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Best Decorating Ideas for Your New Year 2018 

Window Decorating Ideas

Window Decorating Ideas for New Year

The New Year comes and goes with new resolutions and changes. Making any lists already? Be it losing weight or being more fitness conscious, the undercurrent this time of the year is full of hope and happiness. Science says that environmental factors do play a determining role in our emotional perception. So an equally vibrant environment is needed to achieve any personnel changes and goals.

Where better to start than our home? Clearing the unwanted clutter and allowing abundant natural light and air can do wonders for your home (and for your mind as well). So this is the perfect time to give your home a New Year makeover.

While you are already envisioning the new interior designs for your home, we have you covered on the perfect window trends to match. Understanding the requirements of the customers, Graber, one of the best-known makers of window treatments, has a range of window trends that will transform the look and functionality of your home. In this article, we highlight some of their products that will complement your beautiful interiors.

‘WOW’ Fabrics from Graber

Graber Pleated Shades

Let’s be real. Attraction starts with the eyes. However functional a window blind or shade is, it should be eye-catching. This is exactly why you should choose Graber Pleated Shades. You will not be able to look away from your windows hereafter. These shades provide that ‘wow’ factor to your interiors and make you fall in even more in love with your home.

•    Evenpleat shades have exclusively designed back ladder support for evenly spread pleats when you open your shades.

• This back support system also stops the pleated shades from undesirable sagging.

• These shades are semi-sheer shades, and they offer decent light diffusion and privacy control, but you need to add different liners for more lighting and privacy control (room darkening and blackout).

•    Choose from corded, cordless, and motorized controls.

Pleated shades give alluring, fresh, and sharp tones to your home all year round. Choose the pleat size as per your window size and styles – they are available in 1 and 2 inches.

The best part is Graber Pleated Shades have a manufacturer limited lifetime warranty. Being very affordable, Pleated Shades add an appeal to your home and should be a part of your New Year makeover.

Graber Roman Shades are an ideal choice for blending modern and traditional looks. They offer a unique combination of conventional drapery with the modernity of shades. As drapery requires a lot of effort to maintain, Roman shades are an excellent alternative to replace your traditional curtains.

• These shades use natural woven materials and are available in a palette of fabrics, colors, prints, and textures.

• Depending on your lighting and privacy demands, choose the light filtering or the room-darkening fabrics.

•   Choose from standard cord control, cordless, continuous lift, or motorized control.

• The cordless lift system also has a flexible Bottom Up / Top down feature where the shades can be lowered from the top or lifted from the bottom giving you ultimate light control.

Cordless and motorized are a safe choice when you have kids in the house. So give your home a touch of artistic elegance with the Graber Roman Shades.

You can add the Pleated Shades and Roman Shades to any room and enhance the look of your home.

Comfort and Privacy with Day-Night Cellular Shades

Graber Day Night Cellular Shades

Want to sleep without worrying about the sunlight waking you up? Compromising your sleep and comfort with your ordinary window blinds and shades? Don’t fret; we bring you the Day-Night Cellular Shades from Graber. Also called Sun-Up Sun-Down Cellular Shades, they are excellent at monitoring the light coming in the room as per the time of the day.

•    They offer protection from harsh sunlight and UV rays during daytime and allow blocking any light entirely at night giving maximum privacy.

• They are fitted with light filtering honeycomb cells fabric at the top layer and room darkening honeycomb cells fabric at the bottom layer of the shade. The dual combination of fabrics lets you enjoy privacy with normal daylight and at night.

• Day-Night Cellular shades have superior thermal quality keeping the room comfortable throughout the year.

• These shades are Mold and crease-resistant.

With the continuous lift and cordless lift options provided, these shades are ideal for your bedrooms offering relaxation and convenience at an affordable price.

Add the ‘Exteriors’ to your Interiors

Graber Exterior Solar Shades

Why just stop at decorating the regular interior windows alone? If you have any sliding panels or patios, include them as part of your home make-over. Graber Exterior Solar Shades specially designed are for your patios and terrace, to give you the freedom of outdoors but with the comfort of indoors.

These shades are made of heavy-duty hardware and fabrics which can stand the outdoor weather. They come in one, three, five, seven and ten percent to block the harsh UV rays and allow sufficient diffused light to come in. As these shades are excellent at reducing direct sunlight, they are energy-efficient and lessen the monthly cooling costs. So with these shades, enjoy your cup of coffee outside without worrying about the weather.

As an alternative to exterior shades, you can also look at Graber Sliding Panels. These shades are ideal for large windows, patio and closet doors or as a comfortable room divider solution. Choose from the collection of patterns and fabrics available and by combining the Sliding panel shades with any Roman shades or other Graber window treatments, you can create a continuous look in your home. Since the Sliding panel shades are of significant size, they bring a sophisticated and dramatic look to the room. Also, the shades are made of OEKO-TEK certified materials (meaning they are free of PVC, toxic dyes, pesticides and other toxins), so these are a very safe choice for a home with children.

Shop at ZebraBlinds this New Year and get fantastic discounts on this range of products and make your home vibrant and colorful. Greetings from the ZebraBlinds family for a very happy 2018 for you and your family!