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A Window Covering for Every Room: Versatile Blinds and Shades

Window Covering for Every Room

When we are planning to decorate a room, it can be nice to find a window covering that is versatile enough to mount throughout the house. Buying different products for each room is time-consuming and not always worth it.

There are so many window treatments available to us and almost all of them have adapted to the growing requirements of homeowners. With customization options, the cons of a product can be minimized and almost all of them can replicate the benefits of another. As a result, we can often find a shade that meets all our needs and that can be outfitted to each window in our home.

However, there are some intrinsic features of window blinds and shades that you can’t look over. A cellular shade will always be made in a certain style or material and drapes and curtains will always serve a certain purpose. A roman shade will never do the same job as a solar shade does, and considering all these nuanced differences, one generally has to make choices where they compromise on one feature over the other. There are some of these products that complement the requirements of every room and will mostly work in the same way no matter where they are put up. These coverings generally have a varied feature base and implement them as and when time demands.

Keeping these things in mind and the varied advantages of certain products, we have prepared a list of versatile window treatments. These products will deliver in almost all settings without fail and are not need-specific but are user-specific. Take a look at them and you will want to give them a deeper look over other window coverings when you go shopping:

1. Roman Shades
These window shades are made from a single piece of fabric and have built-in folds along whose lines they fold and close when required. They are very versatile because of many reasons. Firstly, these products are made from fabric, which means they can be of any material you want to be. From synthetic to cotton to even silk and velvet, there are so many options to choose from. If you select a more neutral fabric like cotton or synthetic, their applicability will increase. Furthermore, these blinds are also available in different prints and patterns and colors. You can go for a neutral and natural color that will suit almost all rooms and have them installed wherever you like. It is due to the nature of the material that roman shades are made from that they are considered to be versatile.
Roman Window Shadings
2. Drapes, curtain and sheer shades
Because they are available as fabrics, the prints and styles and colors are boundless. You never have to compromise on your aesthetics when it comes to these window shades. These products are easily measured as well since they are designed to billow and overhang the window. These are also very easy to remove and reinstall and the process does not damage them at all. They just hang by hooks and the holder for these hooks is built into the curtains and drapes. This also makes it easy to move drapery from one room to the other if needed, as the size does not need to be exact for your window and the drapes are easily modified.
Drapes and Cornices
3. Solar/roller shades
Solar shades are made from polyester material which makes them reduce the sunlight and preserve your outside view, and this is what makes it very popular among people. They do not suffocate a room and have been known to add to its volume and ventilation. They can be used almost anywhere because they can also be made to a general dimension and even if they overhang a little, it does not look bad. In fact, solar shades are known to run a little longer than the window. They protect your interiors and do not devoid your room of natural lighting. Another added benefit of these shades is that they can be used outdoors too, which is the greatest contributor to its versatility.
Solar Roller Shades
4. Roller shades
In the world of window coverings, these shades are considered to be the most versatile shades. They can be customized with different fabric choices ranging from light filtering to blackout. These shades are the most compatible and easiest to install with motorized mechanisms. They are simplistic in their operation and are very easy to customize.
5. Bamboo shades
These shades are made from natural materials and are environmentally friendly. They provide energy efficiency and add a touch of nature to your home. When you outside mount these shades, you can overhang your window for added light control. The one disadvantage of these shades is that they do not go with all settings, especially the contemporary ones. So make sure the look matches your décor and your tastes first.
Bamboo Shades
6. Cellular shades
These shades are the most energy-efficient window treatments there is. Due to their honeycomb cells, they create a barrier at your window that reduces heat transfer. Secondly, they are very good at diffusing the light or even blocking it out completely if you choose blackout fabrics. Thirdly, these shades are also available in largely neutral tones and colors and that makes it very likely to be set up in almost all rooms and to whatever theme you would have in mind.
Double Cellular Shades
Keeping in mind the fast-paced life of the present day and how swiftly the physical world changes for people, it is a good idea to buy products that adhere to a larger setting. Hopefully, this will help you pick out some shades with a feature set diverse enough for any environment.

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