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Why You Need Retractable Blinds for Your Skylight

Retractable Skylight Shades

What is a Skylight Window?

A skylight is a window that is set or fixed into the roofline. However, it cannot be opened. Skylights are often mistaken for roof windows. However, roof windows, unlike skylights open with the help of a pivoting awning-style mechanism.

Why Use Skylight Windows?

Skylights make a great addition to a house. They are known for their ability to enhance the energy efficiency of a space like a house. These windows allow three times the amount of light to enter as compared to a vertical wall window of a similar size. Moreover, they allow the light to spread evenly across the entire room and hence helping save energy. They are perfect for illuminating low-light areas. There are maybe areas in the house that do not have wall windows and are located in a nook for the house which does not have much access to natural light. They look dark and gloomy. A skylight right over this area will allow natural light to gush in from the top. This allows you to cut down electricity bills as you no longer need artificial lights to light up the dark spaces. Skylights have another endearing quality. They help to add dimension to any space. It makes the rooms look larger and more spacious than they are. While many houses may not have a provision for building a skylight, those with skylights should make use of these stunners to transform your space.

Types of Skylight Windows

If you are considering the addition of a skylight to your home, there are a number of options to choose from.

• Fixed skylight: these are extremely popular and as the name suggests they do not open for the purpose of ventilation. They are perfect for lighting up lowly-lit areas like the attic. While the frames are made of aluminum, steel or timber, the skylight is made of glass.

• Ventilated Skylight: Ventilated skylights can be opened to allow some ventilation and air circulation. They are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens as they need a constant flow of fresh air.

• Tubular Skylight: These are perfect for both residential and commercial spaces. There are three types of tubular skylights.

• Custom skylight: These are none of the common skylights that we have seen. They completely open up your spaces to the skies and the stars. They are extremely elegant and allow an abundance of natural light to flow in. They are airtight. They can drastically improve the visual appeal of any home.

• Pyramid Skylight: these are pyramid-shaped skylights that have four sides and are mounted atop a roof over a square opening. They can also come with 6 or 8 sides and they look stunning.

• Dome-shaped skylight: Similar to pyramid skylights, these are dome-shaped and allow sunlight to spread evenly across the room. They are ideal for residential and commercial spaces and come with two layers of protection and insulation.

• Curb-mounted skylights: these are extremely popular, affordable and go with any room settings. They are simple to look at yet extremely effective and refreshing.

Window Treatments for Skylight Windows

Now that we know exactly what skylight windows are and they add value and visual appeal to our homes it is time to turn to the other pressing concern, the need to effectively dress these skylights. While they are fantastic for your homes, skylight windows pose a challenge when you want to dress them up. They are hard-to-reach windows and not all standard shades and blinds will work well for these windows. Operation and usability is the primary concern.

What are Retractable Blinds & Why choose them for Skylights?

The one type of blinds that work best for skylight windows is retractable blinds. They are flexible and versatile.
• Retractable blind draws its name from a retractable or folding arm that allows them to be stored out of the way when not in use.
• They are known for their ability to block out 98% of the heat as well as the harmful UV rays of the sun. This is important as skylight allows an abundance of sunlight to pour into the house.
• They also offer great insulation to the windows to prevent energy loss. No matter how airtight, skylights because of their expanse can allow some amount of energy loss during winter.
• These shades can be both manual and motorized though motorized ones have become more popular because of their ease of operation particularly if you install them to your skylights which are not easily accessible. Retractable blinds because of their design do not diminish the beauty of skylight blinds. When you want the skylight windows to be completely exposed, the retractable shades retract completely and are stacked out of the way and vision.
Motorized Skylight Shades
Retractable blinds describe the operational mechanism. There can be Retractable Aluminium Skylight Blinds or Retractable Cellular Skylight Blinds.
Aluminum Skylight Blinds are attractive and suit any decor. They are extremely durable and practical and are a popular choice for their low maintenance, easy operation and of course affordability.
Aluminum Skylight Blinds
Cellular Skylight Blinds are another versatile choice for skylights. They offer the best insulation and help protect your homes from heat, noise, UV rays, dust, sun, etc. They keep the indoors protected from outside temperatures. They are also available in a motorized skylight shade style.
Electric Skylight Cellular Shades
Skylight windows are perfect for your house. They fill your homes with a lot of light and positive energy. It can feel intimidating having one in your home because of the challenge of dressing them up. Graber’s collection of retractable blinds is perfect for the skylights. They keep the visual appeal of these special windows intact while making them more functional with their own versatility.