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Why Your Home Needs All Kinds of Blinds for Optimal Coverage

All Kinds of Blinds

Home, Your Haven & Refuge

Home is where the heart is. It is where you retire after a long day’s work. It is where you vent your frustrations, shed tears of sorrow and happiness, celebrate victories, and create memories. The home is your sacred haven which you create with your loved ones. As home is so important to all of us, then caring for it, and doing it up to the best of our ability is the least we can do. Picking up those little decorative pieces and putting them around the house, selecting warm colors for your walls, choosing a home decor style that suits your needs and does justice to your home are some of the ways you can create magic for your home. Among other things, selecting the perfect window treatment for your windows that meet the need of every room functionally and aesthetically can go a long way in creating a comfortable environment for your home.

The Need for Window Treatments in a House

You may ask why window treatments like blinds and shades are so important for your house. Just imagine that you have done everything for your home, decor, furnishing, coloring, etc and left the windows bare and naked. It won’t feel right. It will jeopardize your privacy, allow unwanted light and glare that will affect work and sleep, it will allow easy access to harmful UV rays, cause loss of energy and so much more. Window treatments are an essential part of the home.

Choosing the Right Type of Blind For Your House

The next question that you encounter is what type of blinds or shades to choose for your house. Do you choose similar treatments for all the rooms? Do you need to pick up different shades for each of them including bathrooms and kitchens, and if yes, why?

Your house has several rooms: bedroom, kid’s room, living room, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, media room, etc. Some houses may have all of these; others may have some of these or a combination of these rooms. Every room presents different challenges and has different requirements. If the purpose of each room is different, their windows demand separate treatments to help fulfill the purpose.

Every Room Has Different Needs

Bedrooms are where people seek rest of mind and body. It is where you spend 7-9 hours of your day to recharge your batteries and get ready to face the world again. Yes, where you sleep. And for sleep to be effective and help calm your nerves, you need complete silence and darkness. Any window treatment that allows light to seep through at night can cause a disturbance. Room darkening or blackout shades are perfect, the latter more so. They not only help block out light but also noise. There are shades like Dual Roller Blackout shades that combine blackout and light-filtering fabrics. So while at night it gives you complete darkness, in the morning the light filtering fabric will allow light to stream in sans the glare. The blackout shades are also energy-efficient as they help prevent heat loss. Top-down-Bottom-up shades are also a good choice for bedrooms. They help to preserve privacy and allow adequate light filtration.
Bedroom Window Coverings
Living Rooms
Living rooms are where most people spend most of their free time, entertaining guests and socializing with family. The shades you choose must not only be functional but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room. You can choose from a variety of shades like Cellular Honeycomb Shades, Roller-Solar Shades, Roman Shades, and Plantation Shutters, etc. These are classy shades adding a touch of elegance. Cellular Honeycomb Shades or Roller Solar shades are energy efficient as they prevent loss of energy during winter and heat gain during summer months. Shutters are extremely elegant and the slats help to take care of your privacy and light-filtration needs.
Sheer Horizontal Shades for Living Room
Laundry Room and Bathrooms
Blinds and shades for bathrooms are essential to address privacy concerns and the need for light filtration. Top-down-bottom-up shades also work well. You need shades that will protect your privacy but at the same time allow natural light to stream in. However, when you are selecting shades for bathrooms to take care of the material you choose. Fabric and wood are the worst materials for bathrooms as prolonged exposure to humidity and moisture will cause them to perish prematurely. Faux wood blinds, vinyl shutters work beautifully. Laundry rooms like bathrooms are also high-moisture areas and so you should choose blinds that are water-resistant.
Moisture Resitant Binds for Bathroom
Kitchens, like bathrooms, are humid, but are also exposed to heat and cooking can cause stains to appear on the blinds. Choose shades and blinds that are water and heat-resistant and can be easily cleaned and maintained. Once again, privacy and light control are important factors which shades must be able to address. When you cook you don’t want neighbors to peek into your kitchen, but you also wouldn’t want your kitchen to be dark and gloomy. If you are looking for privacy and light control, then cellular and solar shades are good choices for the kitchen. If you are looking at low maintenance and durability, vinyl shutters and faux wood shutters are the best.
Water Proof Kitchen Blinds
Kid’s Room
Kid’s rooms need to be well-lit and airy. For a good night’s sleep, the room needs complete darkness and noise blockage. However, in the morning, the room needs natural light but without the glares that hurt the eyes. The shades must offer privacy as you would not want to compromise with the security of the kids. Cellular honeycomb shades, dual roller blackout shades, Roman shades, day-night cellular shades are good options and they must come with the right choice of room darkening and light-filtering fabrics.
Cellular Shades for Kids Room
Protection from harmful UV rays and the need for insulation to prevent energy loss are also top priorities for all the rooms. Thus we see that a similar window treatment will not suffice for the whole house because there are varied issues that need to be addressed. Your apartment or house needs all types of blinds to ensure optimal coverage.