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Why You Should Buy Skylight Covers Before The Summer


There are different types of windows in the market today that vary based on their sizes, design, style and material composition. Some of these are quite popular currently and have been that way for a long time. These popular variations include French Windows and Patio Doors. Amongst these different types of windows and window-substitutes, skylights are perhaps, the most unique in its own right. There is a lot of deliberation on how skylights perform as windows and how it can be tricky to dress them up with any type of window covering. There are few things that people need to know regarding skylights and much of that is discussed here.

What are Skylights?

To put it simply, skylights are window panes that are attached to the roofline of a home or any other establishments. The first thing you will notice about skylights is that they bring a sense of grandeur to a place. A lot of places that have historic significance or places that are considered to be spectacular pieces of architecture have skylights as part of their structure. Even swanky corporate offices, banks and restaurants.

You might be questioning whether you want the look and feel of such (offices and museums) places in your home with skylights and whether they will actually go well with your home. Rest assured, rooflines are massive canvases (when compared to walls), which means it can incorporate any design. You can just as easily get a homely look with your skylights and make them a genuine part of your home. They can also be quite unique and can bolster the aesthetic appeal of your home. You can also get a good view of the moon and stars during the night. It is also important to note that it is not just about the look and feel but the fact that skylights are good practical options for your home. The benefits of having skylights outweigh their minimal disadvantages. Furthermore, with the right kind of planning and window covering you can counter those minute problems as well.

What are the primary benefits of skylights?

Skylights are considered a worthy investment because of the kind of benefits they allow you to avail. There are four main advantages to having skylights in your home –

  1. Adequate Sunlight –Rooms require natural ventilation. It keeps the home fresh, clean from germs, gives a sense of warmth and brightness to a place that doesn’t have to be dark and sullen. What is also quite advantageous is that sunlight can be a good source of Vitamin D. Sometimes, people don’t have the benefit of sunlight even though they have windows because their homes are surrounded by larger buildings. This is where skylights become useful. You do not have to depend on the lack of obstruction from surrounding structures for sunlight.
  2. Energy efficiency – The fact that you do not have to depend on artificial light throughout the day, makes it easier on the environment and your wallet. In the long run skylights can end up paying for themselves with the amount of money you save on utilities.
  3. Regulation of temperature – Skylights can attract warmer air up to vent. If your skylight window can be opened and closed, it can also attract cooler air. This can reduce the dependence you have on your thermostat while maintaining a pleasant temperature inside the confines of your walls.
  4. Privacy – Since skylights allow 30 percent more sunlight than other windows, you really don’t have a need to open the curtains, blinds or shades on the rest of your windows. This means that you get privacy while also getting sunlight. It is highly unlikely that someone can impede on your privacy because of the skylights. Even if it is a possibility (however remote), you can negate it with good skylight covers.

Why you might need skylight covers for the summer

Although skylights are quite energy efficient, there will come a time of the year where it can direct too much heat into your home. This is because of the sunlight beating down on the roofline and directly entering the room. To balance this out, you will, like most people have to resort to air conditioning which can be a problem because of the expenditure you incur on utilities.

This is where you can take the help of skylight covers to ensure you get the energy efficiency you were promised. This also ends up being an environmentally friendly option because you don’t have to use air conditioning excessively.

How do Skylight covers work?

Skylight covers are fashioned out of thick and durable fabric. These pieces of fabric usually contain a thin layer of aluminium. The aluminium in the fabric reflects the sunlight that it is subject to. This ensures that the fabric doesn’t store the heat and even burn. You can also go for certain types of fabric that allow the sunlight to partially seep through.

Are there any alternatives to skylight covers?

Once you’ve check out the different kinds of skylight covers the market has to offer there are still some choices you might have to make. You can go for a skylight cover that doesn’t reflect sunlight that well and pair it with another window treatment or you can go for another option entirely. Both of these options work just as well as conventional skylight covers.

  1. UV Reflective films – Reflective film is something that you can use along with skylight covers for achieving optimal protection from the harsh sunlight. Window film is applied to your skylight the same way something like tint is used on the windows of cars. You have different options of reflective UV films to choose from. For instance, sputtered window film will not hamper your view and provide decent heat and UV rays blockage. Hybrid reflective film on the other hand, contains some dye. This means that while your view is not crystal clear, you are assured of protection from UV rays and the accumulation of heat.
  2. Skylight shades – Skylight shades are basically skylight covers, except that the fabric also caters towards enhancing aesthetic appeal of your home. They work just as well as conventional skylight covers..

The thing to remember with skylights and skylight covers is that they take a little bit of time and effort to install. But, once you’ve found the right window treatment, the beauty of your home can increase exponentially and you can also get a view of the sky in the night from the comfort of the interiors of your home.

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