBU control helps you to raise the shades from the bottom as well as from the top. The Honeycomb Cellular structure provides excellent insulation and sound absorption. While you can have a view of the trees and the sky when the Top half is lowered down, it will still provide privacy and insulation on the lower half.
Graber’s 1” Perfect-Vue Cellular shade joins a pleated fabric on the top with a Cellular fabric on the bottom for maximum design versatility. The shades can be easily adjusted for light control and privacy based on the time of the day and intended room use.


Darkening window treatments help us to take light control a little more seriously. They intercept the sunshine when it is beating down sharply on our windows. Since the fabric of these treatments is denser and thicker, they dim a room significantly. One would probably have to turn on a light during the day when this treatment is closed. It serves as an excellent respite by blocking the majority of incoming light and ensuring complete privacy. The mood is subtle and relaxing. One would just want to cuddle on the couch and watch a movie. A perfect window treatment for a baby’s room, media room or even a bedroom when one would love to catch up with a few extra hours of sleep and rejuvenate.


The Blackout window treatments blocks out 100% outside light. It is more functional in its purpose and does not add much to the aesthetics of neither a room nor its mood. It is most suitable for media rooms or for nurseries and bedrooms where street lights or lights from neighboring buildings and busy roads can keep one awake right up to the wee hours of the morning. A black lined side track absorbs light trying to bounce around the edge of the shade.


The Blackout Roller Shade from Crown is ideal for maximum privacy and light control. Their blackout feature that prevents maximum light seepage also prevents glare on the computer, projector and television.


Before one can decide on creating a particular mood in their homes, it is so necessary to look out for different kinds of ideas or scour the market for the latest designs in interiors. It is an inspiration in itself that helps in bringing out the creativity in us. Customizing window dressings goes a long way in incorporating a unique fabric or pattern that reflects our personality. Bright colors will energize and activate a dull corner while light colors will reflect the calm and coolness that one wants to achieve. Automating them means you can quickly set the mood anytime day or night at the touch of a button. Your personal style can create a certain mood, a cocoon to relax in and make the home a sweet home to return to.




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