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Window Blinds: Price Versus Value

Window Blinds Price Versus Value

A lot of the blinds we make today are capable of blocking out the sun and insulating a home. And with the right kind of blinds you may find that your blinds are paying for themselves and much more!

Save on mould treatment:
Let’s start with some of the more sinister issues that can plague a home: mould. The thing about mould is that it likes growing in dark and damp places. So why would this be an issue? Simple: If you don’t like too much light in a room or if you feel like it’s ruining your furniture then it makes sense to shut the windows for extended periods of time during the day. However this can result in your room staying under the cover of darkness and, if you live in a place with higher humidity then you can be sure that you’re coming home to a home filled with spores.

While it isn’t a sure-fire way to keep the mould away, you can be sure that an adjustable blind will work wonders by changing the mood in your home and a regular session of sunlight coupled with a breath of fresh air will reduce the chances of you needing a regular cleaning. If you get smart blinds then you’ll find your life improve leaps and bounds. Not only will you be able to open and close your smart motorized blinds with your smartphone, but you can also set a timer so you let sunlight into your room for just a specific amount of time. This will ensure limited exposure to protect your furniture while also helping tackle any possible mould you would have to deal with.

While this isn’t something that is overtly obvious, you’ll find your home and your health are a lot better when you have a home that sees a healthy dose of sunlight. Unless you’re a vampire, in which case we think blackout shades are more your style. And if you get smart blackout shades then you’ll find that it’s even easier to open and close your shades with your smartphone from the confines of your coffin. Of course, this works even if you aren’t a vampire and are simply someone who works the night shift.
Smart Blackkout Window Shades
We use a lot of energy just to get through the day. Heating and cooling costs are going through the roof and the weather is only getting freakier. With heatwaves and hurricanes being the norm, energy costs aren’t going to go down anytime soon. So how does one tackle a heating problem during a blizzard? The answer is simple: thermal window blinds. They work a lot like normal blinds except for the fact that they are made of an insulating material that helps trap heat inside a room. So you’ll find that your thermostat stays quite constant without you having to worry about over-the-top energy costs thanks to the efficiency of thermal blinds.
Energy Saving Window Treatments
However, what if there’s a heatwave? Or what if it’s just a really hot summer? If you try using dark thermal blinds at a time like that then there’s a good chance you’ll end up in a sweltering house looking like Deadpool (minus the superpowers). For the hot weather, there are other options you could go for. Light-colored blinds are what really do the job here. While darker blinds absorb heat and release it right into a room, lighter blinds are a little different. Light-colored blinds reflect the heat and light, bouncing them out away from your home. Wooden blinds are very effective here given that they’re poor conductors of heat, which plays a major role when dealing with light-colored blinds.
Solar Shades

So where’s the value?

A lot of people prefer to skimp on the blinds because they feel that more of their budget should go to the other things in the house like the furniture, the beds, or even the entertainment system. But the value one will get for higher grade blinds from vendors like Zebra Blinds is phenomenal. Cheaper blinds do block out the light but aren’t known for being durable or as effective at light control and heat management. The pricier ones are not only easy to install, but many well-made blinds function as effective partners when faced with a low-grade storm. In addition to helping you save more money on maintenance and your health, higher grade blinds usually look far better and are much more durable than their cheaper counterparts.

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