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Window Blinds Stuck In An Up Position? Here’s What You Need To Do

Window Blinds Stuck In An-Up-Position-Heres What You Need To Do

Add Value to Home with Window Blinds

Window blinds are a popular and gorgeous solution for our window treatment needs. There are different types of window blinds you can choose for your windows. They are functionally beautiful and while they make your interiors look pretty and add value to your windows, these blinds also take care a number of your concerns. They help to block the heat out during the hot summer days and keep interiors warm and cozy during the cold winter thus preventing energy loss in the house. Blinds help to block light out and also gives you control for your lighting needs. They offer privacy to your homes and keep the interiors safe from the prying eyes of peeping neighbors and outsiders. Window blinds are versatile and multi-functional. Loaded with options, it can be quite overwhelming for homeowners to settle on the window blind that will be an all-round performer.

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Blinds Getting Stuck at the Top

Select a window treatment of your choice, get them customized to fit your windows and install them by yourself or by using professional help. While blinds are a great addition to your homes in terms of functionality and aesthetic appeal, they are not without their share of troubles. There may be occasional hiccups when you are trying to operate the blinds. Professional intervention may not always be needed unless it is a necessity or your blind is in danger of being ruined or damaged. One of the most common problems which users confront is the inability to lower the blinds. The blinds get stuck in the raised position and repeated attempts to bring them down yield no result. The window blind mechanism often pinches the cords which prevent them from being lowered.

What is Pawl?

Every window blind has a pawl which is a metal roller with teeth that helps to grab the cord. The cords thread over a pin beneath the pawl located inside the lock mechanism in the headrail. There is a slotted track and the pawl moves along this track up and down they help to lock or release the cord which allows the blinds to be lowered. When the pawl is locked in place the blinds cannot be lowered.

Apply Gentle Tug

If your blinds refuse to come down give a gentle tug on the cords to help loosen the blinds and then lower them. Hold the cords and pull them towards the center of the blinds so that they are parallel to the headrail. As you tug the cords, tension will be applied. This will allow the pawl to fall to its lowest position, create a space between the pawl and the pin, releasing and lowering the blinds.

Remove Blinds from Windows

If your blinds still remain stuck then you need to remove the blinds from the brackets and the windows. Place the blinds on a tabletop which will make the lock mechanism with the open top of the headrail accessible.
On the right side of the blinds, you will find the cords threaded through the lock mechanism. Take a flat-bladed screwdriver and press the pawl down keeping the blade perpendicular to the roller. This is done with the hope of moving the pawl to its lowest position on the track. Sometimes the pawl tends to get stuck at the top due to excess pressure applied when you are tugging the cords to the right away from the window in order to lock your blinds in the open position.

Also, run a check of your cords that run through a lock mechanism to make sure that they are not bunched up or knotted. This can also cause the pawl to get stuck. Put your blinds back to the windows. Operate them to raise and lower them a number of times to ensure that they work smoothly without any hitch.

Professional Help

Professional intervention is not needed most of the time because these minor issues can be taken care of at home. However, if you are not confident or the blinds refuse to work even after you follow the steps mentioned above then it would be a good idea to consult them. Doing anything more may damage your blinds irreparably and it may not get covered under the warranty program.

Blinds do a lot for your homes, keep you safe and secured, protect your homes from harmful rays of the sun and also help to keep your homes pleasant and comfortable irrespective of the weather conditions. Like the human body, these window treatments too can encounter issues and we should be able to administer basic first aid before calling for help.

Disclaimer: Please follow these instructions at your own risk. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issues or damaged caused through following DIY methods. Since all blinds and shades are different, we always recommend checking with your blind manufacturer or retailer first before making any modifications to your blinds. As well, if you are uncomfortable on your own, look for the help of a professional.

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