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Will Command Strips Stick To Fabric For DIY Window Treatments?

Will Command Strips Stick To Fabric For DIY Window Treatments?

Hanging DIY Window Treatments Without Drilling Holes


Getting the right window treatments can be a pain and challenging for many people as there are lots of choices available in the market that come with a range of design options and mounting procedures. They are an essential addition to any home decor and help to add charm and sophistication to windows in a dramatic way. They can make such a difference when it comes to making your space feel like cosy and comfortable, blocking out light, offering privacy and much more with their incredible functionalities and uniqueness which makes them a popular, versatile, and reliable choice for your arena. You can get any blind or shade custom made or ready-made online or from any local retail store to match the aesthetics and functional needs of your interior. But if you are unable to find the right one from a store or buying a covering from your favorite brand proves too expensive, then making them at home might be the best way to maintain the calmness and comforts of your overall decor. DIY window treatments not only help you to achieve what you are looking for but also give you the ultimate pleasure and joy of making them. There are several benefits of DIY window treatments and after proper crafting, they will elevate the look of your indoor while adding values and elegance.

Making window treatments may seem easier but when it comes to mounting them, few restrictions and limitations can make it difficult especially when you live in a rental home. One of the most frustrating things about living in a rental home is not being able to drill holes in order to hang your window solutions and other items like photo frames. Even when you are on a strict budget, purchasing additional mounting brackets and other required tools for your DIY window treatments can cost you extra. Whatever the reason, there are few cost-effective and flexible ways that will solve the issue of no drilling mounting as well. So if you are ready to mount your window design, then this article will guide you through doing it in an efficient and smooth way.

Command strips are one of the most feasible and drill free ways of sticking your fabric DIY window treatments without damaging your wall and can last for years. This will offer a natural finishing look that blends perfectly with any existing home décor style. Though there is a myth that command strips are not that effective when it comes to fabric coverings, but choosing high-quality premium strips can help you out because regular strips won’t stick the fabric well and may require some extra glue. Read on to know how to attach these strips to your fabric window blinds without any complication.

How to Use Command Strips Stick to Window Covering Fabric

Before you stick these strips, make sure the surface must be clean because on dirty surfaces, they won’t sit properly. The top part of command strips comes with a heavy-duty adhesive which is covered in a protective strip. Once you are done with the fabric shade making procedure and ready to install it, remove the protective strip and gently press the tape to the inside/outside of the window frame (depending on the needs). These peel and stick strips come in different sizes and can be trimmed to the exact dimension of the windows. You can easily remove them when you no longer need those window treatments that too without damaging your wall paint or the window frame. Just pull it towards the floor and it will come out without making any scratch. Be sure to follow the right instructions to avoid errors.

These strips come with varying weight restrictions and for that reason, you have to be very careful while making your window solution. Because overloading these strips with heavyweight or large fabric blinds can damage them completely. The holding capacity of small strips is 4 pounds while large command strips can hold up to 16 pounds.

Note – If you are likely to open/close your fabric window treatments on a regular basis, then command strips are not the right choice for your fabric window designs. And selecting low quality strips may allow your window treatment to fall down which can be extremely dangerous for your home interior. It’s always better to drill and choose brackets to mount your fabric shade because operating or adjusting your shades often can require a lot of force that command strips won’t be able to handle. You can always consult with the professionals once before you make your choice.