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These 5 Window Blinds Are Designed to Beautify Your Indoors

Window Blinds

Window Blinds – Designed to Beautify Your Indoors

What’s the one thing you look for when you purchase a product? Take a mobile phone for example. Naturally, you may be attracted to features such as the quality of pictures taken from the Camera, the memory it can store, its pre-installed apps, and it’s sound and video quality, among others. Besides these regular features, its attractiveness is one aspect we cannot turn a blind eye against, for no one wants to invest in anything that appears dull. As a result, people are on the constant lookout for varied designs and prints in phone models and covers.

If we can be so mindful of the appearance of a small device, there’s no wonder designing our homes with the right home decor items such as window blinds and shades should be of paramount importance. Because one wrong choice could be a major loss of both time and money.

This section is dedicated to finding the right window treatment through the perspective of your average Joe, who is looking for the right window blinds and shades to lend some character and aesthetic depth to his interiors, capturing his own personality and attitude as well as the attention of his guests and family.

Five Attractive Window Blinds

Joe is someone who just wants the best thing for his family. He wants them to come home to a beautiful home and to be able to relax after a tiring day at work or school. So he decided to have a professional set their living room and bedroom up with a mixture of window treatments.

Here’s what he went for.

1) Roman Shades for the Living Room


Roman Shades


One thing we must note about Joe is he is a man of limited means, but he made a point of making his home look as beautiful and luxurious as possible. His home is a compact apartment. But the first thing he did to make it look more spacious and neat was to get rid of unnecessary stuff: items that he never used on a daily basis. That included desks, chairs, decorative pieces that took a lot of space on the tables, and tables that restricted movement in the apartment.

The next thing he did for his living room window was to get Roman shades: slick and beautiful window shades that are a perfect amalgamation of a traditional blind and a contemporary shade. What drew Joe towards Roman shades was their conventional patterns; they stacked up evenly when he opened them, and even when they were open, they were smooth and neat in appearance, unlike other blinds that become ribbed and uneven when they are completely or partially open.

2) Pleated Window Treatments for Bedroom


Pleated Shades


Having a small room, Joe wanted to give an impression of larger, taller bedroom space. After consulting with his designer best friend, he covered an entire portion of a wall with windows with pleated curtains. They transformed the look of the room exponentially, giving it an enclosed yet balmy feel. With a medium sized bed flanked by dim lampshades, the room is now nothing short of luxurious. Coming back to the pleated curtains, they boast of large circular prints, thus being the focal point of attraction but not too overwhelming to drown out the other aspects of the room completely.

3) Window Shelves


Honeycomb Shades


The smaller guest room in Joe’s house has a bay window that the previous owner got constructed. It is a nice place to sit next to or read a newspaper on while sipping on your favorite coffee mug. What he did with the windows was something unique, yet an example we must follow to add a touch of sophistication. He built window shelves just long enough to divide the windows in the center, and got honeycomb shades on the smaller, rectangular windows. Besides, he added pots of photosynthetic plants to ensure the smaller place gets enough purified air and filtered sunlight, and the honeycomb shades add a decent amount of privacy to the home too.

4) Aluminum Blinds for the Kitchen


Aluminum Blinds


It’s a modular kitchen in Joe’s home. Naturally, he wanted something that could prevent heating up of the place when he cooked and ate, so he decided to go for the best water-proof blinds he could find to block the light, so got the 1-inch aluminum blinds installed with the help of a friend that often frequented his home. The sturdy shape of the blinds has greatly reduced the electricity costs in that part of his house, and he can sit and enjoy his meals without any discomfort. Besides, their sleek textured appearance has added character and depth to the kitchen, and it’s no longer just another room in the house. It inspires awe to the visitors, and his wife is mighty impressed with him now.

5) The Mixture of Window Treatments for Other Windows


Valances with Plantation Shutters


On windows where he could not decide which window treatments to choose, he chose a combination of window treatments. A smaller window facing the South in the living room has a beautiful sheer Valance, which is mostly tied through a Velcro closure, complementing a rod at the top. On the same window, he has exterior plantation shutters with thick slats adding fabulous curb appeal to the apartment.

The window overlooking the backyard, on the other hand, has a beautiful combination of a beige corded curtain with floral embroidery and Top Down Bottom Up cellular shades, offering customized levels of light and privacy inside. No wonder, Joe has chosen his window treatments wisely and has put profound thought into every purchase.


We can all take a cue from Joe and decide what’s best for our homes. You can go for his choices, or make your own after taking suitable advice from friends and relatives. Shop at Zebra Blinds and choose your shades from among an array of colors, textures and price ranges.

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