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How Sheer Curtains Work and how to Use them?

Window Blinds With Sheer Curtains

How do Window Blinds with Sheer Curtains Work?


Window treatments are one of the most powerful fashion tools in a home. Most window treatments block sunlight and give you privacy from the prying eyes outside your home. But the magic of curtains lies in their visual appeal. They add a soft elegance to any shape of window or door. They ensure your eyes are drawn upward so that a room’s bottom heaviness is given a miss. They can dramatically arrange any room’s furniture or layout by shifting the focus onto themselves. And to top it all the most pronounced effect is the sophistication and elegance that a curtain brings to a room by adding the finishing touches.

Do you put curtains over blinds? Sheer curtains are an answer to any room’s decor. Sheer curtains are dizzying affordable, extraordinarily versatile and a foolproof option that you can absolutely not go wrong with. They come in an astounding array of colors, patterns, and materials.


How do sheer curtains work?


A barely existent fabric allows plenty of light to brighten up any nook of a room. The thin material of a sheer curtain ensures it does not add volume to a room but silently beautifies a space. And most important of all sheer curtains do not take away the attention in any room from the decor elements. They softly frame a naked window while lending a ‘finished’ look to a room.

Often hung as secondary treatments, sheer curtains bring lightness to any window with their sheer airy fabrics. They are usually tabbed top design but can be customized to any certain style. Choose from the following styles to enhance your living space;


  • Box Pleated – Deep folds at the top of the curtains give you a tailored look and drape

  • Rod Pocket – A simple heading for lighter fabrics like nets and voile provides you a formal look

  • Pinch Pleated – A heavy formal look with more pleats this style works well with any fabric. Choose from five types of pinch pleating for the right size and fullness of the pleats – one finger pinch pleats, two finger pinch pleats, three finger pinch pleats, four finger pinch pleats, and five finger pinch pleats

  • Eyelet – A simple eyelet at the top makes this style easy going and ideal for high footfall areas like the kid’s room or the dining area

  • Tailored peat – This style has the pleats starting from the top of the fabric and going all the way down making it visually very dramatic. Ideal and best achieved with heavy fabric

  • Goblet pleat – The pleat at the top is made to resemble a wine glass and is achieved with interlining or wadding. Best achieved with heavy fabric


How to use sheer curtains?


Sheer curtains have traveled a long way from just being made of ‘nets’. You can choose fabrics of any kind as long as you have enough room brightening and some privacy control added. Since sheers are exposed to constant light while some looks and fabrics are well suited.

  • Cotton

  • High-end polyesters

  • Lace

  • Silk

  • Voile

Looking to do up your window blinds with sheer curtains? Here are some simple yet unbelievable window decorating ideas for summer;

  • A linen look


Sheer Curtains Over Roller Blinds


Create a ‘Luxe’ look with simple linen while choosing one of the mentioned styles for a dreamy yet elegant attractiveness. Create the same look of a high-end decorator magazine at the fraction of a cost with some of the best linens from around the globe. Pair with blackout roller blinds to soften the overall look of your decor while still ensuring enough light filtering in. Sheer curtains over roller blinds hang beautifully resulting in an outstandingly premium outcome.

  • Two-toned linen look


Sheer Curtains Over Wood Blinds


Select from a mellow range of two-toned linen fabric that simply means you won’t end up with a block of color. Two-toned linen fabric provides great versatility when it comes to matching colors and various textures. Two-toned sheer curtains over wood blinds accentuate the fine grainy look of wood and deepen the warmth. Create this look for a priceless grace woven over time with the touch of modernity.

  • Neutral look


Sheer Curtains Over Cellular Shades


Choose neutral fabrics for a muslin look that provides an organic feel to any living space. They hang beautifully adding a light and floaty softness to any room. With lovely plain designs, these fabrics add superb drape-ability and are anti-creasing. The ideal combination is sheer curtains over cellular shades where they compliment the coarseness of the honeycomb design. They can be easily incorporated into any interior theme and set the mood.

  • Raw look

Light and texture interplay of fabrics, choose from an array of textured weave for a raw look. Sheer curtains in these fabrics are inherently soft with a gentle float. These durable polyester fabrics effortlessly drop with a weighted hem to heighten its modern appeal. Layer them over wood blinds to offset the modernity factor in your room. These sheer curtains over wood blinds are an ideal choice to intensify the dreaminess of yesteryears in your living space.

Sheer curtains are an ideal solution for living spaces where you need a lot of light. Not suited for kitchen and bathrooms as they are made up of fabric. Excellent additions to bedrooms and living room spaces since they diffuse light while still retaining visibility outwards. Speak to our experts for a more detailed conversation if some of our ideas have you wanting for more. Call in for free sample swatches or a no-obligation estimate today. So what are you waiting for, start your sheer journey now!

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