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Why You Need Sunscreen Roller Shades for Your Windows this Summer

Sunscreen Roller Shades For Your Windows

With the summers fast approaching, the mercury has already started soaring up. While soaking in the bright sunshine is nothing short of pure delight during the chilly weather of the winters, summers are a different ball game altogether. The scorching heat, hot air, and dust can be too difficult to bear without some assistance. While your air-conditioner can give you respite, it also isn’t a good idea to rely too much on it or it may be overworked. Not only will that make your energy bills shoot up but it will also reduce the life-cycle of your air-conditioning system.

So, is there a better way to tackle this problem? Sure there is. Window treatments can come to your rescue. These have been providing relief from the scorching heat and dust for hundreds of years before any air-conditioning systems were invented. Window blinds, privacy shades, curtains, shutters, etc. are very popular and are widely used across the world. These not only insulate the room from the heat but also filter the light entering inside and block out the glare and UV exposure. These window coverings also complement the air-conditioning system installed inside your house by reducing the temperature inside the room. This, in turn, helps you save on your energy bills.

What are Sunscreen Roller Shades?

Shades are available in a variety of types and styles and hence you never run out of options. It gives you the luxury of selecting the ones which fulfill your requirements and also go well with the interiors of your house. Sunscreen shades are one of the most popular variants and the ones with roller mechanisms are the easiest to operate. These shades provide extensive protection against the Sun’s heat by providing better insulation. The glass windows on their own are not that great at keeping the heat and glare out but the solar roller shades handle both very well.
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Why Sunscreen Roller Shades are the Ideal Choice for Summers

Sunscreen roller shades, as the name suggests, are a perfect choice if you want to keep the temperature and the general feel inside your house pleasant and at comfortable levels. These shades have many benefits which make them the ideal choice for this summer and many others to come. Let us look at them in greater detail:

• Heat reduction: This is probably the most obvious advantage of these shades. When you install them on the windows inside your house, these block out outside heat because of their superior insulation. This prevents the heat gain and reduces the temperature inside the house. This, in turn, helps the air-conditioning system in cooling the rooms faster.

• More savings: These shades help maintain a comfortable temperature inside the house without overworking the air conditioning system. It reflects in lower power bills and longer life-cycle of the air conditioner, a welcome change to be fair. This translates into more savings.

• Protection against the UV exposure: The sunlight contains harmful UV rays which can affect your skin and also ruin the furniture inside your house by causing them to fade. These shades block the UV rays out and help increase the longevity of the furniture and drapery inside your house by preventing any discoloration or cracking.
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• Better light-control: These sunscreen shades help filter the light entering your house. It also reduces the glare inside the house. You benefit from better visibility when watching TV or working on the laptop. Superior light-control makes the atmosphere inside the room better and comfier. For instance, too much light inside the bedroom can affect your sleep, too much glare can adversely impact the visibility of your TV screen. Sunscreen shades prevent all such problems.

• Affordability: The sunscreen shades are widely available and also very affordable in the long run.

• Ease of maintenance: The roller mechanism in these shades makes them very easy to operate. The sunscreen shades are easy to clean. You can use a vacuum cleaner to a brush to remove the dust. If the fabric used in the shades is natural, you should avoid using water for cleaning as the organic material is susceptible to moisture. If anything breaks, in most cases, you can fix it by yourself. Now, that is quite convenient.
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• Aesthetic gains: Barren windows look very plain and can also mess the décor of the room. Window coverings look great and add an edge to the look and feel of the interiors. Sunscreen shades are available in so many wonderful hues and finding the ones which complement the décor in your houses should not be a problem. From a subdued appeal to some playful pop, you can take your pick.
• Longevity: They are durable and covered by brand and manufacturing warranties should you run into any defects.

• Motorization capability: You can control these shades using a switch, a remote or even your smartphone. The AI assistant on your smartphone can control them as per your voice commands. This feature makes the sunscreen window shades truly smart solutions. These smart solutions can automate a lot of operations and can be programmed to follow your routine. Now that is taking convenience to a whole new level.

So, it is quite evident that sunscreen shades have so many advantages that make them the ideal choice for summers. Not only do these shades provide effective protection against the heat, UV radiation and the glare but also help us get better light control. What is even sweeter is the fact that these shades are just as effective during the winters as well. These can re-radiate the warmth inside the house back in and prevent it from escaping out into the cold. What this means is that sunscreen roller shades will keep the interiors of your house comfortable all year-round. These shades are great for summers and just as awesome for winters too.