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What to Choose for Your Skylight Windows

Window Blinds and Shades

Make the Most of Your Skylights with These Window Blinds and Shades


Skylights bring a dramatic flair to any room or space. They let your house do the talking with their ability to let in an abundance of natural light, plenty of ventilation, and great views of the sky. Moreover, they make the room look more spacious with just a touch of the button. While these hard to reach windows are attractive and refreshing when the climate is pleasant, or at dusk/dawn, there is a downside during other times due to the external factors like sun glare, harsh UV rays, and temperatures inside the room.

Who wants to be holed up in a dimly lit house during winter or an overly bright home in the summertime? The key is to utilize the much-needed light and heat in freezing winter and reduce the temperature and light during scorching summers.

Skylights are often left out while decorating the home. So it is a must to choose the appropriate Window Blinds and Shades to maximize its benefits without affecting its efficiency. Renowned brands like Graber and Crown are offering an array of Window Blinds and Shades, specially made for skylights to make your home attractive and functional.

If you’re looking for the best Window Blinds and Shades for your skylights, check out the fantastic selection of products below from ZebraBlinds.


The Ever-dependent “Cellular Shades”

 Cellular Shades - Noise Reduction

Cellular Shades come to rescue even the largest skylight windows due to their excellent insulation properties. These shades maintain a comfortable atmosphere inside the room. The unique honeycomb design traps the air in the cells from escaping in or out, making it one of the best energy-efficient shades in the market. With availability both single and double cell fabrics, you can double up the insulation in the places to avoid any unnecessary heat entrapment and increase energy efficiency.

Prominent window treatment specialists Graber and Crown offer window covering collections that range from light-filtering to room darkening and blackout to manage the light and heat leakage inside the house. While room-darkening allows a small amount of light to pass through, Blackout Cellular Shades are the best option for bedrooms and any other privacy essential areas giving you much-needed darkness and isolation without disturbance.

Apart from being utilitarian, blackout shades in the cellular CrystalPleat design are eye-catching, providing an elegant and classy look to the room. Choose from an ample number of fabric color options to suit the mood and style of your home décor.

The innovative Cocoon Double Cell fabrics from Graber have two layers of material to amplify the insulation. You can open these shades using a ski pole.

Another trait to be mentioned is the Cellular Shades Noise Reduction functionality. These shades help soften the noise outside giving you peace of mind while you are home.

Cellular shades with their high energy-efficiency and insulation are top of the skylight window coverings list, but the use of ski poles can be a detrimental factor here. To overcome this, motorization options with various power sources are available.

Motorized skylight shades are operated with the click of a button in the remote anywhere within 65 feet distance. All the properties of a cellular shade coupled with technology make managing of the Remote Control Skylight Shades very easy.

Remote Control Skylight Shades

You can choose from the different power sources to power up your Skylight Shades:

1)    Battery Wand – Battery Powered Skylight Shades uses a 12V battery tube to mount on the wall or in the ceiling with wand clips. Batteries are replaceable, and use of lithium batteries is highly recommended.

2)    DC Power Supply – The DC Power Supply is available only in white color, and is composed of wire up to eighty inches that can be connected to a standard power outlet. This twelve-volt power supply can operate a single skylight shade.

3)    Mezzo Solar Recharger – Motorized Skylight Shades Solar comprise a simple Solar Panel that converts sunlight into electrical energy and harnesses the sun’s power to recharge its batteries.

Multiple power options and high utility make the Cellular Shades a great window covering the skylights. Use the motorized shades in case of hard to reach windows and give your home a sophisticated look.


Window Treatments for Skylights

 Aluminum Skylight Blinds

Custom Aluminum Skylight Blinds are available in a palette of colors that can be controlled with the help of ski poles. You can also customize these blinds depending on the size of your windows. The Aluminum Skylight Blinds are made of excellent quality materials which block and control the direct sunlight by closing entirely or partially by tilting the slats with the ski poles. The ski poles are very easy to use and are available on six feet and nine feet lengths. These lightweight skylight Aluminum blinds are easy to maintain and very simple to install. The color-coordinated components that come with the aluminum skylight blinds provide a more elegant look and ensure reliability.

Skylights not just improve the overall look of your home but also increases its resale value. So optimize your skylight windows with these best window treatments from ZebraBlinds and make your home look stylish!

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