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Wide Shutter Blinds Are A Great Alternative Way to Dress Your Sliding Door

Wide Shutter Blinds Are A Great Alternative Way To Dress Your Sliding Door

Wide Shutter Blinds to Dress Up Your Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors are great to have in any home as they give you easy access to the outdoors while allowing natural light and fresh air. Moreover, their unique size and design enhance the spaciousness of a room while creating a breath-taking look for your décor. But you can’t just have direct daylight through your sliding door all day long as it will lead towards an uncomfortable and overheated room. Creating the perfect balance is what you can do and window treatments are designed to meet the varying demands of the outside climate situation and the unique needs and features of your homes. Finding the right window design can be a challenging task for many but we are here to help you out. If you are looking for a design that is elegant, functional, and practical, then a great recommendation is a wide shutter blind, giving your decor a more modern and artistic look.

When it comes to sliding door coverage, the first name that comes to our mind is Vertical window blinds but their utilitarian style isn’t for every home decor. That’s why wide shutters are a great alternative choice to complement your interior both aesthetically and functionally. Their incredible functionality will offer more than you imagine while offering sophistication and elegance to the surroundings. Once they are properly installed and look like an integral part of your home, it will be hard to imagine your glass doors without them. But before you get them made, have a look at the values they offer to your space, so that you can make your decision properly!

Why Choose Wide Shutter Blinds for Sliding Doors?

There are plenty of window solutions available to fulfill the look of the sliding doors including cellular shades, vertical blinds, sliding panels, and many more. So why choose wide shutter blinds? Check out the below reasons that will tell you why they are worthy and valuable compared to other window designs!

• Different Materials to Choose From:
The main attraction of getting wide shutter blinds for your glass doors is their range of availability in material choices which include –

Vinyl Shutters

– Made of PVC material that is moisture resistant and can withstand harsh weather. There are different types of vinyl shutters such as hollow vinyl, solid vinyl, structure hollow vinyl, and vinyl-clad wood.
Vinyl Shutters

Wood Shutters

– Everyone loves to add the touch of wooden texture in order to bring natural warmth and elegance to their space. Installing wooden shutter blinds on sliding doors will create a rich and luxurious appeal. When properly cared for, these shutters last a long time.
Arch Wooden Shutters

Composite Shutters

– Made of faux wood or engineered wood with a PVC coating, this material is extremely versatile and their water-resistant feature makes them an ideal choice to mount on glass doors.

There are different shutter styles available such as Shaker Style, Cafe Shutters, tier on tier, and many more and depending on your taste and preference, choose the one that will seamlessly transform the feel of your overall aesthetics. But bi-fold shutters are mostly suggested for sliding glass doors, as they are hinged in the middle and can fold, save space and open up your doorway. You can have full use of the door.

Besides all these, they come in endless colors and pattern choices that can create a designer magnificent appearance that looks great from both inside and outside of your home.
Whether you are looking for a traditional interior makeover or contemporary, these shutters will definitely add value to your space.
Composite Shutters

• Enhanced Durability:
Wide shutters are made of different fabric materials to withstand against the sun, dust, and extreme temperatures, making them extremely durable and sturdy for long without any damage.

• Control Natural Light and Privacy:
These window designs are designed with different louvers sizes which can be tilted and adjusted according to your lighting and privacy requirements. Keep the slats open to let the maximum amount of light to let in while having great outside view and tilting them to close position will offer you darkness and privacy. You can go for bigger louvers when it comes to glass door coverage for maximum functional benefits and convenience. Check out the range of louver sizes and get the needed one to enjoy an unobstructed view, soft sunglow, and a finished interior look.

• Energy-efficiency:
In addition to having control over light, the louvers seal the glass doors perfectly to prevent hot heat coming through the door and spreading it throughout the space. Even in the winter months, this shutter barrier keeps your warm air from escaping and letting cold air in. Being insulative, these shutters maintain an ideal indoor temperature and lower your electricity bills.

• Cost-effective Choice:
As per many consumers, getting coverings for glass doors can cost extra because of their unique shape and size. But shutters are the most inexpensive option compared to other window solutions and their insulation feature saves you money as well. However, you need to choose the right material and design so that it doesn’t break your budget and stay for long time without any replacement.

If you are looking forward to add elegance and value to your space while giving the doors a pleasing and stunning look, then shutters are a great choice to go for. Their unique features make them a worthy choice and no other window blind can beat their brilliant functionality and elegant appeal!