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Why You Should Dress Windows Above A Door

Why You Should Dress Windows Above A Door

Decorating Transom Windows for Maximum Effectiveness

Windows above a door are an architecturally inspiring design. They are often called transom windows. The term transom is technically referred to a horizontal beam that distinguishes the door from the window above it. The windows can be curved, square, or asymmetrical, but no matter what the shape is, they will definitely complement your decor style aesthetically and functionally. Placing a window above the door is not a new idea; they have been around for centuries. From a design perspective, a transom can add visual weight and grandeur to your area. Their incredible construction and practical values help them to be in trend. These windows are mainly used to add cross-ventilation without opening the door. They have some other added benefits too, such as allowing soft natural light while providing sufficient privacy. These windows are elegant and are an ideal choice for entryways, sliding glass doors, or French doors. Though these transom windows above the door add a decorative touch of sophistication and style to your decor, if you want to improve the overall condition of your home, then covering them with the right solutions is always suggested. Here’s why it is important to choose transom window treatments. This article will help you to make your decision of covering them or not!

Woven Wood Shades for Transom Windows

Reasons for Covering Windows above the Door

  • Add Dimension To Your Place

Decorating windows above the door seems to be a challenge for many which makes them leave the windows as they are. But not anymore, as there are plenty of coverings that are designed to complete the look of these windows and create a cohesive balance with the surrounding elements. Customizing the dressings with the right texture and hue options will create a stylish and clean appeal. Choose from sophisticated Roman shades to magnificent roller blinds or natural woven shades to style up your space in a mesmerizing way. Even if you don’t want to divide your window and door, then you can hang curtains high to make them look like one unit, while increasing the uniqueness of the framework.


  • Creating a Pitch Black Ambiance

Transom windows are the most sought-after choice because of their room brightening capability by allowing natural light and outside artificial light. But the time comes when it becomes necessary to create a dark atmosphere, and you’ll need to cover these windows to do so. There are many blackout window coverings available and you can choose any to create the desired ambiance. If you have this type of window in your bedroom or media room, then this idea works the best.

  • Protect Interior From Sun

Natural sunlight brings a soft smooth glow into your house. But during the summer months, prolonged exposure to daylight can cause discoloration of your interior furnishing, floor, and artworks. But dressing up the windows with your choice of treatments can shield the indoor from all types of harshness.


  • Keep Interiors Insulated

Keeping transom windows uncovered will allow direct sunlight inside the room and slowly increase the temperature, making you feel uncomfortable. It can also affect the heating and cooling system of your home and this can result in increased energy bills. Dress these windows to make your home more energy-efficient all year long. You can go for honeycomb or solar shades as they are highly effective in obstructing sunlight and insulating windows.

  • Enhance the Security Level

Privacy is a major concern in today’s world especially when you live near a busy street-side door. Just like other doors and windows open up the indoor to the outside world, transom windows do the same. This can be a serious problem when you have these windows in your bedroom, living room, or bathroom. From a range of blinds and shades available, you can pick up any to improve the privacy of your area.

Are You Ready To Dress Up Your Transom Windows?

There are multiple benefits of dressing up the windows above a door. Right window designs can improve the curb appeal of your space while adding architectural interest. Opt for the suitable one that will provide sun protection, add privacy, and increase the energy efficiency of interior décor.

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