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Window Blinds And Shades For Pet Safety – Zebrablinds

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Your pets bring you unconditional love and companionship. They are as precious as the family. We love our pets because they deserve to be loved. On the other hand, it is not so easy to maintain them. They like to jump around, play and mess with our floor and furniture. We can’t keep our eyes on our pets all the time, and they deserve a free space to play happily. You can give your pets a safe space to play in at home with child proof blinds and windows.


When you have a pet in your home, you need to make sure that you will offer them a safe environment so that when they play around they do not harm themselves. When you think of creating a safe home for your pets, one of the major aspects you need to consider is window treatments.

How can simple window treatments cause harm to our pets? Pets play with whatever they find in their reach. This includes blinds which can have hazardous dangling cords or parts that pets can get tangled up in. There are many incidents recorded where pets were severely injured because of playing with the cords of window blinds.


Keep cords out of reach

If you have window treatments with cords, make sure that the blind cords are not in reach of your pets. This reduces the threat and keeps your pets safe. When window cords are accessible to pets, these beautiful products may become strangulation hazards.


Go Cordless

Going cordless is the best way to provide a safe home. Opt for this safer option if you have a pet at home. Install your cordless window coverings in bedrooms and sleeping areas for your pets.


Motorization for Pet Safety

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Motorized window shades keep your pets safe as they do not have any cords. They are operated by a wireless remote that is both easy and convenient to use. They allow you to operate your window treatments with the touch of a button, offering unparalleled convenience.


Fix your curtain rods properly

Curtains give an elegant look to your home. If your pets are young they might tug on curtain draperies when playing. Curtain rods and blind casings can be dangerous if they fall. To prevent this it is very important to fix the curtain rods and blind casings directly into a wall stud. You can also try fixing the curtain rods to wall anchors to reduce risks of the mounting brackets coming loose.


Ensure your blind is properly installed

Window blinds need to be properly installed in your home. As your pets play around, they might pull on the blinds, which can cause damage if they are installed incorrectly. Specifically, make sure that the cord stops are properly installed and adjusted to limit the movement of the inner lift cords.


Here are a few window treatments we suggest for the safety of our pets

Cordless Cellular Shades for Pets Safety

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Motorized honeycomb or cellular shades are one of the best choices for pet safety. They have cordless, motorized, and top down bottom up features to keep your pets safe. They offer window protection or insulation from outdoor hazards. They protect your indoors from sun, heat, exterior sound, cold, dust, and UV rays.


Cordless Wand Sliding Panels

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Sliding panels, also known as panel tracks, offer versatility and bring a sleek, contemporary look to any room. These products can be made safer for places where pets may be present with the selection of the wand upgrade.

Onetouch Cordless Roman Shades

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Roman Shades come in a variety of beautifully styled fabrics and are considered as a safe shade for child and pet safety. They give a soft look and peaceful atmosphere to the room. There are motorized and cordless roman shades.

Hence, make the right choice when you choose the window treatments for the homes with pets.

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