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A Few Window Dressing Ideas for Keeping You Comfortable in Your Study

Window Covers To Keep Heat Out

Window Covers to Keep Heat Out – Comfort in Your Study


There are times when we wish to be left completely alone and to ourselves. The reasons could be aplenty. Maybe we want to spend some quiet time by indulging in some meditation or yoga, focus on an important task at hand that requires concentration, or just watch our favorite TV show. But even when we are alone, we can be distracted by sounds outside the window. Traffic, loud neighbors, hollering kids, or a dog that just wouldn’t stop barking are just a few of the culprits that can be a major irritant when all we want is some peace.

What we need in such scenarios are effective window coverings that help us drown the outside noise. The study is an important area of the house where we just cannot afford to be disturbed by anything. That is a room where we keep minimum distractions, except a chair and a table, and a plethora of books. This section is dedicated to finding out the best window dressing ideas that can be used to keep you comfortable in your study so that you can focus on the task at hand with undivided attention.


Window Covers to Keep Heat Out

Have you ever considered quilts as window covers to keep heat out? They are popular yet sometimes overlooked in favor of more popular window treatments. They easily roll up at the top of the window while the roll stays clearly in view, adding an unconventional yet appealing quality. The vertical edges of quilted blinds that roll at the top easily fit into edge channels, with the top of the blind fitting snugly against a compression bar. Window quilts are made of thick materials, making them very effective options for insulation and thereby keeping the temperature of the room neutral. Motorized options are also available, though not in all options. They are a good way of protecting your interiors against sound and heat.


Hang Curtains Over Blinds


Curtains Over Blinds


Many a time, relying only on one particular window treatment makes you unprepared for an unpredictable situation. For instance, having only solid drapery can protect you in conditions involving extreme heat and cold, but may make the house cut off from natural light which is essential to healthy living. At the same time, having just light diffusing shades may not be a very useful option in circumstances where the house heats up in no time in summers and becomes extremely cold during winters.

What you require is to hang curtains over blinds, at least in a couple of windows in your house. Apart from their obvious advantages such as providing the best of both the worlds, they are a very attractive combination that may work wonders with the right color combination.

With curtains, any kind of shades can be a good deal. Take honeycomb or cellular shades for example. Their minimality can be a fine contrast to some heavily patterned curtains with Aztec, geometric, floral, or ethnic prints. You can choose Velvet curtains with single-shade cellulars to have the effects of both light diffusion and room darkening on a single window, and they can be suitably adjusted to give you the right kind of environment you want in your study.

Woven wood shades, as well as plantation shutters, can be a great contemporary option to line your windows as they are great sound absorbers and heat reflectors. For minimum interference, we also suggest 1-inch aluminum blinds as its sturdy material and thin slat size ensures maximum privacy. They may or may not be used with curtains, but if the aesthetic appeal is just what you are after, we suggest lining them up with valances or lace curtains to just provide an attractive garland.


Plants and Flowers on Window Sills or Shelves

Sometimes very simple yet highly effective methods do the job when we do not have a lot of money to spare. This is not to say that all window treatments require investment. But for some people, spending the luxurious amount of money on shades is not a done deal because they don’t see the point in it when they do just fine without.

What you really require in a study is peace and presence of mind. And there’s no other way that helps you achieve it as effectively is being surrounded by nature. You can choose to study in some natural light, with your books facing the direction of the window, and have some flower pots lined up on your window sill to give you company. They may also block some of the intense rays if you decide to fill your window space.


Fabric Valances


Fabric Valances


A lot of modern window dressing ideas owe their existence to social media these days, a haven for creative souls that have learned interior decoration and who love experimenting with their rooms. Layering windows with fabric valances are one of the modern DIY methods for your study. With a great mix of hues and patterns, you can create strings of fabric that can be loosely hung from a curtain rod on the inside of your windows. Your unconventional taste will win your brownie points, and they can be used in your living room as well as bedrooms, where they will add to your peace of mind and concentration.

Laymen will generally go for the tried and tested methods of one kind of traditional or modern window treatment method. It can benefit you, however, to think slightly out of the box. Try something unconventionally appealing that will make your study session vibrate with positivity while lending you the concentration you need when chasing that project deadline.

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