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How to Bring that WOW! Factor to Your Home with Custom Window Treatments

Window Covering Options

Window Covering Options – How to Bring that WOW! Factor to Your Home

The manufacturing and service industries, over the years, have shifted from being profit-centric to consumer-centric. The customer is no longer at the receiving end of the supply chain. He is very much an intrinsic part of it and affects every cycle of operations and manufacturing. Naturally, every consumer needs are different, so what companies ultimately need are producing products that are different for every consumer so they can cater to all demographics and sections. Many a time, we also see consumers doing their own research, taking their own advice instead of being spoon-fed information by manufacturers and professionals. This is especially true in the world of window treatments. Despite this, a person’s choice of the right window blinds depends a lot on their requirements and their aesthetic preferences. In this section, we look at the various custom choices in blinds, shades, and curtains that can upgrade the look of your home and impress your guests, where you do not need to rely only on what your favorite brand has to offer.

Window Covering Options

A DIY method can be especially useful in making your room come alive in the way you want! Instead of relying solely on tried-and-tested indoor and outdoor treatments, you can lend your windows a style that is essentially you: an extension of your personality that reflects in your choices of decor!

Let us find out a few custom window treatments that might work for your home. Remember that experimenting with choices is the name of the game.

Combine a Variety of Them

The importance of mixing curtains and blinds or two different treatments in one room has been reiterated time and again, to the extent that you will seldom find the same type of blinds in different windows of one room or all over the house. While fascination and functionality of one window blind may be trusted enough, it might, at the same time, turn your home into a dull affair.

What we are thinking are honeycomb blinds with a paisley-printed curtain held back in a tie-up detail on a window. Or white plantation shutters on French doors neatly accommodated by Roman shades by use of cords.

It is no surprise that velvet drapery can go well with contrasting Venetians: if not in color, at least in functionality. A well-drawn velvet curtain can provide all the benefits in terms of privacy, light control, sound absorption, and ultraviolet glare reduction. Venetian blinds add to the beauty of the house: letting in enough light if natural sunlight is what you prefer, without affecting you with the sun’s glare.

Addition of Window Shelves

When you want to avoid the boisterous loudness that too much peripherals may bring to a room, having cluttered curtains or heavy blinds may be avoided. You may still be suffering from a humid and tropical climate, but if anyone tells you there’s no escape from the scorching and harsh winds unless you have a blackout treatment in place, it’s better to illustrate the importance of accessorizing your window shelves to them. Not only do they reduce the impact caused by the harsh sunlight, but they may also well turn your indoors a place of positivity and radiance if you line the shelves with plants and pots. Consider having oxygen-rich plants that purify the air against dust particles with carbon dioxide emissions while being absolutely pleasing to the eye.

Custom Graber Solar Shades


Graber Solar Shades


When your home gets an ample amount of sunlight every day, owing to a number of window spaces, you know you’re in for some natural sunlight and good exposure to Vitamin D. there’s nothing quite like a bright and sunny day. However, the sun’s glare might be disadvantageous to your health if not kept under check. It may give rise to various skin-related defects, including pigmentation and skin cancer, besides affecting your routine home activities with its blinding glare.

For this purpose, Graber has designed amazing custom solar shades that can beat the heat in no time when they’re drawn. Made from special dust-resistant and glare-resistant fabrics, they are eco-friendly window treatments that are brilliant, durable and practical. Their minimal appearance adds an elegance which is inimitable and all their own, proving to be ideal window treatments for any home.

Go for the Best Wooden Window Blinds


Wooden Window Blinds


When you want to go for window treatments that blend in seamlessly in any kind of indoor decor and which can diffuse light, reduce glare and provide a darkened look as and when desired, there are few options as effective as wooden blinds. They take the shape of bamboo shades, woven wood shades or wood shutters. Each of them come with their own design and natural good looks and have an entire line of benefits that last you for years to come.

What’s more? They can be custom fit according to the size of your windows, in your preferred shade and design, allowing you to get the best of these beauties.

Many of these treatments are built to give you the best of comfort and convenience that also do their part in turning your home into a place of utmost luxury and aesthetic good looks. You might also consider honeycomb shades, custom roman shades, traditional sheer curtains, and Vertical faux wood shutters to beautify your home.

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