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Why You Need Fire Retardant Window Shades

Fire Retardant Window Shades

Importance of Fire-Retardant Window Shades

When selecting any window treatment there are various factors to consider such as color, pattern, design, efficiency, light controlling capabilities, water-resistant properties, and many more. But there is one more element to consider – whether your blind or shade is fire retardant or not, because if you are purchasing a window dressing for commercial purpose, then it needs to be fire-proof. Even kitchens or other areas where fire safety is a particular concern, you need to contemplate the window shades made of fireproof materials.

Like the other household things, your window solutions need to be flame-resistant as fire has the power to destroy all your valuable belongings, and when the windows are in direct contact with flames or heat, the window glass can break. A broken glass window can easily spread the fire throughout the home. Standard window treatments only protect your home from the harshness of sunlight and UV rays, but integrating fire-proof materials will withstand fire and prevent the furnishings from damage. Fire retardant shades will stop the fire from spreading, protecting home from any kind of harm. The fabric used for this type of window coverings has been treated with a chemical flame retardant and always defined by the NFPA 701 standard. So, whenever you are buying a new blind or shade, make sure to customize them with a fire-resistant material.

Top Five Fire Retardant Window Shades

There are various window solutions available that are tested to ensure 100% safety, and you can install them in any room where you regularly light candles or other things. Below are the top five fire-resistant shades and blinds that you can opt for –

• Roller Window Blinds

These custom roll window shades have fire-resistant materials available which consist of an extra layer of protection. Apart from preventing fire, the shades are incredible when it comes to controlling excess sunlight and heat. By customizing the shades, you can create a captivating look for your interior. These shades use materials like woven polyester, the mix of cellulose, polyester, and polypropylene, but make sure to choose fire retardant substances during the customization process.
Roller Window Blinds

• Vertical Blinds

When fire happens, large doors and windows tend to spread the fire easily and quickly and in such a scenario, vertical blinds play a major role. But most of the time, these blinds use PVC materials that are not fire retardant at all. Use FR material to protect your residential and commercial space from fire accidents.
Vertical Blinds

• Custom Cellular Shades

These window shades can be customized to have fire-rated fabric that will help resist catching fire in an emergency. As cellular shades are also one of the most insulative shades on the market, they have become a catch-all utility shade for anyone looking for functionality above all else.
Custom Cellular Shades

• Aluminum Window Blinds

Venetian blinds are an amazing and brilliant choice when it comes to the list of fire-retardant window shades. Different sized slat options, vibrant colors, and texture options make these blinds extremely stylish and phenomenal. By preventing the fire from spreading to the surrounding objects, these blinds make a remarkable choice in the market of window fashion. These dust and stain resistant window coverings provide a smooth operation when properly installed. Get them now to maximize the safety of the residential and commercial areas.
Aluminum Metal Blinds

• Window Curtains

Fabric curtains are can be treated with wrinkle-free chemicals and flame retardants which are ideal to stand against fire. These decorative window solutions are available in patterned colors and texture options to create a stylish and refined look. Install them in office spaces or restaurants to bring out both the beauty and functionality.
Window Curtains

Make Your Home Fire-Proof!!

Always go for the window dressings which are approved by NFPA 701 as they ensure complete safety and at the same time, offer your space with an astounding look. These fire-retardant window blinds are suggested by the interior designers and their functionality will always amaze you while shielding your home from all the harms and dangers. Explore the other fire-resistant window solutions and get the one that will suit your needs.

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