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A Step-By-Step Guide To Protecting Your Kitchen Window Blinds Against Sun Damage

Window Covering For Sun Protection

We all love comfort, and our lives are centered around getting the best of the world so we could enjoy and revel in the proceedings without getting bogged down for difficult situations. We work hard to keep our future secure from financial adversities and to make our present filled with things with which we want to make our lives easier. Getting the right house which is spacious enough for our comfort requires a big investment, and can be even a little more if it is protected against difficult weather conditions.

For houses that are under the direct exposure of the sun in hot and humid conditions, air conditioning costs can be huge, as even going a minute without switching them on can lead to extreme discomfort. But what if we had some alternate ways to protect our house without having to pay huge electricity costs?

Kitchen Window Coverings For Sun Protection

Getting an air conditioner installed in a kitchen might be a fine idea, but it will entail huge costs as the air inside will remain constantly humid. Thus, the air conditioner will have to work hard to keep the temperature cool. This puts on it a lot of pressure. Hence, there is no real benefit except for double electricity costs.

The kitchen is the most humid place in the house, which can heat up very easily if you are cooking or when the sun is shining bright. Indeed, it can become very uncomfortable standing there for some time. Instead of buying an air conditioner, you can go for some excellent kitchen window coverings and blinds for sun protection. However, over time, blinds can become defective and damaged due to constant exposure from the sun. In this section, we discuss a few steps that need to be taken to protect the blinds that you use in the kitchen against excessive heat.

1) Choosing The Best Window Treatments For The Kitchen

There are multiple sources of heat in the kitchen, and we are not just talking about the sun. the gas stove, oven, toaster or dishwasher can radiate a lot of heat that can make the cook uncomfortable. First of all, we need to consider some of the best window treatments that can be effective against the sun without being damaged in the long run.

Shutters and Faux Wood Blinds:

Custom Faux Wood Blinds

You need blinds that can withstand the impact of moisture and greasy spots. Faux wood blinds and shutters, unlike most other window treatments such as window sun protection curtains, can be easily cleaned and maintained and are perfect to use in a kitchen. They also offer a classy and refined look to any place and will make your kitchen look neat and tidy.

Solar Shades:

Custom Patio Sun Shades

They are popular choice to install in a kitchen. Not only do they add a minimal look of elegance to the windows but they can, just like shutters, also be maintained and cleaned easily. Most come in hand wash or machine washable properties, are thin and can block out excess heat from entering. They can also be effectively used as custom patio sun shades and let you enjoy the outside view while cooking or cleaning dishes.

Roller Shades:

Roller Shades

What better way to spruce up the look of your kitchen by going for some bright and printed roller shades, rather than opting for lame and dull shades? Kitchens, just like the other, more “funky” spaces need zing to make them feel alive. Roller shades, coming in varied materials and textures, also come in designs and patterns such as graphic, houndstooth, geometric, and Aztec prints. They can be mounted on to a metal or wood rod and fixed at the top of the window. Roll them up or down at your convenience. The less space they add is also one of the many other features you expect from a window covering.

Cellular or Honeycomb Shades:

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

They come in handy when you need an energy-efficient solution to help you curtail your electricity costs. In summers, the air conditioning costs can go very high. However, with insulation properties, cellular shades can protect heat from entering your home while preventing it from escape during high winters. With multiple fabrics available in the market today, cellular shades are a smart choice for any kitchen window treatment.

Fabric Roman Shades:

Fabric Roman Shades

They can offer a perfect amalgamation of traditional and modern window coverings while offering a home a unique aesthetic look. Their old-world charm makes them stand out with their look, while heat and light-reflecting properties make them the best blackout shades for bedrooms and kitchens.

2) Use of Outdoor Treatments

Before the sun’s harmful UV rays fall on the blinds, it is better to filter the rays through effective outdoor treatment. So what can you do to minimize the impact caused by the merciless summers? Plenty, we say. Why not go for some of these effective options?


Coming in wood, aluminum, or vinyl, awnings can be installed in a variety of ways just outside your window to block the maximum amount of sunlight from falling on your kitchen blinds. They are generally fixed in one place and act as visors for your houses. The negative side: they give an outdated feel, but this can be an effective treatment to give your house a traditional and appealing look.

Bahama or Bermuda Shades:

They are tilted at an angle and mounted outside the window. They have a patio hinge at the top which makes them good options against sun damage, but they are majorly used in areas prone to storms throughout the year.

Exterior Shutters:

Just like on the inside, they work well on the outside. Make sure they are cleaned regularly while they go about doing their job: protecting your kitchens and other places of the house which can build moisture and heat up in no time.

3) Protecting the Finish

There are multiple products available in the market that are extremely effective in protecting the finish and drying off wet surfaces that are the result of excessive humidity. Use soaps and always keep a dry cloth beside to keep the inside of the kitchen clean.

4) Ventilation

Often, the most important thing in a kitchen that we often turn a blind eye against is the need for proper ventilation. The following things are essential in proper ventilation of your kitchen:

Window Fans:

The most traditional way of effective ventilation involves an exhaust fan, which must be constantly switched on when you’re working in the kitchen. It draws out excess moisture, odor, dust particles and the carbon dioxide that builds up from the fumes that arise from boiling food items.

Range Hoods:

Also known as exhaust hoods, range hoods are installed above the stove and contain a mechanical fan that helps remove grease, smoke, fumes, heat, and steam from the air in a kitchen. Modern and updated range hoods also contain fans which draw exterior air and circulates it within the kitchen to protect it against sun damage and filtering out hazardous chemicals.

Air Purifiers:

It is always a good idea to have a small device that doesn’t take much space but which does the job of air cleansing and purification in a short span of time. Air purifiers are reliable go-to options for keeping a kitchen safe against the heat and humidity that builds up constantly inside a kitchen.

In Conclusion

no singular treatment does the job of protecting your kitchen blinds against sun damage or heat. A proper, step-by-step procedure needs to be followed, including getting the right window blinds, going for outdoor treatments if applicable, cleaning the kitchen regularly and ensuring it has proper air ducts or range hoods for ventilation.

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