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Blinds and Shades for Home Gym

Window Blinds and Window Shades

Window Blinds and Window Shades for Your Home Gym


What futurists envisioned for the 21st-century work culture is far from the current scenario. Even with technology advancing at an exceptional rate and automation taking the place of the workforce, businesses are extending work hours causing stress both physical and psychological, leading to many lifestyle problems and affecting people even in their 20s and 30s. To tackle this problem, corporate organizations are framing policies towards an employee-friendly environment encouraging work-life balance.

People have become health conscious and are hitting the gym like never before. But with most of the fitness areas over-crowded, why not have a space of your own for you and your family to work out? Any spare area in the house can serve the purpose of a home gym. Outfit it with your desired equipment, and decorate with the ideal Window Blinds and Shades and your home gym is complete. But as home gyms are specialized rooms, careful consideration is needed before choosing the proper Window Blinds and Shades. Let ZebraBlinds help you pick the right Window Blinds or Shades for your home gym to make you feel fresh and comfortable while sweating it out.

Light filtering Blinds and Shades for Privacy and Moisture Resistance


Whatever your fitness regime is – yoga, mild exercise, or a hardcore routine with equipment – privacy is one of the most critical factors. It might be uncomfortable to work out if your home gym is facing the streets or any neighbor’s house. Also as you sweat it out, the air is thick with moisture, and it shouldn’t be dark or stuffy making you feel uncomfortable. If you like to watch television while exercising, anti-glare screens are must for your window treatments. Light-filtering shades are the best choice for all the above purposes. They do the exact job just as their name implies, allowing sufficient natural light to enter the room yet giving you the privacy needed. With light filtering shades, your room remains adequately ventilated and bright, yet without any glare and with privacy. Here are some popular shades that offer these light-filtering options:

Honeycomb Shades

Custom Cellular Shades - Honeycomb Shades


Hands down Honeycomb Shades are one of the best choices in the market due to their versatility. Commonly referred as cellular shades, these shades are known for their superior insulating materials and are highly resistant to the external factors like harsh sun’s rays, dust, sound, and cold. So they protect both you and your workout machine from too much exposure yet allow enough natural light in, so your room isn’t dark and stuffy. With customizable options and various light filtering fabrics available, these shades create a fresh ambiance inside the gym.

Roman Shades

Types of Roman Shades


Customized Roman Shades are available in a plethora of luxurious designs and fabrics and give a stylish, modern look to the gym. The different types of Roman Shades are available both in light filtering and room darkening fabric options. Graber Roman Shades are an ideal fit for the fitness room. They have the soft look of a drapery with the practicality of a shade rolled into one. Choose the light filtering fabrics to allow optimum amount of light giving a sophisticated soft glow during the day and offer moderate privacy.

Roller Shades/Solar Shades

Light Filtering Roller and Solar Shades


The light-filtering Roller and Solar shades are the best for privacy and comfort with enhanced sun protection attributes. They are fitted with special UV-ray blocking material protecting the machines and furniture from sun damage and also block the glare on the screens. Sometimes the air inside the room can be highly humid continuous exposure lead to Mold and mildew growth. As roller shades are moisture resistant, they last for a very long time. These shades are also very easy to clean and install and are highly recommended for someone who enjoys the outdoor view while still getting a bit of privacy and heat blockage.

Layered Shades from Graber

Graber Layered Shades


Graber Mezzanine Layered Sheer Shades feature a cord-and-clutch system that makes raising and lowering your shade very easy and safe. Light filtering fabrics diffuse light gently while providing moderate privacy. When viewed from outdoors through closed shades, you’ll just see blurry shapes but no details. The cord remains one length, no matter what position you keep your shade makes it a safe choice for window treatment if you want to have your kids around while working out. Mount the Graber layered shade outside of the window to get maximum light and glare control. With layered sheer shades, there are stripes of light filtering fabric and sheer fabric that give you even more light control and versatility when raising and lowering your shade.

Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Custom Faux Wood Blinds


Home gyms tend to experience a lot of moisture, due to the sweat that coincides with most workouts. Many fabrics such as cotton and other materials will mildew over time, and even real woods can warp and sag if exposed to humidity for a long time. If your home gym has a sauna or a shower, the amount of moisture in your room over time will be even higher and can damage window treatments. The best option is to choose shades or blinds that are less prone to mildew, as the damages can sometimes be irreversible.  Faux Wood Blinds are the ideal choice for such damp and humid condition rooms. Being made from vinyl polymers, these blinds are highly durable, affordable, crack, and rot resistant. Not just waterproof, they also offer optimum light control, privacy, and insulation with a mere tilt of the vanes. The larger the vane, better the view – Faux wood blinds come in different vane sizes of 1 inch, 1.5 inches, 2 inches and 2.5 inches.

Motorized Outdoor Shades for Outdoor Activities

Motorized Outdoor Solar Shades


Sometimes closed spaces filled with machines and mirrors can become claustrophobic, and if the weather is ideal outside, why just stay inside? But working out in the open backyard or the patio can also be tiring when exposed to the heat and cold. Motorized Outdoor Solar Shades are explicitly designed with this feature in mind offer blockage from harsh solar rays yet giving you an outside view. Enjoy the natural ventilation and climate outside without any disturbance to your exercise routine.

As the New Year is around the corner, there is no better time to get started on your home gym and involve all of your family in a fitness routine for a healthy lifestyle. Get the ideal window treatments from our ZebraBlinds collections and design a creative and functional workout space. Happy sweating!

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